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Chapter 211 The next emperor (subscription required)

Before returning to Beijing to reply, the third prince secretly went to the Dragon Temple.

donated more than 1000 liang of silver notes to the temple.

and quietly promised in front of the statue that he would do his best to protect the Dragon Temple and prevent people with evil intentions from disturbing it.

after the third prince returned to Beijing, he went to report the results of the investigation to his father.

'I'd like to inform my father that my son and I were ordered to go to Nanyue county to investigate the Dragon God Temple.

after many days of open and secret investigation, I found that there was nothing unusual about the temple, but that it was exaggerated by the people.

as for the holy water for curing various diseases, it was nonsense.

there was a woman who was skilled in medicine. She sat in the Dragon Temple and treated the people free of charge, because the prescription she gave was stronger and the effect was faster.'

the officials who followed me also echoed.

as for their secret inquiries, those who said that holy water appeared out of thin air, ha ha, and those who said that they had asked for it several times but had nothing!

if they don't see it, they can't believe it.

and those who spread these words outside, they also secretly checked that they had never been to the Dragon Temple, which was just hearsay.

those brothers who were waiting to catch the third prince's pigtail lost interest after hearing this.

originally, they thought that if nothing was found out, they would impeach him on the grounds that he was incompetent and incompetent.

or he really finds out what gods, ghosts and ghosts are, or he can be said to bewitch the public and confuse the court in order to slander his image in the heart of his father.

I didn't expect the result to be like this. Although the Dragon Temple is not as magical as it is rumored, it does benefit the people.

Moreover, the other party is not a cult organization that preaches any religious teachings, and there is no way to deal with them.

therefore, the matter was left unresolved.

let's go back to Fangjia village.

after Jiayin sensed that the three princes and their party had left, she followed them with her divine sense and went all the way into the palace. Finally, she saw the legendary emperor.

after a careful look at his luck, he is in decline. It is estimated that the throne will change in a few years.

she will not think that this self styled real dragon is of the same race as her.

she had already asked her father that this was just the way that the emperor of the world thought up to fool the people in order to better concentrate power.

the real dragon and the emperor are all self styled. At most, he has more luck than others. And this luck is connected with the national luck. Once the country decays, these will disappear.

after listening to the third prince's report to the emperor, he was very satisfied with the good news.

felt that his explanation was very up to the mark. He thought about how he would reply to the emperor's investigation results. He didn't expect that others had already thought about it.

and the explanation is very reasonable.

he really deserves to be the next emperor. No, it should be said that he is the candidate for the next Mingjun. He really does everything. After

, life is back on track.

the donkey baby of the Liuliu family has been born for a few months. It is also a little black donkey. It looks the same as the liu61 model. It is simply a replica of Liuliu.

66 named it noisy.

because it is too noisy, it runs around all day and jumps up and down.

not like a little donkey, but like a little monkey, climbing mountains or trees.

although he only climbed on the relatively low branches, it also scared Liuliu and Huihui.

Jiayin thinks that liuliugui's acquisition of this name may make her son more and more uneasy.

after all, many times people are just like their names, and it's normal for donkeys to be like their names.

since it is so noisy, it should be called quiet instead.

give it a name called Nao. Isn't it getting louder and louder?

look how good her name is. Xiao Ling is becoming more and more clever now.

green bamboo... Of course, green bamboo was taken by my father, but now it is really growing more and more green. You can't see it hiding in the bamboo bushes. How much the name is pasted.

and Huihui, she took it. She is virtuous and smart, and it matches the color of her body very well.

however, it's too late to change it now. The little donkey has decided that this is his own name and is ready to carry it forward.

I run all over the temple when I have nothing to do. Every morning, I climb to the rockery and 'hold my voice high'.

robbed the rooster of all his work.

now it's still Eagle two, Xiao Ling and green bamboo. They sit in the temple in shifts.

once in a while, they can have a rest and go out to play.

but the elder eagle is relatively busy. In addition to managing the eagles on the other side of Yingling, he has to go to Qiyang County every three or five days.

because the Dragon God Temple over there has been built, it can't be guarded there. When people ask for it, it doesn't work. Isn't the merit and gold of good news gone?

it is worth mentioning that Jiayin's divine consciousness can now be extended far, at least within a thousand miles.

the whole capital can be covered. Although it is not far from the capital, the capital is big, even Nanyue county is covered, which is almost a thousand miles.

this is the result of one year's cultivation with the top-grade spirit stone. God's consciousness has improved rapidly, and he has also grown a little taller.

as for Qiyang County, although it is said that it is more than 3000 Li, it is still said that the straight-line distance is about 1000 Li.

good news twisted the divine consciousness into a line to explore the past, and it happened to reach the southeast of Qiyang County, where the dragon temple was.

under Shao Jing's rule, the population of Qiyang Commandery has gradually increased in the past two years.

there are those who have been exiled in various places in the past, and there are also those who have moved to the past because the surrounding people are unhappy in their local life.

there is a lot of free land and a small population over there. The imperial court also gives subsidies. Many people go there.

in addition, as long as there is a slight drought over there, Shao Jing will take people to the temple to pray, and the good news will bring rain for the other side, which can be called good weather.

because good news often rains there, the rain in the south is not as much as before.

is some light rain, and there are few heavy rains that cause flash floods.

because the good news has moved part of the rain here to rain there, so that we can kill two birds with one stone, reduce floods here and eliminate droughts there.

in the past two years, although the whole Dayan is not as peaceful as the country and the people, it has really enjoyed good weather.

these days, boss Ying went to Qiyang County to take charge again. He told Jiayin that Shaoyang was coming back. He was going to start on the same day as Shaoyang.

the good news makes me wonder. The eagle can fly back in one day. What's the difference? Does it want to go with Shaoyang for a month or two?

because Shao Jing, as a sheriff, could not leave Qiyang Commandery at will, and the Yue and Hu people were watching all the time, small moves were frequent.

Shao Jing has never dared to take her family over and has no time to return.

but this is not a problem in the long run, so the old Sheriff Shao sent his second son to escort his sister-in-law and nephew.

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