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Chapter 20 Find water

Jiayin took it to her eyes and looked carefully. Is this ginseng so small?

she remembered that there was a thousand year old purple ginseng king in her father's treasure house, which was about the size of her whole arm.

you should know that Jiayin's arms are as fat as turnips.

she has never seen such a small ginseng.

Fang Youwei explained: 'this ginseng is still small. It is estimated that it has been around for more than ten years. The more years ginseng has, the better its medicinal properties will be. However, although it is small, it can also play a role in Tonifying Qi.'

Jiayin nodded, 'Oh, the villain shenzai, who is only ten years old, can't complain about being so small.'

after knowing that this is a good thing, Jiayin and fangzhiyuan looked around carefully to see if they could still find it.

as a result, I haven't seen it any more. It is estimated that this is the only tree here.

Fang Youwei thinks more. Since there is a small tree here, the place where ginseng really grows should also be in this mountain.

wait until it stabilizes. He can go inside to find it.

if there are Centennial ginseng with many years, they can be sold to the county or the medicine shop in the county city. It is said that they can sell a lot of money.

'the grass can't fit. Let's hurry back. Your grandma and mother are still waiting for us there. They will be worried if they go back too late.'

Fang Youwei is quick to put the grass into the back basket until it can no longer be stuffed.

Fang Youwei said, 'next time, let's bring another basket with us, which is specially used to hold grass for six.'

six heard this and gave him a loud snort.

every day, the water level slowly faded due to the sun exposure. However, the puddles near them also dried up.

there is no place to draw water. Cooking and drinking water have become problems. Because they used to put a lot of charcoal in the puddle to purify the water, they always took water from the puddle for cooking and drinking.

they dare not drink the water on the road outside. They don't know whether there are dead animals in the water.

on that day, in addition to going to the trap, they went to the deep mountain to see if they could find a stream or spring.

after all, the deep mountains and forests are lush. It should be because there is water.

they did not blindly look for it, but followed six.

Liu took them straight ahead. After walking for an hour, they came to a secret hill.

it has lush vegetation and pleasant scenery. In the middle of the hill, there is a stream more than ten feet wide!

this stream flows from the stone crevices on the cliff from a distance. It is extremely clear. The stones at the bottom of the water have been washed smooth and round. It seems that this stream should have a head here.

Fang Youwei filled several bamboo tubes and water bags he was carrying with water, and did not stop. He hurried back.

fangzhiyuan said, 'Dad, if you come here every day to fetch water, is it a little too far? It's so beautiful here, or we'd better move here?'

Fang Youwei shook his head. 'Just make peace for another two days, and we can go back to the village. The road outside is muddy now. After two days of exposure, the road should be smooth.

then we can go back to the village and have a look. If the water in the village has receded, we can go back to live.'

fangzhiyuan let out a lost 'Oh'. He sat on the donkey's back and was unwilling to look back at the quiet Hill.

Jiayin is chatting with Liuyi.

good news: 'is this where your ethnic group lives?'

6: 'no, this is the secret base I found. I used to come here to play with a donkey. Where our group lives, we have to go so far.'

good news: 'it seems that there are no other wild animals here to drink water?'

six: 'there is a pool on the rock cliff. They all drink water there.'

Jiayin nodded, 'so it is. The place you are looking for is really good.'

Liu was praised and shook his tail happily.

when he went back, Fang Youwei deliberately cut down the small trees and branches with a machete to build a path, so that it would be easier to walk next time.

it's a long time to come out today. By the time I get back to my residence, the sun will be setting.

they set out in the morning and come back now. Fortunately, I took some dry food when I left. I ate some on the way, otherwise I would be hungry.

when they came back, old lady Yang and Li sighed with relief, 'you have finally come back. It has taken so long to go. Have you found water?'

Fang Youwei pointed to the bamboo tube on his body and said, 'yes, there is a stream in a mountain depression.'

put several bamboo tubes hanging on your body, Another water bag took it down and said, 'I looked. There are no footprints of animals nearby. There should be a pool nearby. Those animals drink from the pool.

the stream is not wide, but it is very clear. I tasted it. It is much better than the water in the puddle. It is clear and sweet.

Let's stay here for another two days. If the road is muddy and dry, let's go back to the village. After so many days of blistering, the house must have collapsed. It is estimated that it will be rebuilt... '

Warm prompt: This site's novels come from the Internet, You can search [Go through the ancient times to escape from famine, and take the time gate with you] online and go to the source website for reading.