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Chapter 226 Bandits in Qingfeng mountain (subscription required)

Shao Yang took a deep breath, thought for a moment and said to Xiao Ling, 'I'll discuss with my father first to see where I can put these properly. They can't be put in the prefectural mansion. Otherwise, it's easy to get them in, but difficult to get them out.

Another, if there is a slight leak of information, if it is not good, it will be blamed on my father's head, which will be troublesome. '

Jia Yin thought that it was true that these gold, silver and jewels belong to unknown origin now. It would be really bad if they were involved in the sheriff's office.

So Shaoyang took Xiaoling directly to his father.

Hearing this, Jun Shou Shao felt another sigh.

Let's not talk about the means of immortality, the means of immortality! He didn't think that the fake Nanping County Magistrate would put all the gold and silver on the open, and it must be very well hidden.

But they still can't evade the means of other immortals. Immortals are afraid that they can figure it out by pinching their fingers.

Shao Junshou thought for a moment and said to them, 'why don't you ask Dragon God to put these things on the Snake Mountain first. It's also near Nanping County, so it's easier to take them out later.'

The most important thing is that it is the Dragon God's territory, which is safer than anywhere.

Shao Junshou continued: 'at that time, these gold and silver will definitely be used for the construction of Nanping County and returned to those merchants who have paid more taxes.

Since he has made up his mind to give Yang Fusheng a good reputation, he should not only help the imperial court, but also help Yang Fusheng recover his reputation secretly.

As for those who are sent to the frontier, after we find the list, let your brother check the people who were exiled there.

If you can find them, ask them if they want to come back. When they return, they will return their previous property to them. If they don't want to come back, the money will be returned to them, and it's the same to let them settle down there as good citizens. '

Shaoyang nodded, and Xiaoling nodded on his shoulder.

He said to them, 'the Dragon God has agreed, so do as you say.'

Jiayin also thinks that Shao Junshou's method is better, but she didn't put the gold, silver and jewelry on the pan Snake Mountain. Instead, she exchanged them for a larger storage bag, put them all in the storage bag, and put them aside specially, so as not to confuse them with those she collected before.

Suddenly I remembered the dark room left by the bandits in the deep of Qingfeng ridge. In fact, she can also put these in it, but it's too far away, and it's too troublesome to carry them.

Last time uncle Youwei went there, it took them about ten days to come back.

As for why Uncle Youwei went there, we have to start with the bandits.

After those mountain bandits left the stronghold temporarily because of the heavy rain, as long as they have the spirit of blood and evil, they will be watched by good news to prevent them from doing evil again.

Perhaps because of fear of exposure, these people have been scattered in several towns, and they are still very law-abiding.

Later, when the rainy season passed, they went back to the stockade. They never found the gold, silver and jewelry in the dark room. They must be very confident in the mechanism.

Later, the county magistrate of Huayang personally came to deliver the letter of appointment. The good news showed that this man was not bad. In addition, uncle Youwei went to work in the county, so he threw the bandits directly into the prison of the county government.

The jailer on duty that day was almost scared to death when he saw that there were so many ferocious people in the prison! I immediately reported it to the magistrate.

After seeing it, the county magistrate of Huayang thought it was familiar. After checking it, he found that several of them were on the wanted list!

This is not bad!

So they were hungry for a few days and began to try. As expected, they were the bandits wanted by the imperial court for several years!

When they got out of their lair and heard the position, there was a silence.

Even in the mountains hundreds of miles away! Hundreds of miles in the mountains are not hundreds of miles.

At a glance, I knew that it was brought by the Dragon God, because they could not tell how they came. They only said that they slept for a while and went to prison when they woke up.

The county magistrate was afraid of causing unnecessary panic, so he had to tell the outside world that a powerful bounty hunter had captured them recently.

Because the other party did not want to be named, they were directly thrown into prison.

This dispelled the panic of those prison guards, who were afraid that when they were guarding their cells, they would be groped in and wiped their necks.

Huayang county magistrate also received a commendation from the top for this matter, and he will be promoted as soon as his term of office expires.

As for where to go, it's hard to say. Maybe it will go to the capital or the capital.

As for the property given by the robbers, the county magistrate gave it to Fang Youwei after thinking about it.

In fact, it is also indirectly entrusted to the Dragon God.

Then Fang Youwei took Fang's son Lang into the mountain, and Jiayin specifically asked elder eagle to take them.

After that, they put the gold, silver and jewelry back into the dark room, and let the eagle take them out with a storage bag.

This is a passing ceremony. In fact, those things have always been put in the storage bag.

When they came out of the mountain and reached the entrance of Fangjia village, elder Eagle took the things out of the storage bag for them.

Looking at dozens of boxes of jewelry, a group of people were in a trance.

At that time, I didn't feel anything in the dark room. In addition, I was taken in by the eagle in an instant, and there was no such direct impact.

Now dozens of boxes are placed on the open space outside the village, and we know that there are so many of them!

They also didn't open it to look inside, so that they could not tell clearly later. They took the ox cart in the village and returned it to the county government,

Of course, the county magistrate did not dare to touch the property. After all, it was the stolen property of these robbers, and it should be reported to the police.

After that, the bandits were sent to the county together with the stolen goods.

Shao Junshou reported this matter to the emperor and asked for credit for Huayang county magistrate and Fang Youwei.

It turned out that these bandits came from the capital. At that time, they had been making trouble on the official road from Nanyue county to the capital for several months. Later, the imperial court ordered to encircle and suppress them, and then they escaped here.

At that time, many people had died after encirclement and suppression, and the rest were leaders with high martial arts.

They transferred the stolen goods in advance, so apart from those captured, they did not collect much stolen goods.

Later, after torture, those subordinates confessed their facial features and names, which made them wanted nationwide.

Because they not only looted, but also killed the officials of the court! Even some of these stolen goods are the birthday outline of the emperor.

I don't know how they got so many boxes into the mountains.

The mountain road is hard to walk along. They not only got these boxes in, but also built a stockade and opened a dark room with mechanisms!

It seems that there are hidden dragons and crouching tigers among the bandits!

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