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Chapter 144 Incubating eggs (subscription required)

Jiayin was disappointed to see that the people didn't ask in the direction he hoped. Seeing that they asked Xiaoling again whether to build a temple for the Dragon God, Jiayin went back to sleep in the tent depressed after she didn't need to give Xiaoling a message.

Father Wang said that the temple is useless to her now. She collects the power of faith. She is OK in the upper world. She can collect the power of faith and convert it into her own use.

Now in the same world, the rules will not allow the power of faith to be absorbed by her, an outsider.

However, Jiayin is still happy in her heart. She should have drunk Eagle soup, and everyone's body has changed a little. So she thanked another wave, and she received dozens of meritorious deeds.

Of course, the reason why this eagle soup is so effective is not all because of the eagle meat. It is because Jiayin put some holy water in the pot when people are not paying attention to it that the effect is so remarkable.

As soon as Jiayin was happy in the evening, she changed four spirit stones for cultivation. By the time the cultivation was over, it was already late at night.

She thought for a moment. Since you don't ask for silver, I will find a way to get it out.

It takes up too much space in the space. She can't even collect the glitter of those mountain bandits in the deep of Qingfeng mountain

There is also the eagle. I don't know why she came back to attack Xiaoling. She needs to find the reason.

So Jiayin explored carefully with her divine sense and found several Eagle nests on the far cliff.

These Eagles do not live in groups, and their nests are far apart.

It is estimated that it is like a tiger. Each of them has its own territory and will not live together. Even their own children will be expelled when they grow up.

She explored her divine consciousness into the eagle's nest. Basically, there were Eagles squatting in it to rest. There was only one without it. There was only one snake and two eggs in it.

This should be the snake brought back by the eagle before. It has been killed by the eagle.

Jiayin observed for a while and found no other Eagles coming back. Is the eagle we ate today a female eagle? This eagle laid the eggs?

Since she is already an orphan egg, Jiayin received the two eggs into the space, then took them out and took them in her hand to have a careful look.

Feeling the vitality inside the eggs, it should be possible to hatch eagles.

After thinking about it, he stuffed the two eggs directly under Xiaoling's belly. She has seen pheasants hatching chickens. They are all eggs, so should Eagles!

Xiaoling was sleeping soundly, and suddenly two round things were stuffed under her stomach, which shocked her!

Just wanted to talk, was pinched by good news.

Jiayin said with divine awareness: 'it's me. Don't shout.'

Xiaoling said vaguely: 'good news? Why don't you sleep in the middle of the night? What's under my stomach? It's killing birds...'

Jiayin took out the egg and put it in front of it. 'I found it in the nest of the eagle before. It should be the egg left by the eagle. Please help it hatch. Then the little eagle will be your servant.'

Xiaoling's spirit perked up and the sleepy insect ran away directly. Excited, he said to Jiayin, 'this is the staff you've found for me! Will you enlighten them later, Jiayin?'

I think that I can take my two little Eagles with me in the future, and I feel that I will soon reach the peak of bird life!

Jiayin hesitated a little, and didn't know what the kitten looked like. Let's have a look at it later. 'If it looks good and is obedient, it will enlighten them. If it is not obedient, it will not cost them. You can take it with you to teach them well.'

Didn't it say that the first living creature in the egg after breaking its shell will recognize it as its mother? Then let them recognize Xiaoling as their mother.

When she broke her shell in the first place, her father and mother kept her for seventy-nine days. They were afraid that she would be abducted by other seductive bitches.

Xiaoling patted his chest with his wings. 'No problem, give it to me. Don't worry. I will definitely teach them to be the most obedient Eagles!'

Jiayin cheered it on. 'OK, I'll give them to you.'

After that, he put two eggs under his belly and adjusted Xiaoling's position to cover the eggs completely.

After these good news, I went to bed. It was already morning time to open my eyes again.

Jiayin gets up from the quilt and sees Xiaoling still motionless beside her pillow.

He asked curiously, 'have you been like this all the time in the middle of the night? Haven't you gone out to eat this worm in the morning?'

Xiaoling looked at the good news pitifully, and her voice was filled with tears. 'Didn't you let people hatch eggs? They didn't dare to leave at all.

I asked Zhiyuan Nai. She said it would take more than 20 days to hatch the eggs. Will I starve to death? (supply) can we stop hatching? '

Jia Yin's eyes widened in shock. 'Should it take so many days? Can't we leave halfway?'

Although she knew that pheasants lay on eggs when they were hatching eggs, she thought that they could still leave when they were eating.

He scratched his head in wonder and said to Xiao Ling, 'then wait a moment. I'll ask ah Nai.'

So Jiayin put on her clothes and ran out. She ran outside and found Mrs. Yang, who was busy making breakfast together.

She asked directly: 'ah Nai, Xiao Ling picked up two eggs yesterday and wanted to hatch them. But he was hungry. Can't he go away when hatching?'

Old lady Yang looked at Jiayin unexpectedly, shook her head, thought about it, and understood the reason.

He chuckled, 'Oh, so it is. In the morning, I saw Xiao Ling lying there motionless. When I asked him what happened, he said he wanted to hatch eggs and asked me how many days it would take to hatch eggs.

I thought it was going to lay eggs to hatch myna. I thought it was the object of my search. I didn't expect it was two eggs!

You don't have to lie on it all day to hatch eggs. Just stay warm and leave for a while.

However, not all eggs can be hatched. You have to plant eggs, otherwise your efforts will be in vain. '

She told Xiaoling earlier that it would take more than 20 days to hatch. That is to say, the eggs, coupled with the current temperature, although it is in the south, the temperature is not very high, and it will take about 20 days to hatch. It will be faster when it gets hot.

Jiayin got the answer she wanted, nodded and ran back to the tent.

She said to Xiao Ling, 'ah Nai said she didn't have to lie on her stomach all the time. She can eat. She just needs to keep her eggs warm.'

Xiaoling breathed a sigh of relief, stood up carefully, jumped aside and patted her wings.

It didn't dare to move at all in the middle of the night, for fear that the copper and iron bones on its body would break the egg.

You know, it is not the spirit of the past. Now it is a god bird that can break wood with one wing and peck through stones with one mouth

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