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Chapter 197 Who smashed the court? (subscription required)

The whole family was shocked by the bamboo tube that appeared out of thin air. It was the Yang family's aunt who was old and experienced and reacted quickly.

took the bamboo tube, thanked Xiaoling and fed it directly to Uncle Yang.

after drinking the water, the old man's face was not so red, but he still had some fever. After a while, his face returned to normal.

everyone breathed a sigh of relief and looked at the bamboo tube and Xiaoling on the table in surprise.

Xiao Ling came to deliver the letter, and also said that there was a dragon temple built there, and the incense was in full swing. They always thought that it was well publicized by the people of the Fang family. In addition, Xiao Ling, who can talk, won the trust of so many pilgrims.

I didn't expect the holy water given by the Dragon God to be so miraculous!

when Xiaoling returned to Fangjia village, she not only brought back a letter, but also many thank-you gifts.

said that Yang Chengsi should go to the temple to thank the Dragon God on behalf of his family.

although Xiao Ling said it was ok, there were still some worries here, especially Yang Chengsi. If Fang Youwei didn't go to the county to study every day, he would want to go back.

but Fang Youwei also said that he didn't have to go to the county again from the new year to the fifth day of the lunar new year. He could send Yang Chengsi back. During this period, I had to work hard for Xiaoling to run a few more times. Fortunately, Xiaoling is very fast and can arrive in more than an hour.

Xiao Ling has also put holy water there for several times to deliver letters. Uncle Yang's illness has basically recovered. However, they also said in their letter that if the weather is cold and the road is slippery, they should not go back and forth. Older people still put their health first.

Fang Youwei originally wanted Yang Chengsi to go to a private school with Fang Zhiyuan and his family.

however, Yang Chengsi is not interested in reading. He only likes wood carving. Moreover, when he was in town, he also went to a private school and had been enlightened. Generally, he could write letters or anything.

it's not necessary to learn from a group of children again. He's too embarrassed.

in this way, there is no need to force others to do something.

of course, Fang Youwei here was appointed as the guard of the county seat, and he also learned about it in his letter. Yang's family is very happy for him. This is a change of court, and he will be an official in the future...

Yang Chengsi saw that the ink was almost dry, folded the letter, put it in a bamboo tube, and waited for Xiaoling to deliver it tomorrow.

packed up the pen, ink, paper and inkstone, walked out of the room with Jiayin's small hand, and took his own carving tools and wood that had been divided into sizes.

he has never stopped carving the dragon god statue. Now he is skilled in the craft, and the more he carves, the better.

the reason why it is still carved is that many people who have worshipped the Dragon God can't help but ask one of them to come home and offer it after seeing the miniature dragon god statue placed in the back room.

although there is no magic effect in the temple, after all, only when we ask in the temple can there be holy water out of thin air.

but inviting the Dragon God home can also be regarded as a psychological sustenance. It's also good to ask the Dragon God if you have nothing to do.

for this reason, good news also has a lot of merit and golden light, because as long as something good happens, they will naturally put it on the blessing of the Dragon God, thank the Dragon God, and receive merit and golden light.

this made Jiayin happy for a long time and showed off to his father several times.

Ao Zhan also specifically told his daughter not to go too far. After all, there is no spiritual energy in the world. If we only rely on spiritual water, we can cure some weak and sickly people with sore backs and legs. Real serious diseases will not work.

we should pay attention not to be too mysterious. If it is too mysterious, let the emperor know. We must not come here to beg for immortality!

after all, no emperor does not want to live forever, so we should guard against this and try not to expose ourselves.

the illusory Dragon God can only be feared. If you know that this is all done by your own little dragon, it's hard to say that no one will be tempted.

at that time, some people will have ambitions. What if they want to arrest their little dragons.

although I'm not worried about her getting hurt, what if?

after all, our little dragons are still young and do not understand the dangers of people's hearts.

if the other party deceives her, or if the employer's family threatens her, she will be taken in.

after listening to his father's advice, Jia Yin promised that he would be more careful in doing things in the future. He didn't even show his great strength.

Shaoyang has lived here for more than ten days, and has not found the difference of Jiayin, except that Xiaoling still has two eagles.

of course, this is also due to the fact that the people of the Fang family are not talkative and do not talk about everything.

... I'm the dividing line...

on that day, Fang Zhiyuan and Yang Chengsi, the good news, baked sweet potatoes in the yard.

this sweet potato is planted here. It has just been harvested for a short time.

it doesn't snow here in winter, so we can still grow food and vegetables, so we don't need to worry about food shortage.

however, it was not warm, and the children could not go into the mountains or catch small fish in the ditch, so they had to toss around at home.

the three of them set up a small earthen stove in the yard. They burned firewood and threw some sweet potatoes into it. They could also bake and play, killing three birds with one stone.

although it can be baked in the kitchen stove, it's a child! I still like to build a small stove by myself, as if it's made in this way and tastes more sweet.

when Yang Chengsi saw that the sweet potatoes were almost ripe, he pulled out the firewood that had been burned into carbon and buried it in the earth to put out the fire on it, so that he could burn it again.

then pull the roasted sweet potato aside with a wooden stick and let it dry. When it is not hot, it can be eaten by younger brothers and sisters.

Fang Zhiyuan and Jiayin are waiting eagerly after smelling the sweet and attractive taste.

suddenly, the second Eagle flew back quickly. Before he entered the yard, he said to Jiayin: 'Jiayin! Jiayin! Some people dressed strangely came to the temple, saying that our dragon temple is a devious way! Xiaoling and the people in the temple have quarreled with them!'

upon hearing the good news, his divine consciousness swept over him directly and said to the second eagle in his mind: 'I know. You don't have to worry. I won't let them make trouble.'

'OK, I'll go back.' The second Eagle didn't trust Xiaoling and flew back quickly.

the second eagle of local chronicles foresight flew around the yard and left. Jiayin's little fat face suddenly became serious and asked with concern: 'Jiayin, what's the matter?'

Jiayin is looking at the Dragon Temple with her divine sense. When she hears Fang Zhiyuan's question, she replies wholeheartedly: 'it's OK. I suddenly have a stomachache and want to go to the thatched cottage.'

with that, he ran to the thatched cottage in the corner.

Fang Zhiyuan blinks and looks at his cousin.

Yang Chengsi shook his head with a smile. 'It's OK. I think I've come to make room for baked sweet potatoes.'

Fang Zhiyuan chuckled.

this is not the first time. As soon as Jiayin has delicious food, he runs to the thatched cottage first, saying that he wants to make room for delicious food, which makes the family laugh and cry.

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