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Chapter 17 Miss Fang Youwei

Fangyunshan, fangyouwei's father, and fangyunping are cousins of the same master, so fangyouwei is his distant nephew.

Fang Yunshan liked to practice martial arts since he was a child. He learned martial arts from an escort agency in the county. Later, when his master was escorting, he died on the way of escorting.

this makes fangyunshan realize the danger of the outside world. His martial arts are nothing at all. He can't even save his life.

then he returned to Fangjia village.

it may be that I feel that I have gone out to make a living, but I have come back rather than get ahead. They lived directly in the mountains and made a living hunting.

I married my daughter-in-law and had a son. Then I came down the mountain and settled down at the foot of the mountain.

fangyunping is not close to their family, because fangyunshan went out to learn martial arts when he was young and lived on the mountain when he came back.

Fang Youwei didn't move down the mountain until he was five years old. Later, he didn't walk frequently with his clansmen until he died of cold the year before last.

after all, they are all of the same ethnic group. How many people live in a village should be taken care of.

unexpectedly, they were separated when they escaped this time.

to be honest, Fang Youwei will be relieved if he is here.

at least his family has lived in the mountains and is a good hunter. He knows more about the wild than they do and knows the habits of wild animals like the back of his hand.

it can teach the villagers how to avoid the attack of wild animals, so they don't have to live on this earth slope, but in the mountains opposite.

there are more than 10 people in Fangjia village, and more than half of them are old, weak, women and children. Therefore, fangyunping did not dare to live there and directly found this small earth slope like an isolated island.

after all, it is safer to be surrounded by water. In the past, he thought it was useful to farm or read books. Now he finds that it is more important to learn martial arts and to be able to hunt.

they are a group of people. They used to look at the saliva of hunting logistics that people had beaten back. Why didn't they want to learn it?

up to now, we can't even catch a pheasant or hare. We can't dig a trap or get a condom.

Fang Youfu, his brother Fang Yun's family, learned from Youwei. At that time, Youfu watched Youwei often hunt prey for money, and ate meat every once in a while. He was very greedy.

as a result, Fang yun'an's daughter-in-law refused to let her son go to the mountain because she was afraid that her son might be in danger. No matter what the craft is, it is easy to forget if she doesn't do it. What's more, Fang Youfu didn't remember clearly at the beginning.

people really don't know what to say.

Fang Youwei certainly doesn't know that Fangjia village misses him.

he is busy making shoulder covers for the donkey! With this, wait until the water level goes down, and then you can put the plate frame on the donkey.

this shoulder cover is made by imitating the shoulder cover used by the cattle pulling the cart.

after all, he has never seen what kind of donkey cart is used on, but I think it should be similar.

it has been tried for several times. After several modifications, it finally succeeds.

Fang Youwei fixed it on the shaft, and then drove the shaft onto the donkey. It's OK after trying. It's very strong. It's quite stable after walking back and forth on the slope.

after the test, the donkey was unloaded and tied to a tree. Fangzhiyuan and Jiayin went to the nearby area and pulled up some fresh grass for the donkey to eat.

the donkey looked at the grass and saw Jiayin. In the affirmative eyes of Jiayin, he ate all the grass obediently.

fangzhiyuan saw that it was eaten at once. He was happy and ran to pull some back. He handed it to the donkey. As a result, the donkey didn't even look at it.

fangzhiyuan blinked, looked at Jiayin and asked in doubt, 'why doesn't he eat mine? This grass is the same as just now.'

Jiayin asked with her mind: why don't you eat?

I heard the donkey say in his head: you pulled up the seedlings of white clover. I would feel sick after eating them.

Warm prompt: This site's novels come from the Internet, You can search [Go through the ancient times to escape from famine, and take the time gate with you] online and go to the source website for reading.