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Chapter 182 Shaoyang visit II (subscription required)

Seeing this, Fang Yunping hurriedly said: 'look at me, I'm actually chatting with the young master on the road. It's really wrong. Please follow me into the village. It's been a hard journey. I'll ask someone to prepare some tea and rice for you.'

beckoned the crowd to walk in and said: 'Youwei said after he came back that the young master might come to see us. I just didn't know when he would be free. At that time, I prepared the yard. There were always people cleaning up and ready to move in.'

Shaoyang said with some embarrassment: 'I should have come earlier, but I was told by my brother that the news was very important. I went to my grandfather's house directly and met with something there, which has delayed me until now.'

hearing this, Fang Yunping was shocked. It seems that the news Youwei got before is true! It is estimated that it is more serious than they imagined. Otherwise, how could a dignified Sheriff come all the way?

you should know that Jiayun city is not only a thousand miles away from here, but nearly three thousand miles away!

Fang Yunping took the people into the village and said to several women chatting in the open space: 'you take meat and vegetables to Xu Hong's house and prepare some dishes for the guests. You guys work hard and let her do less.'

several women knew that there were guests when they saw the carriage coming in. Especially when they saw Shaoyang and housekeeper Shao, they quickly agreed, stood up, patted the dust behind them, estimated the number of people eating, and prepared to leave for the warehouse.

Shaoyang smiled at them and said, 'thank you for your help.'

several people quickly waved their hands, 'no trouble, no trouble. It's too late for us to welcome Mr. Shao.'

after that, he quickly saluted and left.

housekeeper Shao asked someone to take down the gifts on the carriage. They were all porcelain ornaments, cloth cakes, and a box of silver.

Shaoyang said to Yun Ping: 'this is a little token of my personal kindness. Chief Fang must accept it. This time, you can help me a lot. My father has reported it to the court, and there will be an official reward later.'

Fang Yunping looked at the empty space full of thank-you gifts. He was at a loss. When he heard that there were rewards from the court, he didn't know how to react.

'this... How to make this, this is what we should do as the people of the Dayan Dynasty, and we even startled your father and the court...'

Shao Yang smiled and comforted: 'this meritorious service should be a reward. Chief Fang need not worry about it. Then it will be.'

when Fang Yunping saw that he could not refuse, he let the people who heard the movement behind carry the gift to the warehouse first, but he could not just put it on the open space.

took Shaoyang people to settle down in the yard prepared for them before. Fortunately, two were prepared at that time, or else they could not be arranged.

Shaoyang took eight guards and four servants, plus himself and housekeeper Shao, a total of 14 people, and two yards will be occupied.

Fang Youwei took his people into the mountains to hunt today, so he wasn't there. They can only be entertained by Fang Yunping.

it's almost noon now. The people who went to Xu Hong's house earlier came with some dishes.

they did it all by themselves, mainly under the guidance of Xu Hong, and the surface they produced was also excellent.

Jiayin didn't go out to play today. She was knitting bamboo at home. She was knitting a small bamboo cart. This is what she came up with when she saw some women with children coming to the temple to pray for God.

the women carried their children in bamboo baskets. One of the baskets was made like an arm chair, and there was room for their feet.

so she had a whim. Wouldn't it be possible to push her along if she put a few more wheels under it?

in the past few days, she squatted at home and began to study. Except for Xiaoling and Eagle two, when they were talking, she explored her divine consciousness, and spent the rest of the time in the process of dismantling.

she also knew about Shaoyang and others' arrival. She only probed into their spiritual consciousness and didn't pay attention to their purpose.

coincidentally, just after the dishes were served, Fang Youwei also came back with someone.

they went into the mountains early in the morning before the sun rose. They wanted to bring back some wild animals. At noon, they added a meal for the craftsmen. During this period, the craftsmen worked overtime.

in particular, the masters of several dragon statues are not even willing to pay, and they work for free to help shape the faucet of the holy water well behind.

this is because when they know that a holy water well will be built in the backyard of the Dragon God Temple, if they sincerely pray, water will come out of the well, and water can also cure diseases. (of course, Xiao Ling said all these.)

originally, everyone was going to find out where the bamboo pipe was. They thought it was too solemn, so they suggested that it was better to build the wellhead into the shape of a faucet. Wouldn't it be more magical to let water flow out of the dragon mouth in this way.

their intention is to work for a few more days. The food in Fangjia village is good, the wages are high, and the statues have been molded, but they don't want to leave.

I didn't think of this idea. When she got the good news, the little dragon's itch made her happy.

dragon spray water, that's right. This shape is too aesthetic for her.

as soon as I was happy, I gave them a ingot of gold and a bamboo tube to dilute the spirit water.

then they were shocked by what appeared in their arms!

later, I heard the villagers say that the water in the bamboo tube is holy water, so I took it home to give it to my family members who are in poor health.

I didn't expect that the next day, my family, who was still weak and ill, would be alive and kicking!

this can be regarded as conquering them. They have made many gods before. There is awe, but faith is really not.

after all, it's a clay statue from their own hands. How can they believe that it can be powerful?

until this time, they really believed it. It turned out that there was a God three feet up!

after he came back, he began to mold the faucet of the holy water well with a pious heart. He insisted on not asking for any money, and even bought the best gold paint out of his own pocket.

the ingot of gold given by Jiayin has also been enshrined at home by them...

speaking of now, Fang Youwei and others came back and happened to meet Shaoyang just having lunch, so he made a pheasant and added a dish, which Fang Yunping called over to serve.

when Shaoyang met Fang Youwei, he first thanked Fang Youwei for the last time and then talked about the reason why he came here after such a long time.

'speaking of that, I haven't been idle in the past few months. Brother Youwei and I brought such a big news, and should have come to thank you early.

at that time, we sent 800 Li to hurry up, and informed me of it. After renting there, my grandfather replied to me a few days later, saying that he would send someone to investigate on the night he received the letter. Unexpectedly, as brother Youwei said, the Hu people and the Yue people have joined forces and are openly training troops outside Qiyang County.

It's just that they wear Yue people's clothes, which can't be seen from a distance. Only by looking carefully can we find the Hu people mixed in them. The Hu people look different from ordinary people and have deeper facial features. '

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