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Chapter 2 Broken boundary bead

'Father, what on earth is this for?' Ao Jiayin looks at her father curiously, waiting for his answer.

Ao Zhan put down his hand covering his chest, rubbed it in front of him and said, 'Jiayin, this is not fun. Would you like to exchange it for something else?'

little dragon cub shook his head. 'No! I like it as soon as I see it. I like its color. It suits me too much!' You know, she is a pale gold five clawed Golden Dragon. This bead is just like her dragon bead.

Ao Zhan sighed and said helplessly, 'since you like it, my father will give it to you, but you can't play with it. You'd better put it away. This is the most precious boundary breaking pearl in the fairy world. There are only three in the whole fairy world, one in the Heavenly Emperor of Lingshan and the other in the Western Buddhist region. My father, I got one by chance, but I can't throw it away...'

Ao Jiayin looked around with the bead and didn't see how precious it was, 'What is this for?'

'through this bead, you can break through the barriers of time and space and travel through 3000 worlds.' Ao Zhan popularizes science to his family.

Ao Jiayin's eyes lit up, 'Wow! Then I can go to many worlds to play, right? I can go wherever I want!'

Ao Zhan shook his head. 'It takes energy to open this bead. The main energy comes from merit. Only by collecting merits from one world can we travel through time and space. However, merits from one world are not so easy to collect. It takes at least ten thousand people to save or benefit ten thousand people before we can collect enough energy for a journey.'

Ao Jiayin hears it in the fog. She knows that saving thousands of people is to save others' lives. What does it mean to benefit thousands of people?

Ao Zhan didn't understand her, so he had to explain it to her, 'If you want to save the lives of 10000 people, you can receive merits directly or indirectly. If you want to let tens of thousands of people receive benefits from you, you can eat, wear, live and travel. As long as you make them feel that they have received your benefits, you can also have merits by sincerely thanking you. Alas, I tell you why you are so careful? You can't go. You have to grow up before you want to travel around the world. If you go like you, you won't do anything Yes, I won't starve myself to death! '

Ao Jiayin tooted her mouth and looked at her father angrily,' I don't know anything! I can read and practice now. My mother has praised me! '

Ao Zhan glanced sideways at her, and his face was full of disbelief.' you said you knew the characters, so you wrote your father's name and your own name. '

' er... 'Little Dragon cub pursed his mouth and pointed to his fingers.' our family name is too difficult to write. I can write my cousin's name! '

Ao Zhan hissed,' yes, I heard from your cousin. Your cousin's name is Fengtian. What you wrote is fenggan! '

little dragon cub continues to sophisticate,' that's about the same! It looks like it's easy to be wrong... '

' Alas! I won't tell my father. I'm going back. 'Then she went back to her palace with short legs.

Jiayin's palace is called Qingyun palace, which was taken by her grandfather, the king of the Phoenix family. The furnishings inside can be said to be magnificent. They were all collected by the Phoenix family and Beihai dragon palace.

Jiayin sat on the ground covered with snow cloud spirit sheep felt, carefully studied the broken boundary beads in her hand, and tried to probe into them with the power of the spirit. She found that there was a small space in the middle. There was a shining door with many small characters carved on it. Most of her didn't know (=u=)

'this space is too small, isn't it? It's not as big as my space. It won't be full of bright crystals...' she murmured.

sacred animals like the dragon and Phoenix have their own space in their bodies. The space will also expand with their growth. As a young dragon like Jiayin, the space is only 100 meters long and wide. As an adult dragon like her father, the space in her body has become a small world...

Warm prompt: This site's novels come from the Internet, You can search [Go through the ancient times to escape from famine, and take the time gate with you] online and go to the source website for reading.