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Chapter 175 Dragon God is very coaxing (Please subscribe)

The three nodded, Fang Zhiyuan replied: 'second Grandpa, when we finished looking for the wood and were ready to come back, we felt a tree moving in the distance. Later, Xiao Ling went to have a look and found that it was a wild boar rubbing against the tree.

we might have started it. The wild boar ran over, and then six or six kicked it two feet, and it was kicked to death. Then we worried that the wood and the wild boar could not be returned. Xiao Ling said that the Dragon God could help us get them back...

Then he picked up the pheasant in his hand and said, 'this is when we were picking mushrooms. Xiao Ling pecked them to death in two strokes. Look, Grandpa.'

holding the pheasant's head, Fang Yunping looked at the two small holes on it.

Fang Yunping is not surprised at this, because Xiaoling has caught rabbits back before, and all of them were killed in one bite.

of course, Xiao Ling caught it to feed the eagle.

Fang Yunping patted Fang Zhiyuan on the shoulder and praised Yang Chengsi and the good news.

turned to the crowd and said: 'women don't go there in the afternoon. We'll clean up this wild boar. In the evening, we'll get together and have a good meal. We haven't bought meat for several days.'

although we cook separately now, all the food and meat we buy in the county are bought together by the families. After we buy them, each family can get a point.

during this period, Fang Yunping was so busy that he forgot to arrange it. Especially, he didn't have time to go hunting, so everyone really craved meat.

after listening to the patriarch's words, he looked at the big wild boar, imagined the meat and vegetables he had made, swallowed his saliva, and immediately took action.

the people work together in a divided way, setting up pots and pans, boiling water, sharpening knives, and preparing to clean up the wild boars.

Yang Chengsi felt that his eyes were not enough, and he was very strange about this feeling.

because the Yang family has always been a family, there has never been such a large group of people working together, dividing their work and cooperating, and performing their duties.

it's really novel to watch everyone work together to set up a pot, boil water and kill pigs, because their family eats meat to buy ready-made pork, and they have never seen a pig killed.

I went to Fangjia village occasionally for a day or two before, but I never met him.

the main reason is that when he went there, it was not every new year's festival. For example, the pigs in Fangjia village were basically slaughtered at the end of the year.

when they were in Fangjia village before, unlike now, everything was bought and distributed uniformly by the chief arranger.

at that time, at the end of the year, the family paid money to buy the pigs raised by each family. After killing them, they sacrificed to their ancestors together, and then all the people ate together.

at that time, the land they planted in Fangjia village was also the family land bought by their ancestors. Later, it was each family's land that was reclaimed.

this time, everyone joined together and was under the control of the patriarch. Suddenly, I felt that it was better than before.

in the past, they all cared for their own families. Except for the time of ancestor worship, they gathered together for weddings and funerals.

but I have to rack my brain every day to think about how to earn more money to supplement my family.

unlike now, as long as you try to do your work well, you don't have to think about working in the county or town during the slack season to earn more coppers.

now everyone grows grain together, and if there is not enough to eat, the family will take money to buy it, and then distribute it uniformly. If everyone needs anything, the patriarch will arrange for someone to buy it back.

it doesn't matter whether you have money or not. You can live in a brick house and wear clothes all the year round, as long as you work hard.

I feel that life is much better now than the old one...

good news: if everyone wants to eat together in the evening, these two pheasants must not be enough. Can't we make a big pot of chicken soup?

to be honest, it's better to drink soup on a hot day. She doesn't want to drink at all.

after thinking for a while, the divine consciousness went directly to the mountain next door and collected more than a dozen chickens.

was thrown directly on the open space.

those who were dealing with pig hair were shocked. When they looked back, they saw a bunch of pheasants!

I looked at the two pheasants next to me that were pecked to death by Xiaoling. After thinking about it, it seemed that the Dragon God had brought some for fear that they didn't have enough to eat.

folded his hands and thanked the Dragon God.

a few people were free to pick up the pheasants. The pheasants were knocked unconscious and did not die, so they quickly came to twist the pheasants' necks, resulting in them.

the girls of the Fang family next to me all came running over, waiting for the tail hair of the pheasant to make a shuttlecock.

there is also the long feather at the back, which is also very beautiful in the hand. Girls like beautiful things.

as for the short hairs on the back of pheasants, they will be collected by women to make feather dusters.

after the pigs are slaughtered, the men will all leave, and the rest will be left to the women. They went to the vacant lot and cleaned up again.

after all, there are dozens of acres of land. It takes a few days to clean up. Besides, there are a lot of rubble and small trees in addition to weeds, unlike here.

all these should be cleaned up. After clearing up the weeds and small trees, they will first dry them in the open space, wait for some to dry, and then bring them back to stack them on the haystacks outside the village entrance. Wait for some more work, and then get it to the shed with firewood inside the wall, so as not to get wet in the rain.

this is also for storing firewood in winter. It often rains here in winter. It is wet and cold. It will be difficult to bear without firewood.

before dark, pork and bones were already stewed in the pot, and pheasants and mushrooms were also stewed in a large pot.

after the sun sets, all the workers have returned. Torches are burning around. The three big pots in the middle have a strong fragrance.

wild boar meat is not finished all at once. After all, it weighs four or five hundred kilograms. You can't eat it all at once. It will be a pity if it breaks down. After all, it's summer now.

they just stewed a pot of braised pork with streaky pork, then stewed a pot of ribs and large bones, and then stewed a large pot of pheasants with mushrooms, which was enough.

of course, the staple food is still rice, or fragrant white rice. The good news was thrown into the granary.

for today's food, Jiayin threw in two sacks of rice, thinking that when the temple builders arrived, she would put more.

when the cook took the rice out, he didn't pay attention at all and took out the outermost sack.

when I poured it into the big wooden basin, it turned out to be good rice, but because there was already water in the basin, I couldn't put it back.

at first, they thought they had taken it wrong and went to the patriarch. Later, the patriarch said that there was no good rice in the barn, only brown rice.

it suddenly occurred to me that this was probably given by the Dragon God again, just to let everyone have a good meal.

it seems that the construction of the dragon temple really makes the Dragon God happy...

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