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Chapter 162 Get together, uncle's family (subscription)

Xiao Ling nodded. He had seen snakes hunting on the snake mountain. As long as you bite the rabbit, no matter where you bite, the rabbit will fall straight down. It can be seen how toxic it is!

on that occasion, it was afraid to fly too low on the mountain, for fear of being bitten by a snake. Although Jiayin said that its body was invulnerable to bullets, who knows if it will be poisoned? It's better not to try.

one person and one bird talked for a long time, but at last Fang Youwei was a little overwhelmed.

he hasn't had a good rest these days. Even if he sleeps in someone else's house, he doesn't dare to sleep too deeply. After all, he is not at home, so he should keep some vigilance.

so I chatted with Xiao Ling. His eyelids began to fight and soon closed.

seeing that he was asleep, Xiao Ling stopped making a sound and flew to the top of the temporary cabin.

scan back and forth with small eyes to see if there is any danger around.

in fact, even if it doesn't watch with its eyes open, it can hear the movements nearby or a little farther away with its current ear power.

it's just that Xiao Ling thinks that since he said that he should keep watch, he should always act as a guard.

then on the arch shaped roof formed by several small trees, a small black bird looks left and right with its head held high...

if it can see the expression on its face, it must be serious.

the night passed quietly in silence.

in the second day, Fang Youwei woke up just after daybreak.

turning to look at the extinguished fire, he felt that his face was cool. He reached out and wiped it, but it was dew on his face.

the weather in the south is so bad. The humidity is too heavy. The dew on your face can wash your face. You can save the time to find water to wash.

touch the clothes on your body, which are also wet. It's not good to go this way, so it's very easy to be cold.

while it was still early, he lit a fire again, took off his clothes, put a branch on the ground, and baked his clothes on the rack until they were almost dry.

he took out two pot helmets from his bag and baked them.

I didn't expect that this pot helmet would be burnt and crispy after baking, and it was delicious.

what he bought at that time was just out of the pot, but he didn't taste it because he was in a hurry.

I didn't expect that the food would be so delicious after being roasted a little over the fire.

it seems that you can buy this kind of thing and take it on the road in the future, which is much better than glutinous rice dumplings and so on.

he is not used to eating sticky things, and it is easy to burn his heart if he eats too much.

after eating and drinking water, he took off the tarpaulin, shook it, folded it, and put it into the bag.

put on your clothes, put out the fire, and bury a layer of earth to ensure that there will be no sparks left. Put a small handful of sprites into your bag and continue on your way.

because I had already walked for several hours yesterday, and almost half of the journey was completed. The rest of the journey was completed before noon.

arrived at the boundary pillar that said 'Xiangyun Town'. After walking on for a while, we saw a lively town.

the streets inside are full of shops, and there are more people coming and going than those in Changyuan county.

and there are more foreigners here, and the clothes they wear are more miscellaneous.

when Fang Youwei entered the town, he began to look for it. At the end of the street on the far left, he found a shop with a plaque of Yang's shop.

this name is the same as the original name of my uncle's shop. Even the plaque is carved by my cousin.

because my cousin and nephew are carpenters, they sell charcoal and furniture woodcuts in this shop.

Fang Youwei took a deep breath and went into the shop with excitement. As soon as he entered the room, he saw his cousin and uncle sitting inside talking.

father and son noticed that someone came in and just wanted to get up to greet them, they heard a familiar voice excitedly say: 'uncle, cousin! I have finally found you!'

when Yang Chengyi heard this, he suddenly looked up at the face of the newcomer, saw the appearance of the newcomer, stood up, ran forward in three steps and two steps, and hugged him! I burst into tears.

'it's you. You're promising! That's great. My uncle thought I'd never see you again. How about your mother and them? It's OK. How did you find us?'

at this time, Yang Yunsheng also reacted, his eyes were red, and he came forward to embrace his cousin. Because his aunt had only this son, he was sent back to his mother's house for a period of time in the years when his uncle was ill, so their cousins had a good relationship since childhood.

he hasn't seen him for more than a year. At that time, he went to Fangjia village to deliver a letter and wanted them to escape together. In the end, there was a flood. When he went, there was no one in the village.

the three hugged and wept for a moment. Yang Chengyi asked Yang Yunsheng to close the door of the shop and took Fang Youwei to the backyard.

while walking, the other side said: 'we bought this after we came here. The location is not very good. It is better than the large place. There is a shop in the front and people can live in the back. There is also a small space in the back. I enclose it, just for charcoal burning.'

Fang Youwei also told his uncle about their situation. Yang Chengyi comforted him with a look on his face. Knowing that his sister was well and strong, he was relieved.

what he was most worried about was his sister. He was afraid that she would not be able to survive this flight. After all, her body was not very good before. Unexpectedly, it was a blessing in disguise and all the pain was gone! '

in the backyard, my Aunt Wang Shi and my cousin, Xiao Wang Shi, and my cousin, Zhang Shi, had just finished lunch.

I was shocked when I saw Fang Youwei, and then Wang Shi came forward and grabbed Fang Youwei's arm, looking at it and crying.

' Youwei, where were you? At that time, Yunsheng went to find you, but the Fangjia village was empty. On the way, your uncle had trouble sleeping and eating. He was not strong at all, but now he is a dry old man. He is wrinkled and has no one to look at... '

' cough! What are you talking about, old woman? What a dry old man! I'm strong! 'Yang Chengyi glared at his old lady. It's true that he would say anything in front of his younger generation.

the originally sensational atmosphere disappeared in a moment.

Yang Yuncheng and sister-in-law Zhang, the younger Wang family, had red eyes and were interrupted by the old lady (mother-in-law), and their tears were instantly suppressed.

just as the food was on the table, everyone took their seats one after another. Generally speaking, the diner had a sense of purpose and slowly told his uncles about his experiences over the past year.

everyone listened with interest and forgot to eat the meal.

unexpectedly, they encountered so many difficulties and dangers on the road, not only Vietnamese but also bandits and mountain bandits. The most incredible thing is that there were so many magical things!

at this time, a vague voice sounded, 'how fragrant ~ ~ uncle Youwei is here?'

the people were surprised and looked around, but they didn't see anyone.

where did this baby's voice come from?

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