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Chapter 200 Tianding import (subscription required)

Why Huihui suddenly didn't let Liuliu get close to her? Jiayin was a little puzzled, so she just asked Huihui directly.

so Jiayin directly used her divine consciousness to convey to Huihui: 'Huihui, what's wrong with you? What's wrong with you?'

Huihui was stunned when she heard the good news. Then he replied, 'no discomfort, I'm fine.'

Jia Yin frowned doubtfully, 'how can you tell Liu Liu that you are uncomfortable and still keep Liu Liu away from you?'

Huihui knew it when she heard the words. It seems that the silly donkey talked nonsense with the good news. He said it. How can a good news suddenly ask his body.

'no discomfort. I have a baby in my stomach. Did Liu Liu tell you that I ignored it and wouldn't let it near?'

Jiayin nodded, 'yes, it said you kicked it with your hooves. I was wondering if you were tired of it and sad!'

Huihui: '...

said helplessly:' I'm pregnant. I can't let it close. What if I hurt the baby donkey in my stomach? '

Jiayin doesn't understand this, but she still relayed it to Liu Liu.

Liuliu was stunned at first, and then the two originally large donkey eyes stared like copper bells. The four hooves jumped upside down and began to circle around in the same place for fun...

Fang Zhiyuan, who was beside him, was startled. He quickly ran to pull the good news away and protect himself behind him. He looked at Liuliu with an alert face, fearing that Liuliu would hurt them suddenly.

said: 'what's the matter with Liuliu? Why are you suddenly agitated?'

the good news stall has a small fat hand, which means that she doesn't know. She can't tell brother Zhiyuan directly that she's happy to be a father on June 6, right?

is this what she, a five or six-year-old child, can know?

however, feeling the excitement and joy from the heart of Liuliu, Jiayin could not help but show a sweet smile.

at the same time, a man suddenly ran into the Dragon Temple in a panic.

shouted: 'sixth aunt! Sixth aunt! Go home quickly, someone will start it! It's going to be born!'

the old lady who was called sixth aunt got up quickly. Maybe she got up too hard and almost fell down!

fortunately, the people next to her had quick eyes and quick hands, and reached out to help her.

these six aunts are Fang Youhui's aunts. Fang Youhui's parents died when she was young. She has always been raised in her uncle's house and was raised by her as her own son.

after a while, he ran to the village without getting dark.

good news is the first time I met a mortal. Curiously, I pulled Fang Zhiyuan back together.

of course, her divine consciousness has already been swept back.

I saw Xu Hong lying on the Kang with her stomach bigger than watermelon in her hands, screaming with pain.

in the winter, I have sweated all over my head, and my whole face is red, which shows how painful it is.

Jiayin was startled by Xu Hong's grinning expression of pain. She was worried. Is it so painful for ordinary people to have children?

looking at Xu Hong's pain, she wanted to roll, but she was afraid of hurting her stomach. She had to gasp and shake her head back and forth. She dared not look at the good news, and quickly withdrew her consciousness.

however, before recovering her divine consciousness, she still placed a bamboo tube with diluted spirit water beside Xu Hong's pillow, hoping to help her alleviate some pain.

only when Fang Youhui was in a hurry, she didn't notice the sudden bamboo tube at all. Xu Hong was also a little confused with pain.

I only know that it hurts, and my bones hurt all over my body, especially my waist, which seems to be torn off! The stomach seems to be breaking, and the child in the stomach is falling and standing up!

Xu Hong couldn't help opening her mouth and retching a few times. It seemed that she wanted to spit out the pain. She wanted to get up, but the pain was too weak.

can only endure the pain helplessly and lie flat. Gradually, my eyes are blurred...

at this time, aunt Fang Liu and several middle-aged women rushed in, first looked at Xu Hong's situation, pushed her shoulder, and said: 'Xiao Hong, Xiao Hong! Wake up, we can't sleep now. We have to give birth to the child...'

the sister-in-law who followed in later saw that Fang might still be in the house, Lian hurriedly said: 'there will be a meeting. Go out quickly. This delivery room is not where you stay. Don't worry, there are your aunt and us here. Go out quickly!'

Fang youyou will know this tradition, but he is still worried and looks at Xu Hong anxiously.

Xu Honggang was called back by Aunt Fang Liu. There was no time to comfort him at all. Now he is frowning, closing his eyes tightly, and enduring another wave of pain.

several women pushed Fang Youhui out of the room and closed the door.

Aunt Liu began to command, boiling water, scalding scissors, and lifting the mattress at one end of the Kang, leaving only the straw mat, and then laying the clean straw mat that had been smoked before.

lift Xu Hong up and move her onto the grass mat, and put a quilt on her.

Xu Hong has become weak with pain and is completely at their disposal.

at this time, aunt Fang found the bamboo tube beside the pillow.

although the size and thickness of the bamboo tube are different every time, the seal on the top is the same, tightly sealed, and there is no leakage when it is placed upside down. At a glance, it is the holy water given by the Dragon God!

Aunt Fang Liu was so happy that she quickly picked up the bamboo tube and opened it. She came close to Xu Hong's mouth and whispered: 'Xiao Hong, this is the holy water given by the Dragon God. Drink it quickly, and it won't hurt so much. Don't worry now. With the blessing of the Dragon God, you can definitely have a healthy fat boy!'

at this time, the pain just passed, and Xu Hong had some breathing opportunities. Hearing what aunt Fang Liu said, Xu Hong gasped and slowly opened her eyes, holding her hand to open her pale lips.

seeing that she opened her mouth, aunt Fang Liu hurried forward to the bamboo tube and fed the water in her mouth.

first, she reluctantly took a sip. After swallowing, Xu Hong felt cool for a while, as if she really had some strength.

he drank the rest in one gulp. After drinking, his strength seemed to come back. Although the pain was still there, he didn't feel the powerlessness he had just felt.

seeing that her face was much better, the experienced sister-in-law lifted the quilt and looked at it and said, 'Xiao Hong, don't try hard now. I'm afraid the birth canal hasn't opened yet. You can save some energy.'

as soon as aunt Fang Liu heard this, she said, 'Xiao Hong, listen to your third sister-in-law. She has experience in delivering babies. Take advantage of this time, aunt Fang will cook some noodles for you. It will be more smooth to eat noodles.'

hearing this, Xu Hong suddenly felt hungry. I had a slight pain in my stomach after breakfast in the morning, but it was not so obvious at the beginning. It was only after the pain became severe that I thought that I might have a baby, so I let my man go out and call someone.

it's past noon now. In addition, I've consumed a lot of energy because of my stomachache, and my hunger is even more obvious.

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