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Chapter 158 Catfish (subscription required)

The men held the fish and shook their heads quickly. 'No, no, we didn't go into the mountains, but we were still outside.'

'I caught this fish in the water pool beside the bamboo forest. The water in the water pool rose under the rain before. Now the water level is low, and these fish are exposed.'

'yes, it is estimated that the rain flowed through the waterway before. If it had existed before, we would have found it.'

'yes, such a big fish will eat people no matter how big it is.'

'well, I should be able to eat you. You see, if the fish is bigger, it will be taller than you. I can't. I'm much taller than you. Haha...'

a group of people laughed.

in fact, there are several fish in the fish. They are really big catfish that eat carrion. The fish is frighteningly long and the meat is really delicious. They are also big.

everyone knows this fish.

Xu Hong's eyes widened when she saw these big catfish. Jiayin felt that her eyes were shining brightly. HMM... it seems that the fish is delicious! '

Xu Hong came forward and said to everyone,' this is a good thing. When it is done, it is not only delicious but also very nourishing.

turned to look at Zhang Guihe on the other side and said: 'Guihe, look at some herbs that can be used for warming and tonifying and also for removing fishiness. Bring me some. '

Zhang Guihe nodded, thought about which kinds of warming and tonic herbs had this effect, and then turned to take them home.

Xu Hong told everyone about the general method of this fish and the delicious degree after it was made. Everyone listened carefully and finally began to swallow.

The head of the clan, seeing this posture, made a decision directly. In addition to other fish, he gave them to each family to make by himself. Xu Hong made some catfish directly this afternoon. Let's have a good meal together.

the crowd immediately cheered with joy.

Xu Hong's craftsmanship is really speechless. They haven't eaten Xu Hong's delicious food for months.

especially the men, since the whole village stopped eating together, they have eaten the food cooked by their own wives. Although the taste has improved with Xu Hongxue's, it is still far worse.

of course, they dare not say it clearly. They only dare to shout loudly now.

Fang Yunping looked at these rabbits and smiled angrily. He asked them to take out the two big pots that had been cooked before to clean them, and set up a temporary stove in the open space.

later, firewood was put in the shed used to be a temporary kitchen, and the stove was removed, so the pot was put away directly. Now it is in use again.

in the afternoon, the children don't go out to play anymore. They all surround the open space and watch the adults busy.

the fish distributed to each family have been divided. Of course, they are not whole fish, but are cut into pieces.

these fish are all very big. They are cut into fish pieces of similar size and divided into two pieces for each person according to their heads.

anyone who wants the fish head and tail will take them away. If no one wants them, they will be chopped up and fed to the ducks.

catfish is also cut into pieces, and the best thing about this fish is that it is handled better than other fish. There are no scales on the outside and no small spines inside.

the fish is thick and tastes like garlic, tender and slippery.

old people and children can eat it without fear of getting stuck.

we stewed two large pots, one pot of pure stewed fish and the other pot of tofu.

they made the tofu themselves.

although there are tofu sellers in the county, if you go late, you can't catch up with the fresh ones. Now it's hot and it's easy to break.

so it's better to do it yourself.

because they used to produce soybeans there, basically every family could make tofu, but it was too troublesome, and only on New Year's Eve would they do some to satisfy their hunger.

in this way, at Shenshi, a large pot of stewed catfish and a large pot of stewed tofu with catfish are out of the pot! With the white rice steamed in advance, everyone ate it delicious and thought it was better than meat.

they have eaten catfish before. When it rains in summer, they can find it in the pools in the mountains.

however, it is much smaller than these ones. The North may not be suitable for its growth. The maximum length is about a foot long, and the taste is similar.

however, their cooking skills are far from Xu Hong's. for example, there is no soup left in the pot today, and they are all watered with rice and shaved clean.

Li and Mrs. Yang sighed as they ate. Mrs. Yang said: 'why didn't Youwei come back? It's been two months since he went there, and he didn't catch up with such delicious fish.

I don't know where he is now. I really can't find his uncle, so I hurry back. It's really urgent that this man doesn't come back and send a letter to the family...

after listening to my mother-in-law's words, Li's heart is also upset. As soon as his man goes out, Almost two months have passed in a flash.

I thought I could come back when I collected the grain, but I didn't expect that the grain had been collected for more than half a month, and the people didn't come back.

the longer the time, the more worried she was that she might encounter some danger.

after all, the land boundary in the south is not as familiar as that in the north, and the mountain bandits they met before also make them feel a little nervous.

I have heard the young generation of the Fang family talk about that those mountain bandits are very skilled, especially one of the three heads of the family, who joined hands to get rid of them.

a three masters' Kung Fu is so powerful. I don't know how powerful the two above are. Will they come to seek revenge? What if Youwei meets you on the way out?

where is Fang Youwei worried by his wife and mother?

he is now in Changyuan County in the west of Nanyue county.

he didn't find his uncle's family in the county town and Anping County of Huayang County, so he went to the counties he had passed before to look for them.

it was the three counties they passed after they went down the mountain. Fang Youwei ran through them all but couldn't find them.

of course, he didn't look for it blindly, but went directly to the county government to find a place specially for handling registered residence.

as long as you settle down in that county, whether it is a village or a town, you must register it in the county government.

as a person of my uncle, it is impossible to stay there without registering. If that's the case, you can't be protected by the county government, and people won't care if something happens.

so it didn't take him long to find someone, and he found three counties, and the time was mainly spent on the road.

after looking for three counties and finding nothing, Fang Youwei had to go back.

when he crossed the mountain and looked at the city of Nanyue County, he suddenly remembered that those escorts had said before that there were two counties in the west of Nanyue County after crossing a mountain and a river.

when I thought about it, Fang Youwei went directly to the left into the mountain and went west.

when climbing the mountain to the west, Fang Youwei was more than once glad that he brought Xiaoling out.

this mountain is connected with the mountain through which the official road passes. There are no wild animals on that mountain. Fang Youwei thought that this mountain was probably the same.

this is true after entering the mountain. I didn't even see a mountain mouse.

when Fang Youwei was relaxing, suddenly Xiao Ling rushed towards him and put his paws on the tree trunk not far above his head!

I saw the brown bark on the trunk writhing violently!

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