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Chapter 187 Six in one shooting (subscription required)

Shaoyang entered the Dragon Temple and went directly to the main hall through the front hall.

Let the guards wait outside the main hall, straighten their clothes, lift their steps over the high threshold, and enter.

Looking up at the tall, golden dragon god statue in the middle of the hall, I was severely shaken.

Is this what the Dragon God looks like?

How mighty and domineering!

It turned out that the real dragon god was like this. He was crazy at once.

Thinking of the so-called Royal Dragon Robe and the dragon on the Dragon chair is really too far away.

That's a snake with horns and claws!

There's really nothing like it except the color.

Shaoyang recovered, went forward, lifted the hem of his robe, and knelt on the futon in front of the statue.

He folded his hands and prayed sincerely: 'Lord Dragon God, I'm going to Shaoyang to ask Lord Dragon God to give my Dayan soldier a set of exquisite shooting skills to resist foreign enemies and defend his country.

Shaoyang will certainly spread the prestige of the Dragon God, let all those who benefit know, and build temples and statues for the Dragon God.

I will also let the children who are learning this skill sincerely thank the Dragon God for his gift'

Hearing Shaoyang's words, I was very satisfied.

At the same time, he used his divine consciousness to search the exchange table in the space for suitable shooting skills for soldiers.

Today, Shaoyang said that soldiers of Dayan Dynasty usually use that kind of long gun, so it's OK to exchange it for the shooting method.

Jiayin told the exchange station that she wanted the shooting method of group warfare, but a long list came out.

The old rule, from bottom to top, choose the cheapest!

Of course, she wouldn't give up the good one. After all, this is a low martial arts world. It's useless to be too good.

And too good is easy to be coveted. What if it can't reach the soldiers? If she was treasured by some people, wouldn't she be in vain?

Turn it down all the way to the bottom. It's almost the same level as the mountain opening Sabre technique. There are two, all of which need 50 merit gold coins.

One is the Liuhe gun law. One is thirteen deadly shots.

Jiayin thinks that the name of 'Thirteen deadly guns' is not good. It is too bloody. It is still 'six in one shooting method'. The name sounds better.

So I directly changed the 'six in one shooting method'.

As soon as she got it, she flipped it around curiously.

It reads:

You stab me in the ring, and I take the gun.

You stab me outside the circle, and I'll stop the gun.

You pricked my foot in the circle, I took the gun, you took it, I took it.

You stab me in the foot outside the circle, I scratch the gun, you shoot, I stop you.

I'm stuck in your circle again. You take the gun back, I take the gun.

Um! Very good. This shooting technique is very profound. She can't understand it at all

Like throwing garbage, Jiayin directly threw the gun spectrum to Shaoyang through the space.

Shaoyang looked at the gun manual that appeared out of thin air in his hand and worshipped the Dragon God three times with a pious face.

I didn't even bother to get up, so I knelt down on the futon and couldn't help looking at it.

He still knows a little about shooting. After all, he has been in the army and can still know the general movements.

Looking at the main points written on the gun manual and the accompanying drawings, I couldn't help but follow them.

It wasn't until the bodyguard outside saw that he was too late to go out and looked for him worriedly that he woke up.

After returning to God, he bowed to the Dragon God, told his sin, and led the guards out of the Dragon Temple.

Carefully put the gun manual into his arms and returned to Fangjia village.

Fang Youwei and Fang Yunping waited for him at the entrance of the village. When they saw his face full of joy, they knew it was done.

He came forward to congratulate him and said: 'Congratulations, young master, you've got your wish. It's just that the younger generation of the family has returned from fighting many wild animals. Let's have a good celebration tonight.'

Shao Yang hugged them and said, 'thank you both. Otherwise, I won't come here, let alone have the opportunity to meet the Dragon God. I'll ask the bodyguard to prepare some good wine. Let's have a good drink tonight.'

'OK, let's not get drunk!'

At this time, I heard a scream in the air!

They all looked up.

Shaoyang was startled. An eagle flew from the air! Hovering over them, I lowered my body from time to time, as if I was going to dive down at any time!

The four bodyguards were tense and subconsciously put their hands on the hilts of knives at their waists, ready to take action at any time.

Seeing that the atmosphere was not right, Fang Yunping hurriedly said: 'this is the eagle in our village. It was raised by Xiaoling alone. It won't hurt anyone. This is elder Ying and an eagle in the temple.'

Shaoyang was in a trance. There was an eagle!

At this time, Xiaoling flew out of Fang Youwei's yard and landed on Fang Youwei's shoulder.

With a proud face, he said to Shaoyang, 'that's my Eagle boss. I tell you, my Eagle boss is awesome!

He defeated the original eagle king at the eagle king ridge on the other side, and now he is the new eagle king!

It needs to manage the eagles over there, so it will come back occasionally. You just went to the main hall of the Dragon God, and you didn't look at the beam, did you?

Its younger brother eagle is squatting on it. '

Shaoyang's face lit up when he heard this. It's really easy to get these two names, but it's quite fun.

Thinking that the eagle circling in the air was actually the eagle king, he felt that his blood was boiling. The eagle king! He saw the eagle king!

Eagle king ridge, he knows!

It should be said that there is no official family who does not know the name of this place!

That is another mountain hundreds of miles away.

The Qingfeng ridge here is a hundred miles away. Yingwang ridge is in the south of Qingfeng ridge, and it can only be reached after crossing a big river.

The reason why he heard about it and said that the families of officials knew it was because of the former Emperor.

During the reign of the former Emperor, Dayan Dynasty emphasized martial arts. In particular, the former Emperor had good martial arts and once led a large army to sweep around the surrounding countries. Xiangyun County was fought down by the former Emperor.

Before that, there were still several small countries.

Later, several generals appointed by the former Emperor defeated the invading Hu people and Yue people again and again, and the popularity of Dayan Dynasty was even greater at that time.

The former Emperor had a hobby. He liked eagles.

He raised several eagles in his bedroom, but he was still not satisfied. He thought that he was the emperor and certainly deserved the best. Even if he raised eagles, he should also raise an eagle king!

Then, in order to flatter the emperor and stand out in front of the emperor, many ministers organized many people to look for him.

At that time, Yingwang ridge was not called Yingwang ridge, but Qianying ridge, which was named after the dense eagles on the ridge.

And every ethnic group will have a leader. Of course, eagles are also eagles. There must be an eagle king!

This is common sense. It is not far from the imperial city. In addition, it is famous, so it has become the first choice of many people.

Many ministers sent people to catch the eagle king and make contributions to the emperor.

In the end, they all returned without success. First, the eagles all lived on the cliffs, and they did not go up at all. Second, even if they went up, they could not fight the eagle king and so many eagles.

Many died under the eagle's sharp claws.

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