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Chapter 151 Wedding (subscription required)

Jiayin listened to a corner with her divine consciousness, fearing that they would really run away and take away the gold, silver and jewelry.

if it goes beyond the scope of your divine consciousness, you will not receive it.

how can that work!

reluctantly exchanged a storage bag at the exchange desk, and used up all the merit and glory he had.

put the box that takes up space in the space into the storage bag first, put it on the shelf, and leave a space.

directly put all the gold, silver and jewelry in the cellar into the space, because there were so many good news that they had to pile them up high, and the grain bags were stacked with boxes.

on the Lingshui pool, Jiayin put a big wooden board and put some light things on it.

I learned this from people in the village. They all put a shelf on the water tank, so that there is less ash and things can be put in it.

the place where the mountain bandit loaded these gold, silver and jewels was said to be a cellar. It should be a cave, but it was chiseled under the house.

they also set up a stone gate with a mechanism on it.

Jiayin doesn't know how the mechanism was made. I saw those people move a small stone before, and the stone gate will rise slowly. Then move the small stone again, and the stone gate will slowly descend again, and the cave will be blocked tightly.

Jiayin thought it was interesting, but she didn't understand how it happened, so she asked her father.

my father said that this is the mechanism skill of ordinary people, which is formed by using some principles and using force.

Jiayin once again thinks that mortals are great and much better than those immortals, especially those who rely on her blood.

others were discovered by herself, and she was born by her parents' blood. If there is no inheritance, she can't compare with ordinary people.

after finishing these, Jiayin can finally put down her heart first.

those mountain bandits can leave whenever they want. Anyway, Liangjingjing is finished.

... I am the dividing line...

another half month has passed, and now everyone has felt the law, and it does not wait for the rainy season to pass.

taking advantage of the current slack farming season, Fang Yunping chose a good day to marry and held a wedding ceremony for the couple who saw eye to eye.

although there are no traditional red sedan chairs and three media and six recruits, there is no shortage of what should be.

let all the people in the village be brides and matchmakers, let the elders who have a good relationship with the bride dress up the bride, and make up the new house. Red candles and red curtains are all ready.

during this period, while it was raining, Fang Yun Ping'an pairen bought five brides high-quality red jokes and asked them to make their own wedding dresses and red covers.

there is no need for too complicated embroidery. One or two months is enough.

wearing his own wedding dress and covered with a red veil, he was taken to the new house to worship heaven and earth. Everyone was not far away. After worshipping heaven and earth, he came out to eat together in the open space. All of them were uniformly purchased by the village. The eight dishes were very passable.

the whole village had a noisy dinner, which was considered a courtesy.

because these women have no family, they are all married from an empty yard. Fang Yunping's wife led several Quanfu people to serve as her mother's family. Although it was only a few steps away, there was no shortage of people giving away and crying for marriage.

as for other places, there is no need to teach them. They are not girls who do not know anything about human affairs.

these people are very happy. I didn't expect that people of Fang family could achieve this.

although it is not a grand wedding, the other party is all young men. If you can marry openly, you will be satisfied to be a leading lady.

live a good life in the future. It's not necessarily worse than that married to a big family.

the people of this Fangjia village, they can also see that they are all people with some responsibilities. The people of the village unite as one, help each other and love each other, without those intrigues.

some small calculations are harmless, that is, when you eat delicious food, you eat more and I eat less.

during his time in the bandit's den, several people thought that he would be like that in his life and that he would die at the hands of those bandits someday.

unexpectedly, they met the Fang family.

Fang's family has never looked at them differently. Just like ordinary villagers, they don't eat or drink separately. They eat whatever they want.

if you buy cotton and cloth, you will share them equally, which is not worse than the whole family.

now that we have found the right husband, we are all good boys who are progressive, not those who are slippery and lazy.

they feel that there is too much hope in the future.

after getting married, several new couples began their own small days.

they also remember what the patriarch said before.

Xu Hong and his wife began to hone their cooking skills at home. They prepared them first, so that they could save money. When the shop came down, they were not ready.

so is Yao Ruolan. Now the little daughter-in-law and girls in the village are learning embroidery from her.

while teaching everyone to embroider, she is also improving her own embroidery skills and starts to embroider some large pieces.

for this reason, Fang Yunping also bought some silk and high-end embroidery thread for her.

Yao Ruolan is going to embroider some screens and ornaments and put them in the embroidery workshop to be opened later as samples.

after all, these things take a lot of time. Just embroider them in advance and save them.

Fang Yun's needlework is not good. She gave up after several attempts, so she didn't go to learn embroidery with her young daughters in law.

but learned bamboo weaving from Jiayin.

she discovered that Jiayin was good at bamboo weaving by accident.

that day, I saw that Li was carrying a basket. The patterns on it were very exquisite, which made people love it.

they also saw it in the county they passed by, and none of them sold dozens of articles were as exquisite as this.

she thinks that this thing can still be regarded as a craft after it is finished, and it can still be sold for money.

so I asked Li who made it up. Unexpectedly, Li said it was a child of his family. She couldn't believe the little one when she thought of the good news.

she didn't have to accept this amazing reality until she went home with Li and saw a more delicate dressing box formed in Jiayin's hands.

since then, when she was free, she came home to help Jiayin chop bamboo. I watched her skills and learned from her.

I didn't expect such a young child to have such a fast hand. The next basket was finished in her hands.

she was even more surprised when she learned that the good news was researched by herself through rattan weaving. This is the legendary child prodigy!

seeing that Fang Yun is willing to learn, and indeed has great talent, I am also willing to teach her.

with her, and with the help of Mrs. Yang and Mrs. Li, Jiayin has more and more finished products.

I don't need those two reluctant little Eagles anymore, so I let them go and play in the mountains.

however, she also warned them not to run too far. If they ran too far, she could not save them.

the two little Eagles were so happy that they didn't fight and flapped their wings and flew away.

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