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Chapter 18 Wild donkey six

Jiayin asked suspiciously, 'what will happen if you have a swollen stomach?'



two sounds sounded at the same time, and then Jiayin smelled an unpleasant smell!

she stepped back.

fangzhiyuan nearby shouted: 'Wow, this donkey farts so smelly!'

then hold your nose in one hand and fan it with one hand!

Jiayin looks like him when she sees him. Xiaopang pinches his nose. Well, it's much better...

and she can hold her breath. It's all right if she doesn't breathe all the time.

but looking back on the smell, she was a little farther away from the donkey.

Zhiyuan said, 'he farts only after eating the grass we picked. We can't feed this grass any more. His fart stinks.'

the wild donkey felt extremely aggrieved and said to Jiayin in his mind, 'I farted because I ate your grass, and you still disliked me...'

Jiayin Shan smiled and replied sheepishly, 'I don't know what kind of grass this grass is. Tell me, and I'll pick it for you.'

'I can eat the grown seedlings, which are just sprouting. I can't eat them. If I eat them, my stomach will swell. But I can eat the grown ones. I can eat the tall grass.'

Jiayin nodded, 'well, let's look in the woods.'

the grass on this slope has just grown in the past two days. If you want to find the kind of grass that has grown, you can only go to the woods first.

seeing Jiayin, the wild donkey still pinched his nose and said to her unhappily, 'it has no taste for a long time. You can put your hands down.'

after hearing the good news, I tried to put my hand down and sniffed in the air with a wrinkled nose. Well, there was no taste.

'no taste.' Then he pulled Fang Zhiyuan's hand to pinch his nose.

he put his hand down and muttered: 'the ass farts so smelly. Let's name him smelly.'

Jiayin just squints at him. Can you think of such an ugly name?

the donkey also gave him a loud nose and bared his teeth, indicating that he didn't like it.

fangzhiyuan understood it at a glance. 'Hey, you don't like it? What's your name? How about Dahei?'

the wild donkey gave him another Snort and bared his teeth.

fangzhiyuan didn't like it either, so he had to think again. 'Smelly, you don't like it. Big black, you don't like it. What do you call it?'

Jiayin said to it with her mind: 'do you have a name?'

the wild donkey shook his head. 'I'm my mother's sixth child. They all call me little six.'

Jiayin stared and said in surprise, 'I didn't expect your donkey to count! I'll call you six after that.'

the wild donkey six nodded, 'OK, so my name doesn't have to be changed.'

Jiayin thought of what he had just said and asked, 'just now you said your group, why are you there alone? Are you separated from the group?'

Liu, wronged, lowered his head and sucked the donkey's nose and replied: 'I heard the patriarch say that there is a terrible and powerful pressure here, and we are going to move to other places, so we dare not stay here any longer.

I was very curious about what Weiya is. How can I not feel it? So I came to see it, and you caught it...'

good news: '...

when I thought of what my father and mother told her before, I felt dangerous, Turn around and run away. Don't look at anything curiously, because it may kill you.

Jiayin thinks that she understands the meaning of this sentence now.

an example of living life is just around the corner. If it weren't for the fact that it could pull carts and do farm work in the future, it would have become Spiced Donkey Meat now...

fangzhiyuan looked at it with surprise. He couldn't hear what they were talking about. He just saw that donkey's expression was so vivid!

if you stare, bow your head, or sniff wrongfully, you will feel that you can't see. This is really an interesting donkey!

at this time, Fang Youwei suddenly shouted to them: 'good news, Dashuang, dad is going to see the covers and traps. Do you want to go?'

he doesn't want to go hunting in the mountains because he doesn't trust the old, weak, women and children in his family. He just wants to see if there are any small prey in the traps and covers nearby.

when he lived in Fangjia village, he went there for oneortwo days.

but not now. Although there is water on three sides, there are some people like them who are fleeing with planks. They will not be able to come back in time if there is danger.

Warm prompt: This site's novels come from the Internet, You can search [Go through the ancient times to escape from famine, and take the time gate with you] online and go to the source website for reading.