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Chapter 222 'Die on duty' (subscription required)

Although the furnishings in the rooms of the rear yamen are not so magnificent, they are all exquisite.

especially in the house of several wives and concubines, there were many clothes and jewelry, but I didn't see them.

it is estimated that it is not put on the bright side.

I explored the whole story and found a tunnel under the rockery in the garden.

if it wasn't for good news, every time I searched someone's house, I would subconsciously go underground and still couldn't find it.

the entrance of the tunnel is a gap in the rockery, which can only allow one person to pass sideways. The door is made of rockery and stone. If it is not for the divine consciousness to pass through the stone, it can not be seen at all.

the tunnel is quite deep. It's two feet deep underground. If you dig deeper, you can dig out water.

Moreover, the tunnel has just been dug outside the government office. There is a large space. There are some properties in it, all of which are cash. There are thousands of taels.

and there is another exit along the road. The other exit is in a small yard nearly two miles away.

Jia Yin looked at the small house. It was not big, it was only three feet square. The bottom was basically hollowed out, and there were countless gold, silver and jewelry!

on the surface, it is an ordinary residential courtyard, which is no different from the surrounding families. There lived an old couple in their fifties and sixties.

Jiayin carefully observed the old couple, and then probed into the back Yamen to see the face of the fake county magistrate.

it is confirmed that the three people are related, and those two people should be the parents of the fake county magistrate.

this man actually arranged his parents in a remote courtyard in the county to guard his property.

I don't know. I thought it was his loyal servant.

good news: Thinking of what Shaoyang and his father said before, he wanted to be a fake. Even if he pretended to be someone else's name, he only changed his appearance and characteristics. He dared not change his family background. After all, there must be a record in the court.

as for the real county magistrate's parents who are far away from the city, how can they hide it for so long?

it's not easy to say. I've learned something about the good news since it's been here for so long.

it's a long way from Fengcheng. It's not convenient to go back and forth. It takes several months to write a letter, not to mention having an official position. You can't leave at will.

I will go back only when my parents die, especially when I am an official. I will go back to Ding you, that is, to be filial.

it's normal not to see each other in ordinary years.

however, this is not a long-term solution. I think this fake should have found a way out for himself.

because county magistrates do not work for many years at a time, they are generally assessed every five years. If they have outstanding political achievements, they will be promoted. If they do not have outstanding political achievements, they will be held up by others.

I won't be so bad if I take off my black hat, but I will be transferred to a more remote county as a county magistrate.

this fake county magistrate will be evaluated in another year. It is unlikely to be promoted. He has no political achievements, and there is always a risk in holding someone else's name.

this guy must be thinking that he will die when he is transferred. Anyway, he is really dead.

Nanping County is not far from the county town. He has good people in the county. I think he has made a lot of money in the past few years. He can eat and drink all his life. Just look at the underground yard.

what did the good news think of again? He probed the old couple again and looked them over carefully.

and then probe to the side near the mountain village again.

at this time, it was late, and all the people who worked in the field had returned home.

Jia Yin goes to the yard of the suspected village head and carefully observes the old man sitting on the chair smoking a bag.

sure enough, this person is related to the man in the old couple and should be a brother.

it seems that they are birds of a feather. I think they killed the real county magistrate and let their own people stand up. That's why the counterfeiters gave them money in a continuous stream.

the good news is passed on to Xiao Ling, who is still in the county government, asking him to tell Shaoyang all these things so that he can explore them.

since he said that he could not tell about the imposter, she found so much silver, which should be regarded as stolen goods. Should she be enough to sentence the imposter?

Shaoyang happened to be back in his hospital, thinking about making a complete plan to get rid of the fake Nanping County Magistrate without exposing his real purpose.

just after half thinking, Xiao Ling flew to him and told him about these things.

as soon as Shaoyang's eyes lit up, he was really dozing off, and the Dragon God gave him a pillow.

if there is any dirt, it is OK to directly convict this person of corruption and perverting the law.


Shaoyang frowned. If so, the crime would be too big, and it might be involved. The real county magistrate Yang Fusheng's family.

this person is a fake, but he uses Yang Fusheng's name. If it involves Yang Fusheng's family, it will be a disaster for Yang's family.

this is also where he has been unable to figure out a solution.

Shaoyang said this to Xiao Ling and also to Dragon God.

Jia Yin's divine consciousness has been looking over here. After listening to his words, I also fell into meditation.

also, oh, I wanted to deal with this fake as soon as possible, but he used other people's names, implicated innocent people, and discredited their reputation.

then we can't deal with him openly, which is really troublesome... Wait!

Jiayin thought of a good way.

did Shao Jun Shou say before that if he died of an unnatural death or an enemy death, he would die on duty. If he defected to the enemy, he would be beheaded?

let him 'die on duty'?

then let Xiaoling say to Shaoyang: 'can we secretly arrest this person and let him die in the name of Yang Fusheng on duty? In this way, he can still get a consolation or a reward from the court.'

after all, Yang Fusheng died on his way to office. Whether he was a good man or a bad man, he did die at the hands of these mountain people.

Shaoyang thinks it is feasible, but there are still difficulties.

he also knows now that the Dragon God is paying attention to this matter, so he directly said to Xiao Ling: 'if so, how can we arrange for him to die on duty? We can't let him go to the front to fight. In the past two years, we've had good weather here, and there's no place to recover.'

the good news directly said to Xiao Ling: 'it's not easy to say. Let him have a bad day! I'll create a flood and get the fake magistrate into the water without harming any innocent people.

then you can report to the court that he died on duty while patrolling the dam. You can catch this person and deal with it yourself.'

Shaoyang's eyes glow with gold. This... This method is really wonderful! Sure enough, only gods can think of this method. After all, ordinary people can't operate it.

so the plan was decided. It's rainy season now, so it's better to operate.

however, before that, she cleaned up several families near the mountain village. When she saved Fang Yun, those who sank in the pond were all with lives on them. Although the rest did not start, they are also accomplices now.

at least they are still taking advantage of human life.

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