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Chapter 166 Sheriff's Mansion (subscription required)

Fang Youwei also stepped forward, saluted with fists and said: 'housekeeper Lao Shao, remember that all the people have settled down. It's in Qingfeng town, not far from here in Huayang county.

Before the Meiyu season, the courtyards of the clansmen had been built, and now they have moved in.

I came out this time to find my uncle in Shangyuan County in the West. I heard something on the way. I'd like to tell you about it. '

Steward Shao was stunned when he heard this. He thought that the Fang family had something difficult that could not be solved. Now he saw that it was actually related to his second son.

It should be urgent to see the other party come here specially, tired and without time to rest.

He didn't dare to be slighted, so he just made a gesture of invitation and said, 'so you can go in with me. The young master has just finished eating and is tasting tea in the yard.'

Then he walked ahead to lead the way.

Fang Youwei nodded to the porter, then followed steward Shao into the back door and went to the middle courtyard of the prefectural mansion.

It is worthy of being the place where the head of a county lives. The governor's mansion covers a large area. Fang Youwei walked with steward Shao for more than a quarter of an hour before he came to a yard full of bamboo.

This is only one of the courtyards in the mansion. It's almost half their village!

As soon as I entered the yard, I saw a circle of wooden corridors, and a lantern hanging on them every ten feet. It's not all dark yet, but the lanterns have been lit.

Shaoyang is sitting under the bamboo forest not far from the veranda. There is a set of stone tables. He is sitting there tasting tea.

Hearing the news, Shaoyang knew that someone had come in. He looked up and saw housekeeper Shao at first. He thought there was something wrong with him. Just before he asked, he found that there was another person behind him.

After taking a close look, he recognized Fang Youwei.

He put down his teacup, stood up and walked forward. 'Brother Youwei, it's you. Time is so fast. It's been six months since I saw you. Are you settled?'

Fang Youwei also hurried forward and said: 'Mr. Lao, remember that the Fang family has settled down in Qingfeng town, Huayang County, which is not far from here. Now everyone has settled down. If you have time in the future, you can go there and have a look. The scenery there is very beautiful.'

Shaoyang said with a smile, 'well, I've been feeling bored recently. Since it's not far away, I'll go to your place for a walk one day.'

The two exchanged greetings again. Seeing that it was getting late, Fang Youwei looked around and saw the three of them.

He didn't beat around the Bush and said directly: 'to be honest with you, Youwei came here this time to tell me something. Youwei came out this time to find my uncle's family.

Because I didn't know where my uncle and I settled down, I searched County by county.

I went to cangyun County before. Youwei overheard two traders talking about it. Their partner in the closure of the city was from Jiayun county. When he went home to visit his relatives last month, he came across two Vietnamese discussing buying food and grass.

One of the Yue people complained that if the Hu people weren't too good at eating, they wouldn't have to come out and find ways to buy grain.

At that time, Youwei had some speculations. I thought that the second young master had said before that your grandfather was the Sheriff of Jiayun County, so I came here to tell you. Although I don't know whether it's true or false, I'm afraid that there will be any changes, so I can make preparations in advance. '

When Shaoyang heard this, he understood everything.

Zheng se said: 'brother Youwei suspects that the Yue people and the Hu people have colluded with each other?'

Fang Youwei did not rashly nod his head to make a conclusion, but replied: 'if what that person said is true, at least there should be Hu people in Qiyang County, but I don't know how many.

But if the number of people is small, I think people in Vietnam don't have to worry about buying food and grass. '

Shaoyang nodded. Yes, if the number of people was small, it would be impossible to say this.

He threw his hand at Fang Youwei and said, 'this matter is very important. Thank you for coming to tell me.

I'm going to discuss this with my father right now. I'll ask the housekeeper to take you to rest first, and we'll get together later. '

Then Shao Guanjia of the team said: 'at this moment, I want to have a meal with you. Please treat me well and don't neglect me. I'll come back later.'

Fang Youwei quickly waved his hand and said, 'don't bother, don't bother. It's getting late and my nephew is still waiting for me in the inn. I won't stay here any longer.

Youwei is here for this matter. Now that I have finished speaking, I will go back.

Tomorrow morning, we will return to Huayang county. We have been out for several months, and we miss our family very much. '

Hearing that Shaoyang could not hold you back any longer, he just said: 'in that case, I won't hold you back. Now I know where you are. When this is over, I will come to your door and thank you face to face.'

Fang Youwei waved his hand again, 'don't do this. This is what you should do. The people of Yue and Hu are the enemies of Dayan. As the people of Dayan, it is our duty.'

Shaoyang nodded approvingly at him. The Fang family were all good.

I said a short goodbye to him, and then hurried to the front yard to discuss the matter with my father.

Steward Shao personally sent Fang Youwei out of the door. When he came out, he walked through the front side door.

It's close to the main street. A curfew will be imposed soon. If you stay outside, you will be interrogated by patrol soldiers, and you will be sent to the Yamen to be locked up without justified reasons.

The front door is closer to the inn.

Fang Youwei and steward Shao hugged hands and said goodbye. After saying their specific address, they returned to the inn.

When he returned to the inn, Yang Chengsi had awakened from his sleep.

Seeing that my uncle hadn't come back, he didn't dare to go downstairs alone, so he sat in his room and waited.

Hearing the sound of pushing the door, Yang Chengsi looked up and saw that it was his uncle who had returned. He immediately sat up and asked, 'uncle, you are back. Can you finish the work?'

Fang Youwei nodded. 'It's done. It's just a message. I'll come back after that.'

Yang Chengsi asked again, 'shall we go back to Fangjia village today?'

Fang Youwei shook his head. 'There is a curfew in every county and city. The city gate will be closed soon. We can't get out of the city at all.

Let's have a rest here today and go back tomorrow. '

He has just told steward Shao the address of the inn. If they have any questions or omissions from Shaoyang, they can come to him.

Moreover, after days of traveling, they only slept one afternoon and could not rest at all. It's better to have a good rest here for one night, and then go the next day with good spirits.

They went downstairs and asked for something to eat while the fire in the kitchen of the inn was still burning.

When they finished eating, it was already ten o'clock when they returned to the upstairs. They went to bed. Because of the fatigue of the past few days, they quickly slept again.

The next morning, both of them slept enough and got up in good spirits.

After breakfast, I checked out. They left Nanyue city and headed east.

The two of them walked for two hours and arrived at Huayang county. Fang Youwei pointed it out to his nephew. 'This is Huayang county. Our family is in panshe mountain, seven miles to the West. It belongs to Qingfeng town.'

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