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Chapter 148 Fang Youwei went to find someone (for subscription)

Because it rains every day, we can't always stay indoors. After slowly adapting, people can also go to the field to do some work when the rain stops or drizzles.

I dare not go to the mountains for fear of being stopped in the mountains. Basically, there are snakes in the caves, and there is no shelter from the rain.

it's OK in the village. You can work in the fields in coir raincoat and bamboo hat.

when I first wore coir raincoat and bucket hat to work in the field, everyone was not used to it and was tied up.

there was little rain in the place where they stayed before. One rainy day, we all hid at home to rest and waited until the rain stopped before going out to work.

it's the opposite here. It rains every day. It's only sunny in the morning.

you can't squeeze all the work of a day into one and a half minutes.

this is still the result of good news controlling the rain. She can let the rain fall elsewhere, but it can't be too obvious.

it's raining all over the place. It's too unreasonable for them not to rain here.

therefore, we can only control the sunny day in the morning and the rain after noon.

in this way, we have a rule. We should do what we should in the morning. After lunch, we don't go out without work. If we have work, we wear coir raincoats and hats.

it is much better than other places. After all, there is no good news in other places. Sometimes it rains for several days, sometimes it clears up irregularly, sometimes at night, sometimes during the day.

however, people are used to this climate, which has no impact on daily life.

Fang Youwei's insight is that the grain in it will not mature until after the rainy season. He thinks it's not good to go hunting in the mountains during this period. It's better to go out and inquire about the whereabouts of his uncle's family during this period.

after discussing with his mother and wife, Li had no opinion, and Mrs. Yang also agreed.

anyway, there is nothing to do at home now. After they came here, they still learned from the masons about the rice they planted.

they used to grow wheat and sorghum. They didn't know how to grow rice at all, so they just planted seeds in ridges like wheat.

later, several of the masons couldn't see how to plant the land. I told them in detail how to plant the land, and then they stumbled to plant all the land.

in the newly reclaimed land, they don't have much hope for how much grain they can produce. It just means that.

and it is originally better than other people's bowls. Others can grow two or even three seasons a year. They estimate that they can only harvest one season this year, and the other season will be mature. It is estimated that it will be after the Chinese New Year.

seeing that Fang Youwei was going out, Jia Yin looked at him curiously and asked, 'uncle, where are you going to find it? Is it in the next county?'

she has explored the vicinity of the county next door with her divine sense. Fang Zhiyuan described his uncle and grandfather's family of eight to her.

my uncle and my two cousins are black and tall. They look like my father very much. My uncle and grandmother have long faces and a mole on their chin. He can't remember the two aunts and seldom see each other. My cousin looks like him very much. He is 15 years old and knows carpentry and carving very well. There is also a cousin who is ten years old this year. She looks a little like Fang Xiaoyu, that is, Xiaoyu should be whiter.

Jia Yin searched with her divine sense according to these descriptions. Anyway, there must be no such thing as Huayang county and Nanping County. It's hard to say if she can't reach her divine sense in remote villages.

Fang Youwei rubbed the little tug on the good news head and replied: 'uncle, I want to go to a far place to find it. I've looked for two counties nearby, but I can't find it. I can only go to other counties.'

Jiayin helped the little tug who was twisted and said: 'uncle, I want to go to a very far place. Why don't you ride on Liuliu? Liuliu can run fast.'

Fang Youwei was stunned and hesitated.

he wanted to take Liu Liu. Before Liu Liu, he helped find water on the road and knew the way. The value of force was high and very powerful.

but when I think about leaving, although there are people in my family, now they live at the entrance of the village. In case of any wild animals coming down the mountain, it's still safer for me.

after all, Liuliu walks around here every day, making everyone feel safe like a guard patrol.

Fang Youwei shook his head when he thought about it. 'Uncle a is on his way very fast. In addition, he is practicing very well now. There should be no problem on the way. I'd better stay here to protect you. Uncle a can rest assured.'

Jia Yin frowned. Seeing uncle a's insistence, she thought again and said, 'let Xiao Ling go with you. Xiao Ling can fly and talk, and can help find someone.'

Fang Youwei continued to shake his head. 'Xiao Ling is too eye-catching. What should I do if I am stared at? If Xiao Ling walks away with two eagles, no one can control them.'

the two eagles listen to Xiao Ling. If Xiao Ling is not here, they will be mischievous again.

these two little guys are very energetic. They often fly to the mountains by themselves. Once they went out for two days and didn't come back. Xiaoling won't allow them to go out by themselves. They must follow them.

as a result, Xiao Ling went to catch insects that day. The two of them ran to the yard of others and threw everything in their yard.

also knocked over the radish strips that had just been dried at Aunt Fang's house. Angry aunt Fang chased the two eagles and scolded them.

as a result, the two eagles still thought it was very funny. They flew up and down to amuse aunt Fang and made her very popular. When Xiao Ling came back, they complained to Xiao Ling. The two eagles were cleaned up, and they were honest.

after hearing this, Jiayin thought that the two little Eagles were bullying the weak and afraid of the hard. She was too lazy to care about the two little ones. Otherwise, as long as she puts out a little pressure, the two little ones will have to be honest like chickens in the yard.

Yes, now the villagers have chickens in their yards. Because two eagles hover over the village from time to time, all the chickens are honest and don't want them.

seeing that Fang Youwei said that she didn't want to take Liu Liu and Xiao Ling, Jia Yin had to add some Lingshui to the bamboo tube Fang Youwei wanted to bring. Now the Lingshui is too rich, and she dare not add too much, for fear that it will hurt his body instead.

to tell the truth, Jiayin actually wants to go out with her, and she can find it faster with her divine sense.

but I also know uncle a will definitely not agree. After all, it's more convenient for him to go out on his own, take a child with him, and take care of her food and drink.

he is a big man and can't take good care of his children at all.

even Mrs. Yang and Mrs. Li at home would not agree.

however, on the next day, with the persuasion of Mrs. Yang and Mrs. Li and Xiaoling's repeated assurances that the eagles would be good, Fang Youwei still took Xiaoling out.

at first, the villagers were afraid that without the suppression of Xiaoling, these two little eagles would be lawless and mischievous everywhere.

everyone took precautions and put away everything in the yard.

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