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Chapter 224 Fake county magistrate Liu Jiangyuan (subscription required)

The river is between Nanping County and Huayang County, but it is even closer to Nanxian county.

Huayang county magistrate urgently dispatched migrant workers to build high dams with sandbags to avoid flooding surrounding villages.

With the action of Huayang County, the fake Nanping County Magistrate can't stay still. After all, it's still necessary to act, otherwise he may be impeached.

So the fake Nanping County Magistrate also pretended to take people to build high dams, and also learned from the Huayang county magistrate to personally inspect the situation.

But what he didn't expect was that the magistrate of Huayang county did it again, did a good deed, won the support of the people, and went back unharmed.

When he came here, he also found a day when the rain was relatively light. When there were more people outside, he went to patrol. As a result, he was involved in the river by the surging waves.

He was also involved with two officials from the same trade.

Because the three of them are too close, it seems a little too fake if only the fake county magistrate is included in the good news, which is also amazing.

So he simply involved the three people in the water together.

When those yamen servants who followed and the migrant workers who were building the dam came back, the county magistrate and the two officials had disappeared!

The river was still roaring and rushing forward, as if it would take several creatures to calm its anger.

The people were at a loss. The current was too fast to rescue. Whoever went down would die!

However, they could not help but leave some people there to see if the three could float. Most of the rest swam down to look for them. In case they rushed ashore, it would be too late.

Of course, some people rushed to the county to ask a doctor to come, and if they found someone, they could be treated in time.

Jiayin directly sent the fake Nanping County Magistrate to the darkroom temporarily prepared by Shaoyang, the prefectural mansion, with divine consciousness.

The two officials, the good news, were directly fished up and thrown on the shore downstream. I believe those who swim down to find it should be able to find it soon.

Of course, they didn't put them together. They were separated by a distance. One was stopped by a tree and the other was stuck by a big stone. It was reasonable.

Jiayin now feels that she is more and more considerate in her work.

After the good news, I thought about it. If the magistrate's body has not appeared, it seems that it is not normal.

Let him go missing first. It doesn't matter. Wait until Shaoyang has judged everything, and then put him in the river.

Anyway, he will be a capital crime sooner or later.

The fake magistrate only choked a little, so he woke up quickly.

As soon as I opened my eyes, I couldn't see anything. I thought I hadn't opened my eyes. I closed my eyes and opened them again. I found it was still dark.

I reached out to touch the ground, felt the wet on my body, and then found that I was in a dark place. I couldn't react for a while.

Because it is best not to be known by others, so as not to affect his father, Shaoyang personally interrogates him. The less people know, the better.

Of course, he has told his father about it.

Shao Junshou was particularly happy and proud. This is a difficult matter. There is no airtight wall in the end. Even if he hides it, master Lin must know it.

If he wants to take this opportunity to kill master Lin, he will be involved and the loss will outweigh the gain.

And the sheriff may also participate in it, although he and the sheriff and the inspector may check each other. He and the sheriff also disliked each other and fought for many years, but after all, they knew each other and knew each other's routines.

If the sheriff dismounts because of this, the imperial court will send another one he is not familiar with. It will take many years to figure out the way of the other party, and it will be even more troublesome.

Or it's even more difficult to deal with the unfathomable one sent down from above.

It's better to keep this one who knows himself and his enemies. In addition, his son has a good relationship with the Dragon God and often gets the help of the Dragon God. This is a great help.

Back to the darkroom.

Seeing that the fake magistrate woke up, Shaoyang asked in a deep voice, 'what's your real name?'

The fake magistrate was shocked! I didn't expect that there were others here. What do you mean by that? How could this man ask him that?

The fake magistrate calmed his mind and pretended to be calm: 'I'm Yang Fusheng, magistrate of Nanping County. Who are you? Why did you arrest me here? Do you know what crime it should be to imprison a court official!'

Shaoyang sneered, 'Yang Fusheng? Yang Fusheng is not like you.' Then he described Yang Fusheng's appearance as described in the imperial edict.

The fake magistrate's heart was like a sea of water, and he was terrified, and his body could not help shivering.

Who is this passer-by? I know that he is a fake. How much does the other party know?

Seeing that he didn't answer, Shaoyang asked again, 'who are you? You'd better tell the truth, or I'll be executed!'

Hearing the execution, the fake magistrate trembled all over.

In order to seize other people's property, he has tortured many people. Of course, he knows the horror of torture.

But he still wanted to make a dying struggle.

'I'm really Yang Fusheng. I've been an official in Nanping County for several years. If it's fake, why hasn't anyone exposed it? I wrote letters to my parents and children in my hometown every month...'

Shaoyang directly interrupted him. The imitation handwriting is very simple. I have several people under my command. You write to your parents in your hometown. Who are the old couple in the small courtyard in liupukou Lane in the east of Nanping County? '

finished! It's all known!

The fake county magistrate let out his anger at once. People even found his parents. What else can he say.

Now that the other party had known that he was afraid he would die, he begged: 'I will tell you the truth. I only hope you will not implicate my parents.'

I don't know if it is retribution. After he became an official, he took many wives and concubines, but he didn't have one and a half children. So what he can't let go of is his parents. I hope he can not involve them.

Shaoyang promised him: 'if your parents had not done anything that would harm nature and reason, they would not have been implicated.'

Anyway, they are not allowed to deal with it openly. As long as his parents have not committed crimes, they will certainly not be affected.

The fake county magistrate breathed a sigh of relief and explained everything in detail.

'My original name was Liu Jiangyuan, and I was born in the mountain village of Huangmei Town, Jinyi county. My father was the brother of the village head of the mountain village and the son of the Liu family head.

One night four years ago, a couple came to the village. They said they had met mountain bandits and wanted to spend the night in the village.

When they were having dinner, the woman inadvertently revealed her jewelry, so my grandfather killed them in the middle of the night.

After the murder, I went to the back mountain with several elders to bury their bodies. When I came back to share the stolen goods, I found the documents they had brought.

Because I was the only scholar in the mountain village, he asked me to see it. '

Warm prompt: This site's novels come from the Internet, You can search [Go through the ancient times to escape from famine, and take the time gate with you] online and go to the source website for reading.