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Chapter 191 Shao Jing (subscription)

He took another bold step forward and slowly extended his two hands. The eagle still did not move, but gave him a glance, as if he were impatient.

the two eagles behind turn their heads around, as if looking at the environment of the yard.

when the eagle saw that he was grinding and chirping, he growled impatiently and raised his paw to point to the bamboo tube on his neck.

motioned him to take it away quickly. He was dead tired after hanging all the way. You know, there is no light load on this long way. The bamboo tube and its contents still have some weight.

that is to say, it has been forged by good news. If it is an ordinary eagle, it will be tired!

Shao Jing has confirmed this time. This eagle is really impatient! He reached out and quickly took down the bamboo tube. The eagle also twisted his neck humanely, as if he was tired.

does Shao Jing feel dazed or dreaming? He reached out and rubbed his eyes to make sure that he was not dazzled. He pinched his face again.


then I am not dreaming.

is it the eagle that has become a master!

looking at the man sitting there foolishly, the eagle gurgled again and pointed his paw at the bamboo tube in his hand, which meant to open it quickly.

and Eagle four and Eagle five, who could not help flapping their wings, began to fly around the sheriff's mansion.

the result was a commotion.

there are guards around the sheriff's mansion. Before, they saw these three eagles flying over and falling into the sheriff's yard. They thought that the sheriff was in the study. Even if the eagles fell into the yard, they would not hurt the adults, so they didn't come in to check.

at this time, the two eagles flew up and turned around the sheriff's mansion. I don't know what it means? The guards moved.

the defense of the defense, the report of the report, the sound outside the yard was chaotic for a while.

when the eagle heard the news outside, he was afraid that the two silly eagles would be shot down with arrows. He gave a loud cry.

Shao Jing, who is studying bamboo tubes nearby, is startled.

quickly looked over and saw that there was only one eagle left on the stone table. At this time, he was looking up at the sky and then gave a cry.

the two eagles that flew away at some time came back and landed beside them obediently.

at this time, four guards outside the door came in. One of them shouted 'Sheriff' and rushed in. Then the four people were stunned as soon as they entered the yard. They looked straight at the three eagles falling on the stone table.

the three eagles fell obediently on the stone table and faced the sheriff!

this can't be raised by the sheriff, can it?

I haven't heard of it!

although they followed Shao Jing for a short time, they also followed him all the way from Nanyue city.

if it is raised by adults, shouldn't it follow me early?

whether there were eagles in the sheriff's mansion before. They were the guards of the sheriff's mansion. They should know better. But this is the first time I have seen them.

at this time, Shao Jing said: 'it's all right here. Go outside and watch. I'll call you if anything happens.'

the four of them saw that there was really no danger, and they bowed down after making a courtesy.

as soon as he got outside, he began to murmur with some brothers who were guarding outside, guessing the origin of the three eagles.

Shao Jing doesn't know that his guards are talking outside. At this time, he has opened the oil cloth bag outside the bamboo tube and pulled the rope out, and took out the bamboo tube inside.

when he saw that there was something thick and booklike inside, he put his hand in and took it out carefully.

take it out and unfold it. Looking at the familiar handwriting on it, his heart fell.

this is my brother's handwriting.

took another look at the three eagles sitting on the stone table. He was curious about how his brother had the three eagles deliver the letter for him?

he looked at his hand and found a manual and two letters. The words on the manual were also written by his brother. On it, there were four words, 'six in one shooting method'.

I flipped through it two times, and it turned out to be a gun manual! There are words and pictures in it. However, he just flipped it twice and could not tell whether it was good or bad for the time being.

set his eyes on the two letters again. First, he picked up the thinner one and took out the letter paper. There was only one page inside.

the above does not say the origin of the three eagles, but only that they are only here to deliver letters, and one of them will stay. If there is any urgent matter in the future, you can let them send it back. The reason why there are three is that they came to find the way, and among them is the eagle king of eagle king ridge!

Shao Jing was not only surprised, but also shocked!

how could he not know about the eagle king? This is the eagle king that the former Emperor yearned for!

I didn't expect to be able to deliver a letter for my brother. What's the matter?

if people know this, they will be in great trouble! no way! I must remind my brother that this matter must not be spread!

then he thought that one of them would only stay to deliver urgent letters for himself, and he was happy again.

look at the signature at the bottom of my brother's letter. It took only two days to deliver it. What's the speed! This is more than 3000 Li, and it will take four or five days to get there in 800 Li. I don't know how many horses will die of fatigue!

then he opened the long letter and read it seriously.

when he finished reading the long letter of several pages, he could not help sighing in his heart. My brother really did not know what luck he had taken. It's amazing to meet such a thing.

if he had not seen the humanized performance of the eagle king at the beginning, he would not believe anything.

at this time, the living evidence is here. How did an eagle king who has never left Yingwang ridge find here and recognize him? And delivered it to him exactly?

if it wasn't for the magical power given by the Dragon God's wisdom, he couldn't think of any other reason.

after looking at the gun spectrum, I no longer had the previous carelessness, but held it with shining eyes, like a treasure.

this is given by the Dragon God!

if all their soldiers of Dayan can practice this shooting skill, they will be invincible in the world, and their combat power will definitely be greatly improved!

what are you afraid of!

if they dare to commit it again, they will be told that there is no return!

let them stay here forever. What's more, they can go to each other's nest and directly expand the territory of Dayan!

thinking of this, he looked at the Dragon God portrait sandwiched in the book.

Yes, Shaoyang didn't bring the micro sculpture of the Dragon God, mainly because he was afraid that the water was too heavy and the eagle king could not move it.

instead, he directly sent the portrait that Yang Chengsi had painted before. The portrait was beautifully painted and specially colored. Compared with the statue, it certainly didn't have that three-dimensional feeling, but it was not bad.

Shao Jing was also shocked when she saw this portrait for the first time.

this portrait is really powerful. Although it is a small one, it can be imagined how shocking it would be if it was molded into a large statue of God.

the younger brother said to build a temple for the Dragon God, which is certainly no problem.

he has a lot of waste to do here, and the imperial court will send people to build some basic facilities.

and it is often dry here. Isn't it normal to build a dragon god temple...

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