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Chapter 22 Enter the mountain

Because I was pulling the car this time, and the luggage was still on the car, the road up the mountain was not easy.

it usually takes more than one hour to get to the place. This time, it took more than two hours to get to the place.

some places are too difficult to walk and can only be bypassed. Finally, six people pulled in front, and they all ran to the back to push the cart.

Jiayin's great strength finally has a place to play, and Fang Youwei is willing to bow down to the wind.

when they finally arrived at the hill, old lady Yang and li felt that their eyes were bright.

Li couldn't help sighing: 'it's so beautiful here!'

the clear stream is surrounded by green grass and unknown wild flowers. Further away, there are lush trees, rocks and cliffs gushing water. It's like a painting.

the good news asked Fang Youwei, 'uncle, shall we build a house with branches here?'

Fang Youwei shook his head. 'We don't know how long we'll stay here. When the Vietnamese come, we can't go back to the village in a short time.

it's better to find a cave. It's safer. In the depths of the forest, after all, it's not like in the periphery of the forest, where there are no small animals.

if we sleep in that kind of temporary shed, there will be snakes, insects, rats and ants at night, not to mention beasts.'

fangzhiyuan looked around and said to his father, 'but it doesn't look like a cave here!'

Fang Youwei said, 'we can look for it later. There are many such rocks. There are usually caves. Otherwise, where do the beasts live?'

Jiayin asked Liu with her mind: 'Liu, do you know where there is a cave?'

Liu shook his donkey's head and said, 'we donkeys don't live in caves. I don't know that.'

Jiayin raised her eyebrows. 'What do you do when it rains? Are you just drenched in the rain?'

six times: 'we can take shelter from the rain under the trees or under the cliffs.'

good news: '...

well, their life is really hard...

although they came here to draw water for a few days, they really didn't have a good time to turn the whole place around.

Fang Youwei just glanced at it. There were no animal footprints and feces here. It was confirmed that there were no large beasts coming here.

I saw the faeces of wild donkeys in several places. It seems that it was found here by mistake six years ago, so it can directly bring them here to look for water.

the cave can not be found immediately, so Fang Youwei built a temporary shed for everyone to rest and cook.

this time, instead of putting it in the middle of the tree, I cut down several trees with a thick bowl, and built a triangular shed on the grass near the stream and a little higher.

the walls are still made of twigs and grass. As long as there is no heavy rain, there is no problem.

Li cut a lot of grass by the stream with a knife and laid it on the ground for drying. Then he would weave it into a straw mat.

Jiayin saw that she also came to help with the grass. She pulled a small pile and spread it on the ground like Li.

with the help of Jiayin, the speed is much faster. Soon the ground was covered with grass.

six hours ago, he unloaded the car. He came over and watched them laying grass there. He asked Jiayin, 'is this for me? I can't eat so much.'

Jiayin replied: 'no, it's to be dried and woven into straw mats.'

six people beat their heads and didn't know what a straw mat was. But he understood that this was not for him, so he wandered around to find fresh fodder.

fangzhiyuan is in front of the shed. He is cooking with milk base.

this time they won't dig a pit. There are many stones in the stream here. They picked up some larger ones and built them together with grass and mud, which is a small round earth stove.

Li said that the grass was enough, so he would not let Jiayin pull it again. She came and watched fangzhiyuan set up the stove.

watching the earthen stove gradually take shape, Jiayin worshiped: 'brother Dazhuang, you are so awesome. You can still do this.'

fangzhiyuan stood up proudly. 'I think my father built this kind of stove several times. We used to cook in the yard, and we had to repair the earthen stove every year.'

in the village, they cook in the kitchen in winter and burn it together with the Kang.

in summer, the stove will be moved outside, but after more than half a year of wind and sun exposure, the stove outside will be somewhat damaged, so it needs to be built again every year.

Warm prompt: This site's novels come from the Internet, You can search [Go through the ancient times to escape from famine, and take the time gate with you] online and go to the source website for reading.