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Chapter 140 Children enter the mountain (subscription)

Since Jiayin knew that the masons could receive the golden light of merit, she has covered them with divine consciousness from time to time. When scaffolds are loose, beams slip, or even bricks trip when walking, Jiayin will support them with divine consciousness.

those who come and go in such a small way have accumulated a lot of merit and gold, and they can exchange for spirit stones for cultivation.

after more than a month of training, the pressure of good news has been able to be freely retracted and released.

of course, you can still feel it if you are close to her. There is no way to completely hide the pressure. You can only surround her. This is very good.

and the divine consciousness has been able to reach thirty miles away and cover the whole Qingfeng ridge.

if it is twisted into a strand to reach one place, it can reach the other end of Qingfengling if it reaches the limit.

now in the mountains, Jiayin has two uses at one time. While digging wild vegetables, she has explored her divine consciousness.

I can only see a wide river on the other side of the mountain, but I can only see half of the river, no farther.

there are several small villages on this side of the river. They all live not far from the Bank of the river. Every household has fishing nets and wooden boats. It seems that they live by fishing.

I yearn for the good news. If only the fangs could build the village near the water.

after all, the dragon people like water most.

but she also knows that the people of the Fang family can't adapt to that kind of life. It's not easy to come here from a dry place.

father Wang said that if it weren't for her spiritual support, everyone would have been ill from acclimatization.

and although the current of that river looks very slow, it is not calm.

Jiayin can feel that the water is agitated. She can't help but probe into the bottom of the water with her divine consciousness. She unexpectedly finds that the river is not very deep in fact, and there is a lot of sediment under it.

the thick sediment makes the water surface rise. If it rains several times, it is estimated that the nearby villages will be flooded.

good news tried, but the distance was too far to push the river to carry away the sediment.

it seems that we can only talk about it later.

take back your consciousness. Jiayin sees that the mushrooms and wild vegetables here have been almost cooked by them, so she puts the small shovel aside and puts the dug wild vegetables into the back basket with both hands.

this basket is made of bamboo by the old people. It is lighter than that made of rattan and more suitable for children.

pack wild vegetables and carry them behind you. Jiayin walks with short legs to find Fang Cuicui and them.

although the children scattered to look for mushrooms and wild vegetables, they were not far away. They were all within a certain range. Xiaoling was watching in the air, and Liuliu and Huihui were strolling around them. Basically, there was no danger.

as soon as Fang Cuicui saw the good news, she subconsciously took the basket on her back. She is used to taking care of children. Seeing this small one with a full basket on her back, she always feels that she is struggling.

Jiayin shakes her head. 'No, I'll just carry it on my back, sister Cuicui. It's not heavy at all.'

he shook his shoulders.

Fang Cuicui remembered that Jiayin was a Hercules, and this point was nothing at all.

no longer insisted, took his hand back, and guessed and asked: 'good news is that the back basket is full. Do you want to go back?'

Jiayin shakes her head and points to the distance in front of her. 'There are wild eggs over there. I don't have anything to pack.'

'what! There are wild eggs here! Let's pick them up quickly, but don't be swallowed by snakes!' Fang Cuicui said this in surprise, and hurriedly pulled Jiayin to the direction she pointed out. As she walked, she read the formula to drive away snakes.

for more than half a month since the adults allowed them to go up the mountain, they have not seen wild eggs in the woods here.

adults said that they should have been eaten by snakes. You know, snakes eat eggs and chickens!

of course not here, because there are too many snakes, and there are not even pheasants and rabbits here. They are all brought from afar by good news. Otherwise, if you want to hunt, you must go far and go deep into the mountains.

this wild egg was also moved from other places, not many, just seven or eight nests, more than a hundred eggs. When the time comes, you can make a large pot of eggs fried wild vegetables or egg soup.

now there are more than 60 strong workers to eat, which consumes a lot. There is no shortage of green vegetables here, but we also need to spend money to buy them. If there is not enough, we will fill it with wild vegetables and mushrooms.

rice has also been replaced by brown rice. These people are in the same year. In addition, they do manual work every day and eat a lot.

it's too eye-catching not to use the silver for the phone bill.

these Masons are composed of people from nearby towns and villages. The brick houses built in the whole village are already conspicuous. Let people know that they eat white rice every day. What should we do if they attract the covetous attention of others in the future?

so now it's all brown rice. In addition to stewing some rabbits, pheasants, winter bamboo shoots, wild vegetables and mushrooms, I'll buy some pork every other day.

it's definitely not good to stew the braised meat directly. One meal is not enough. Directly cut into meat slices and stir fry them in the dishes to have a taste.

sometimes the women would follow me up the mountain, but only a few came, and most of them stayed there to help. I hope the house can be built earlier.

the patriarch and the masons calculated that the humidity would increase in two months, and the weather would warm up, which would easily lead to southward weather.

when the house is built, the humidity in the house will be very heavy. Moreover, firewood is difficult to dry. Even if you want to bake it with fire, the smoke will be very large. The newly-built house will be smoked black and unsightly.

fortunately, the duration is not very long. It will be fine in the next month.

however, in June and July, the rainy season is coming. If the house has not been built yet, it will be painful.

there are still four or five months to go, and we have to work extra shifts to catch up. By that time, the houses should be crowded enough to live.

the rest can be built after the rainy season.

what they are building now is the front row. Twenty yards in a row in the front row will be built first, and they will be able to live in a squeeze.

in any case, there were about 30 households in Fangjia village before, which still includes so many households separated from each other, so 20 yards are enough.

all the way, they live together in tents based on their families. In the past, the small contradictions and frictions between families in the village or between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law have been worn out in the mutual support of refugees on the way. Now all the fangs are very united.

... I'm the dividing line...

after a group of children picked up wild eggs, wild vegetables and mushrooms were full, and even Liuliu and Huihui's camel baskets were full.

everyone was about to walk back when suddenly a sharp howl sounded in the air!

then, Xiao Ling's shout came: 'Mommy!! what a big bird!!'

a group of children looked up in the direction of Xiaoling one after another, and saw a huge bird rushing in the direction of Xiaoling!

Xiaoling hurriedly flapped his wings to dodge. As a result, the big bird ignored Xiaoling and rushed directly to the ground not far from them, and then flew again.

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