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Chapter 157 Reward (subscription)

He also said that although their relationship was good in the previous village, it was not as good as it is now.

this is a tacit understanding cultivated by fleeing all the way, especially after practicing Sabre skills, to fight with bandits and mountain bandits.

after passing these two tests of life and death, I feel that there is nothing in the world that can separate the feelings between their brothers.

what is most worth mentioning is Fang Yunping of the Fang family, who is very dignified in front of the clansmen. It is simply indisputable.

at that time, I got so much gold, silver and grain from the bandits. The patriarch said that I would distribute it as I wanted. Nobody disagreed. This is the most precious thing.

how many brothers are red eyed for their interests, including those princes today, are still killing each other.

the emperor said something and the minister retorted. What does this mean? It shows that the patriarch is a just man and everyone trusts him completely.

he really didn't disappoint his people, just because he never spent money on himself.

every stroke of the flower is for the sake of the whole family and wholeheartedly for the development of the family. If the Fang family doesn't prosper in the future, it's really unjustifiable.

when everyone finishes the first pot, the other pot is almost out.

this time, the children didn't reach out. Xu Hong smiled. She knew that these children just tasted the taste. They would never be greedy and eat all the delicious food.

especially after tasting it, if you think it is delicious, you will take it home to the adults to taste it.

sure enough, when the second pot came out, the children ran away alone with two or three dried fish, which was sent home to adults.

Xu Hong gently touched her stomach, and her eyes were full of longing.

she feels that she should be pregnant, but the month is still young and she can't see it now.

she hopes that her children will be so obedient and sensible. When the children are older, they will also play with these brothers and sisters.

soon a group of children came back. At this time, Xu Hong put out another pot.

the children did not start, but sat quietly aside and waited for her to fry all the small fish.

when all the small fish are fried, the sun has set, but there is still light in the sky.

more than a dozen children each took a piece of straw paper and wrapped a small package of dried fish and went back, leaving a flat basket for Xu Hong.

Fang Zhiyuan took Jiayin's small hand and walked at the end. Seeing that everyone had left, he said to Xu Hong: 'aunt Hong, my mother said that we always trouble you and waste your things. Let me tell you that if you don't have enough head oil and condiments in your house, go to my house to get them. My mother has cooked a lot of lard before.'

Xu Hong smiled and touched his head. 'Aunt's house is enough for you to worry about. Aunt likes to cook food for you. The patriarch just sent me a lot of slate oil a few days ago, and I cooked several jars.'

Fang Zhiyuan nodded, and the little adult said, 'thank you for Aunt Hong's hospitality today. We're going to leave.'

made a bow and ran away with the fat little hand holding the good news.

Xu Hong's face is funny. Zhiyuan is always a little adult, and he often talks in a gentle way.

looking at a flat basket full of dried fish, I couldn't help reaching out and putting another one in my mouth, eh! How delicious!

what she said before was not polite. There is no shortage of oil and spices at home. Because she studies new dishes every day, the oil and condiments in her family are all bought by the patriarch.

I look forward to her making more new dishes, practicing her cooking more skillfully, so that she can open a restaurant at any time.

when Fang Zhiyuan and Jiayin return home, Mrs. Yang and Mrs. Li are talking about the news that the patriarch has returned.

the patriarch had returned from the county government before the sun set. He told them that the two abductors were directly imprisoned and waiting for trial.

the ox cart of the abductor was driven back by the patriarch! It turned out that people thought it was the county magistrate who didn't know that the ox cart was the abductor.

it was only when I asked the patriarch that I learned that the two abductors were habitual criminals who came from other counties.

the two men were wanted for abducting the children of a rich family in the county. The county government office happened to have a sea arrest document from the county.

the county magistrate was worried that he could not find anyone. Unexpectedly, he was caught by Fang's family. This is a credit. In addition, the family members above have registered with the sheriff. They should have made good friends.

thinking that since you have done meritorious deeds, of course you should be rewarded, but the amount of reward stipulated by the government is not much, that is, ten Liang. It is also irregular to pay out of your own pocket, and it is easy to fall prey to others.

later, I heard Fang's family say that the ox cart was a kidnapper. Finally, the county magistrate and the teacher summed it up and got it! Let's give it to you! In the eyes of farmers, this ox is more valuable than silver.

the people of the Fang family were also very happy when they heard the patriarch's words. A cow costs seven or eight liang of silver.

although they already have ten cows, who thinks there are too many of them? Of course, the more the better.

the children are addicted to the good news of dried fish, so they go to the small ditch to put fish baskets in every two or three days.

the fish in there are also awesome, as if they can't catch all. Every two or three days, the fish will grow to the size of an adult's finger. Obviously, in the first two days, it is still too small to see clearly. There are many small fry. After two or three days, it will grow to the size of a finger and can be eaten.

however, adults say that fish grow fast in the first place. It is possible that fish in the south grow faster because of the climate.

since adults do not think it strange, children will not doubt it.

many small fish will be caught every two or three days.

at first, Xu Hong was asked to help fry it. Later, adults felt that it was too careless for their children to trouble others every day. So I spontaneously went to learn from Xu Hong how to fry a small fish so that it can be fried crispy and the fish bones can be eaten.

there are several cooking skills that I can learn after watching them once. After that, if the children fry the fish again, Xu Hong will not be left alone. Instead, he will be replaced by several families. Today he is at home and tomorrow you are at home.

adults are also used to children. Although frying small fish takes a lot of time, children can still be satisfied with this preference.

after eating like this for a period of time, the children are finally a little tired.

Jiayin is also interested in small dried fish. She wants to eat big fish now.

but if there are big fish in this small ditch, it's too unreasonable.

then she turned her eyes, and brought the big fish in the deep water pool in the deep mountain to a pool that had just accumulated by the side of the mountain.

that is the only way for the men of the Fang family to go hunting in the mountains.

sure enough, within a few days, the men who went hunting in the mountains got back a lot of big fish, and the largest one was even taller than most people!

this makes everyone in the Fang family very happy. They have never seen such a big fish.

asked: 'how can there be such a big fish?'

'have you entered the deep mountains?'

'is the mountain dangerous? Are there any beasts?'

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