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Chapter 206 Practice together (reward 'little Robbie' by 1)

In fact, it's good to collect a small snake. At least it has some blood relationship with their dragon family. Although it's a long time ago, it can be regarded as a relative of hers here.

then said to green bamboo: 'my name is Ao Jiayin. Come here and I'll pass on my kung fu to you with my mind, so that you can practice.'

then said to it: 'you can practice in it first. If you're bored, you can come out. It's not easy for others to find you curled up in my pocket.'

the little green snake green bamboo nodded the snake's head, 'I know, sister, I will practice obediently.'

said that, he ran to the top of the jewelry shelf, put it there, and began to breathe in the spirit of the space.

because the spirit of Jiayin always cultivates with spirit stone here, the concentration of spirit in the boundary breaking bead space is very high. Although it is not comparable to the divine world, it is also comparable to the secret land of the general cultivation world.

Jiayin retreated when she saw that she had begun to practice quietly.

after going out, he used his divine consciousness to explore the snake cave before. This time, he dared not go into people's eggs again.

there are also some snake eggs, which should be later produced. Most of the rest have broken shells, and many broken eggshells are spread on the ground. Countless one foot long snakes are playing together.

seeing that they all have no long horns and are normal, I was relieved to take back my divine consciousness.

after a period of time, Jiayin went into space to practice when she was OK. The time of each practice is also lengthened, because I am no longer alone, and there are also people... No, there are snakes to accompany me.

because she has been practicing for a long time, the aura in the boundary breaking bead space is stronger. Little green bamboo has made great progress in cultivation.

because of the Dragon Temple, and the set of shooting techniques given to Shaoyang, Jiayin's merits and gold sources are endless.

she didn't hurt herself at all, and directly changed from a low-grade spirit stone to a medium grade spirit stone.

the golden light of merit has already broken ten thousand, but she can't leave now. Simply exchange it for a Chinese spirit stone, which will make more progress in cultivation.

now Jiayin's divine sense can be explored further, occasionally to Yang Chengsi's family.

because Yang Chengsi, her favorite little cousin, is here, she often goes there to check if there is anything wrong with them.

then she found that Yang Chengsi was still carving her body image.

and some people even bought it there. Although there is no dragon temple over there, and I don't know if it is a dragon god statue, many people think that the statue is powerful and domineering. If they like it, they bought it back home, but it's not like offering it here. It's just three incense sticks sooner or later.

after scanning the good news, I found that most of them really liked it and collected it on the Bogu shelf.

Jiayin thought that she should not let others like her for nothing, but also give something back, so she secretly dropped a few drops of spiritual water in the water tanks of those companies.

although they do not have the spirit water in the bamboo tube she gave them, the concentration is high and the effect is fast, but they can also improve their bodies and will not be weak and sickly.

one of them spent all his silver in order to buy her statue.

Yes, the statues carved by Yang Chengsi are very expensive. Each statue costs 50 liang of silver.

this is the price set in Fangjia village, because the patriarch said that people would not cherish things if they came for nothing or were too cheap.

and the statue that cost 50 liang of silver to invite back will certainly be well offered.

I also think the good news is very reasonable.

Yang Chengsi carried this out to the end and returned to Xiangyun Town to carve a statue of God, which is still so expensive to sell.

and he will also tell others about the Dragon Temple. He will introduce to others that this is the statue of the Dragon God, which is exactly the same as the statue of the God offered in the Dragon Temple. The reason why it is so expensive is that he is afraid of destroying and discarding it at will after buying it back. That is disrespectful to the Dragon God.

if there is something you really like or believe, you will buy it back. If you don't believe or don't look up to it, you can't say if you don't buy it.

the reason Jiayin knew that there would be no money after she bought the statue was because the man's wife was quarrelling with him when she went there.

what's the use of complaining that he spent all his money and bought back such a thing? I'm going to have trouble at home.

although Jiayin was a little angry, she said she was a toy, but it was really miserable after thinking about it.

even spent the money to buy rice in order to get back his statue.

so Jiayin had an idea and put two pieces of silver in front of her statue. They're all those twelve one ingots.

the woman who was quarreling suddenly got stuck, because she just pointed at the statue and scolded her man.

in the end, two ingots of silver appeared out of thin air!

she took back her hand, rubbed her eyes vigorously, and then opened it to see that the silver was still there! I'm not blind!

pushed the despondent man next to him, 'I'm in charge! I'm in charge!'

the man was stunned. Didn't he say that he was a dead ghost just now? Why are you in charge again? Isn't that what your daughter-in-law calls when she's happy?

are you mad at your daughter-in-law?

looking up carefully, I saw that my daughter-in-law's face seemed happy and sad, crying and laughing, and my heart was pounding. It was over! It's crazy!

the woman saw that he looked at herself stupidly and did not respond. She pushed him again.

'in charge of the family, this is really the Dragon God! You really invited me! Alas, I didn't expect it to be a real dragon god!'

ran to the table, picked up two silver ingots, put them in his mouth and bit them.

'it's real, it's real silver, ha ha.'

just laughed twice and hurriedly kept silent. He looked around. This can't be spread. What if it's missed by others?

the man looked at the two ingots of silver in his daughter-in-law's hand and didn't react for a moment.

after a while, he thought about what his wife had said before. He slowly turned his head and looked at the wooden statue on the table.

look at the statue and the silver in her daughter-in-law's hand. After looking back and forth several times, she said, 'is this really... Given by the Dragon God?'

his daughter-in-law nodded like a chicken pecking rice. 'That's right, that's right. I just watched the silver appear...'

thinking of something, I quickly knelt on the ground and kowtowed to the statue. She said: 'don't blame me for anything. Don't blame me for anything. My daughter-in-law was blinded by excrement and didn't know the Dragon God. I just had a lot of offenses. Please atone for it. Please forgive me.'

murmured and kowtowed several times.

Jiayin feels more comfortable. That's right. How can we say she's something?

the man was grabbed by the woman and knelt down. 'Thank you to the Dragon God. The Dragon God must have heard me say before that the money in the family was spent and he could not take the pot, so he would give two ingots of silver.'

this is twenty Liang! My god?

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