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Chapter 156 Delicious dried fish (subscription required)

The slightly older children nodded quickly, and Fang Zhiyuan said: 'don't worry, aunt Hong, we will pay attention.'

Then he turned to the younger child in the back and said, 'don't help me. Go outside and wait. I'll call you when it's finished.'

Several little ones refused to leave. The other said to Zhiyuan, 'brother Zhiyuan, let's watch. We don't make trouble. Let's stay, OK?'

Knowing that these children were clever and sensible, Xu Hong said to Zhiyuan, 'it's OK, Zhiyuan. Let them stay. They are all very good.'

After that, I went to the house and took out some large wooden basins. These were specially made by Fang Youhui. They were shallower than ordinary wooden basins and were specially used for washing vegetables.

Then he took out several bamboo woven vegetable washing baskets and put them into the wooden basin. He scooped some water from the nearby VAT and put them on the stone platform.

Several older children gathered around, and because the stone platform was so low that it only reached their knees, they had to squat on the ground.

Seeing this, Xu Hong pointed to the bamboo shed on the right side and said, 'don't squat. There's a small bench over there. Go and get it yourself.'

Everyone looked at her hand and found that there were many small benches just made in the bamboo shed.

Those are all made of leftover materials by Fangyou. People can come and get them at any time when they need them. Some were sent out, but there was still a lot left.

More than a dozen children went to take a seat one after another. The younger ones sat in the back and quietly watched their brothers and sisters work.

Xu Hong first started, took out a handful of sharp thin bamboo pieces, picked up one of the sharp sides, and gently stroked it against the belly of the small fish. Then she squeezed it out, and all the internal organs were squeezed out.

The children also learned to do it together. Xu Hong told them again, 'be careful not to hurt your hands.'

Everyone nodded and moved more carefully.

This small fish needs to scrape its scales except for those that grow to the size of a palm, and those that are especially small do not need to scrape their scales. Some feel the soft fish on their bodies, and do not know what fish they are, or even have no scales.

There were many people and great strength. In a short time, a small basket of fish was packed up. He also helped throw those viscera to the ducks outside the courtyard wall. These ducks were all food raised by Xu Hong. They had just receded their fluff and had not grown up.

Xu Hong washed the small fish again with clear water, dried the fish, salted them for a while, and dried them in the middle of the yard.

Xu Hong set up two stoves in her family's yard, and made a bamboo shed on them to prevent rain and sun. One of the iron pots is flat bottomed. It was made by a blacksmith's shop specifically for frying some things or baking pancakes.

After all, they are northerners, and their staple food is pasta.

Flour is sold in the county, but people here don't buy much flour, they all go home to make noodles, rarely eat steamed bread and pancakes, and the price is more expensive than white rice.

A group of children talked about it for half an hour, and the water of the pickled fish was almost dry.

Xu Hong starts to cook oil in the pan, brushes a thin layer of oil on the pan, and puts the small fish in the pan one by one in order, and starts to fry over a low heat.

While frying, he explained to the child dully: 'if this small fish is fried, it needs to be mixed with flour paste. Wrap this small fish, so that the fried fish is crisp outside and tender inside, and there is a smell of burnt batter.

If you fry it, it won't work. If you wrap it in paste, it will stick to the pot. Even the fish will be scratched to the bottom of the pot, and the fish will rot.

Like this, dry the water and fry it slowly over a low fire. When one cotton is fried hard, turn it over and fry the other side.

So both sides? It has to be dried, and the fried fish will be crisp and crisp, and even the fish bones can be eaten.

As long as it is not damp, it can be kept for a long time, can be used as a wine and dish, and can also be used as a snack. '

The children smelled the burning smell of fried fish in the oil pan and listened to Aunt Hong's story. They could not help but swallow their saliva.

After frying for a while, Xu Hong saw that it was almost ready, so she put the first pot of small fish out with a shovel.

Put the small fish in a dry flat bamboo basket and toss it up and down, so that the heat of the small fish can be dispersed, so that the small fish will not be brittle if they are piled together with hot air.

I said to the children, 'wait a little. You can eat it when it's cooler, or you'll get burned easily.'

The children quickly nodded and watched the little fish dry and swallow saliva. The saliva of the little children had already dripped onto the clothes on their chest.

Jiayin was so greedy that she couldn't take her eyes off those small dried fish. She liked to eat what was in the water.

When I was in the Dragon Palace, I basically ate cooked seafood every day. However, the cooking method is very simple, and basically it still has the original taste.

After coming to this world, she realized that there are so many delicious foods in the world.

All kinds of meat have all kinds of flavors, and one meat can also make several flavors! Those green grass can be made into delicious dishes. And the seeds of those plants can also be made into soft white steamed bread and fragrant pancakes

After a while, Xu Hong touched the small fish, which was no longer hot, and handed the basket to Fang Zhiyuan and Fang Zhixin.

'OK, you can eat it. Chew it carefully before swallowing. If there is a hard thorn, spit it out.'

The children nodded quickly, then looked at Fang Zhiyuan and Fang Zhixin obediently, waiting to give them points.

The two men were carrying baskets. One of them shared one first, and didn't forget to give one to Xu Hong and one to Fang Youhui.

The two adults fondly touched their heads.

As soon as the children got their hands, they couldn't wait to put them in their mouths. For a while, there was only a sound of chewing in the yard.

When they finished eating, Fang Zhiyuan divided them again.

The children are very well educated. Every time Xu Hong sees them eating, she feels very incredible.

When her family opened a restaurant, I once saw three brothers in the neighbor's family who could beat their heads and bleed for a bite.

There are also relatives in her family. There are too many children, and they rob everything they eat. They won't let them eat at all.

But since we came together with the people of Fangjia village, their children are not brothers. They are just brothers of the same clan. But as soon as there is food, as long as there is an older child, it must be the older child who distributes food.

Even if you eat only one, you can taste it one mouthful at a time.

She likes this atmosphere very much.

Children who grow up in this atmosphere will certainly help each other in the future.

Just like between Fang Youhui and Fang Youli, not only Fang Youhui's cousin, but also other uncles and brothers and all the younger generation of the Fang family take care of each other.

If we are in danger, we can all sacrifice our lives to save each other.

As Fang Youhui said to her, as long as his brothers are behind him, he is not afraid that someone will hurt him, and he can march forward bravely.

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