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Chapter 164 Return trip (subscription required)

Fang Youwei stayed at his uncle's house for one night and set out the next morning.

the Wang family and the younger Wang family's mother-in-law and daughter-in-law have prepared their luggage for their eldest grandson and son.

Yang Yunsheng patted his son on the head and told him: 'you should learn from your uncle. In the future, our family will depend on you.'

Yang Chengsi nodded with a positive look. 'Dad, don't worry, I will definitely learn martial arts from my cousin and will not let you down.'

last night, I saw my uncle practicing the mountain opening Sabre technique again. He looked forward to it. Now he has the opportunity to learn. Of course, he should take advantage of it.

after a while, Mrs. Wang and her daughter-in-law took out a package.

it's certainly not easy for them to take more on the road, let alone take their bedding. When Chengji goes, he can squeeze with his cousin.

I packed some clothes and gave him some scattered silver money for emergency use.

Fang Youwei saw that the burden was not big, so he didn't take it, so he let his nephew carry it on his own.

said goodbye to his uncle's family, and the uncle and nephew took Xiao Ling back home.

Yang Chengsi traveled thousands of miles from north to South with his family. He was no longer an ignorant boy. The scenery on the road has become commonplace.

however, he still asked his uncle curiously about what he saw on the road. When he said it at home before, his uncle passed by a lot of things.

he listened carefully. His uncle and his family took different routes in many places.

at that time, their family escaped ahead of schedule. The Vietnamese had not entered yet, and the road was very calm. They did not meet bandits and mountain bandits at all. Yesterday, I heard my uncle say that this piece was all taken in one stroke, but I can imagine the danger.

but he was more curious, so he asked about the details. Fang Youwei didn't hide it from him. Anyway, there was enough time. As he hurried along, he told him carefully about his experiences on the road.

the young people listened with interest. When it came to the dangerous places, they were even more amazed.

'uncle, have you really not been drenched by rain all the way? This is also amazing! We have been drenched by rain from time to time since we closed the city. Later, we simply bought a rain hat and coir raincoat, and drove on with them.' Yang Chengsi's unbelievable way.

they have not been watered by rain for several months, but they have been watered many times.

at that time, they were driving an ox cart. Because there was no shed, tarpaulin had to be covered on the luggage to prevent rain.

because it rains and the ground is wet, I haven't set up a tent for many times. I can only make do with my luggage on the ox cart.

it was not until this time that he understood that what grandpa often lamented along the way was that there should be a family. With a family, you won't be alone when things happen.

he didn't know much before. Now listening to their experiences, he finally understands the advantages of a big family.

in his opinion, the most dangerous thing can be easily solved in front of a family.

the Fang family will work together to do anything. Others dare not bully them easily. Even the murderous bandits and mountain bandits can easily take them down!

it is because there are many people and great strength. Behind them are the clansmen. Their wives, children, old and young are taken care of and they rush forward with confidence.

there is only one Yang family, and their ancestry is no longer available.

grandpa said that they fled to Qiyang County and have lived there for hundreds of years. They have been handed down in a single line until their father's generation had brothers.

in his generation, there is no choice but to wait for his parents and uncles and aunts to give birth to more younger brothers.

I'm counting on myself and my younger brothers to open more branches and leaves in the future. After waiting for decades, their Yang family should also become a small family.

at that time, he will also strive to become the head of the family, and like the head of the Fang family, he will unite the family management as one and share life and death.

unconsciously walked for a day, thinking that someone was chatting along the way, and neither of them felt very tired.

I ate some dry food in the middle, took a rest for a while, and then continued on the road.

I arrived in Changyuan County before dark. I found an inn in Changyuan county and asked for a medium-sized room to stay for one night. I will leave tomorrow morning.

because I have a nephew, I don't feel like I can make do with myself.

the two of them stayed in the inn for one night, and the next morning they bought 30 pot helmets in the shop selling pot helmets.

Fang Youwei thinks that this food is delicious, and it really can be put in place. It is better as dry food.

Guo Kui, who just came out of the pot, took two of them with a burning fragrance and handed them to his nephew. 'Eat, this is our breakfast. We will have to catch a half day's journey later, and try to get to the dock before noon.'

he is still going to return the same way. This is the nearest way. If he goes around, it will be several more days, which is completely unnecessary.

Yang Chengsi took the cake, which was as long as the sole of a shoe, put it in his mouth and took a bite.

Jiaoxiang crispy noodles are fragrant with a salty fragrance. 'Uncle, this is really delicious. Jiaoxiang crispy is even better than the sesame cake we used to eat. There is also stuffing in it. What kind of stuffing is this?'

when the boss heard his praise, he replied with a smile: 'there is dried plum vegetables in it. This dish can be used as stuffing or meat deduction. There is a smell of plum vegetables that makes the meat fat but not greasy.

this filling is mixed with lard, and it will also be mixed with a smell of meat.'

'so it is. Boss, your craftsmanship is good. Otherwise, you can't make such delicious cakes.' Yang Chengsi praised the boss.

'haha, where are you? Thank you for your support.'

Fang Youwei looked at the two of them with a smile. When he saw his nephew talking, he didn't delay eating. In a moment, he ate up the two pot helmets.

hand him the bamboo tube and let him drink.

I can't help but eat two, eh! Sure enough, it's still delicious.

breakfast is solved.

after that, they hurried for half a day to the wharf in cangyun county.

they arrived just in time, and it was time to ship in a while.

the ship sails from the other side in the morning, and it's already in the morning when it arrives here more than an hour ago. Then the ship will rest here for a while and sail there at noon.

in this way, I was caught up by them. The two men handed in the coppers and went aboard.

this is the first time Yang Chengsi took a boat. When his family came, they did not take a boat to cross the river.

they took another road from the closure of the city. There were actually two roads out of the closure. One was the official road leading directly to Nanyue county that Fang Youwei took for them.

one is the southwest trade road, which is just separated by fengnanling and cangyun river.

so at that time, Fang Youwei inquired all the way for them. Among the people who passed by the county, there were actually no uncles.

when they passed through the closed city, they left a group of people in the north of Fengcheng who could not afford to pay the entrance fee. After the closure of the city, I found someone to inquire about it. I knew that one side was the official road, the other was the commercial road, and the last position I could get.

most of the merchants choose the commercial road, while the farmers generally choose the official road.

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