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Chapter 214 Restoration of Yao Kingdom (subscription required)

More than a hundred years ago, Xiangyun Commandery was still a small country with the name of Yao.

there were originally several tribes in the era, namely, Xia, Liang, Bai, MI and Yao.

later, the Yao people produced a high priest, who excelled in poison and medicine.

then the pattern changed, and gradually all the tribes followed the Yao horse.

the Yao people became stronger and stronger, and they were not willing to settle in one corner. They unified several tribes and established the country as the emperor.

the first emperor of Yao was the high priest.

although the state of Yao is not big, the surrounding countries dare not underestimate it, because their poison skills can reach thousands of troops.

later, the founding emperor died, and the five sons under his knee all had good poison skills, and none of them would accept it. Therefore, the state of Yao quickly fell into civil unrest.

while the five heirs were fighting fiercely, other tribes took the opportunity to pull the Five Heirs into their camps. In the end, the Yao kingdom fell apart after only one generation.

became five tribes again, and the five successors, except the Yao, were all killed by the design of each tribe.

at this time, it happened that Dayan's national strength was strong, and the former Emperor was wise and powerful. He directly drove and personally led the troops to recover it.

since then, the five tribes have subordinated to the Dayan Dynasty and established Xiangyun Commandery there.

in order to show mercy, the late emperor sent some soldiers there, and all the governors in the past dynasties were local people.

the governors of this generation are Yao people.

I'm afraid that the beans heard by Uncle Fang Youwei are true. This person is training troops to make drugs, and it's very likely that he wants to restore the Yao state.

this is really a wave that has not been leveled yet. The Hu people of Yue people have not stopped, and the Yao people here have made trouble again!

and this side is even more difficult!

I don't know whether these Yao people have practiced the most terrible insect repellent skill of the high priest in those years.

when the high priest proclaimed himself Emperor, there was no obstruction from neighboring countries.

but countries that sent troops to obstruct were shocked.

the high priest can drive poisonous insects to attack secretly. Tens of thousands of soldiers died under poisonous insects before they entered the battlefield!

later, Dayan accepted several tribes, including the Yao people, because although the five successors could poison, they did not inherit the insect repellent skill.

Shaoyang told Fang Youwei what he thought. Fang Youwei was relieved when he heard it. He was not as worried as before.

said to Shaoyang: 'if it's just this kind of poisonous insect, it's not a crisis. It's easier for us to deal with it. It's harder to fight each other.'

Shaoyang was shocked when he heard what he said. 'Brother Youwei, how do you say that?'

Fang Youwei said: 'we have the Dragon God.'

Shaoyang looks at him and quickly reacts.

Yes! They have dragon gods now!

if the other party uses this magic to drive poisonous insects, they just need to ask the Dragon God for help.

I heard Xiaoling say before that the Dragon God can't take part in human wars and hurt innocent mortals.

but this kind of magic should not be included.

if the Yao people want to be independent, there will inevitably be a war. But the Yao people, together with the other four tribes, have a total population of less than one twentieth of that of the Yan Dynasty, which is not a cause for fear.

the only cards they fear are those poisonous insects.

in this way, as long as they ask the Dragon God to kill those poisonous insects, the other side has no chance of winning.

there are thousands of soldiers in Dayan. How many are the Yao people? Even in Xiangyun County, more than half of them are also Yanren. Without the blessing of poisonous insects, it is very difficult to rebel.

Shaoyang heaved a sigh of relief at the thought of this.

however, we should also be wary of their alliance with foreign countries.

after all, Xiangyun Commandery is separated by a mountain range by the state of Xiao, which is not weak and is good at Mountain Warfare. Because most of their people live in mountain dwellings.

and there is no exchange between the two countries, which is considered a state of hostility.

in the past few years, there was a flood in the South and a drought in the north, and several surrounding countries were eyeing it covetously.

only when the Vietnamese launched a war, it was because they were also attacked by drought and could not survive, so they took the risk to invade the south.

if it weren't for the good weather in the past two years and the recovery of Dayan, it's sure that the surrounding countries would also take action.

after all, it is a well-known fact that this generation of emperors attach importance to Literature and light weapons. If the imperial court does not change its current way of governing the country, I am afraid that there will be no generals to send in case of war in a few years.

Shaoyang doesn't know. In fact, the third prince has started to learn the 'Vajra palm' given to him by Jiayin. When he ascends the throne in the future, he will certainly improve the status of martial artists and generals in the court.

only then will Dayan be at its strongest.

however, this is a later story. After all, the current emperor is still in office, so we must kill him anyway.

since those poisonous insects are not enough to be afraid of, there is a solution to this matter.

Shaoyang will not stay any longer, and will report to his father directly to the county.

even if the poisonous insects are solved, we must guard against them.

didn't go to Fangjia village and hurried back to the county.

Fang Youwei didn't tell his family about this matter. After all, it's still far away from here, and there are already solutions. There is no need to let everyone worry together.

so Jiayin didn't know about it. She didn't know until Shaoyang came to the Dragon King Temple half a month later to seek a solution.

at that time, the Yao people in Xiangyun County had already started to act.

they used to secretly catch inflammatory people to go back to experiment. Later, more and more people disappeared, and gradually some rumors leaked out. They were even more unscrupulous!

because the government doesn't care at all, the people of Xiangyun County feel insecure, and even many families have moved away to Nanyue.

however, many civilians were killed by poisonous insects on the way out.

and all this is from the hand of still. This man is the son of the current sheriff, who inherited the talent of his great grandfather. By reading the letters left by his great grandfather, he explored this insect repellent skill himself.

Yes, he is the great grandson of the high priest and the only surviving heir.

the current sheriff is the grandson of the high priest. Over the generations, he has been gifted and has explored this insect repellent technique.

however, there are not many poisonous insects that he can drive. I don't know what the reason is. At most, he can only drive hundreds of poisonous insects. If there are more, he will be powerless.

but these hundreds can kill hundreds of people, which is enough.

the Yao people have already thought it over. At that time, they will announce the independent restoration of the Yao state. If the Yan army obstructs them, it will drive the poisonous insects to kill those generals!

and these were all inquired about by the spies sent by the Shao family.

originally, Jun Shao was worried and had to report it to the court. Shaoyang stopped him first and asked his father to give him a few days to ask the Dragon God.

if the Dragon God doesn't care, it's not too late to report to the court.

the Shao family believed in the Dragon God very much. In this case, the Shao Sheriff first suppressed the matter and asked Shaoyang to come to the Dragon God Temple to beg for the Dragon God.

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