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Chapter 227 Five years later (subscription required)

After Shaojun Shou and Shaoyang discussed and determined the whereabouts of the property, the fake county magistrate Liu Jiangyuan was secretly executed.

his body was not salvaged until three days later. It was found in a relatively hidden place downstream by someone arranged by the sheriff Shao.

at the time of searching, the body had been eaten by fish, and if it wasn't for the official clothes of the county magistrate, it would not be recognized.

then he sent someone to report the funeral to his parents and brothers who were far away in the closed city, and asked his family to come to the funeral.

these were specially arranged by governor Shao to avoid complications.

of course, the corpse can't be kept for that long. Even if it is preserved with lime and ice as much as possible, when Yang Fusheng's parents, younger brothers and sisters brought their children to the funeral, the corpse was already rotten.

however, according to the tradition of the Dayan Dynasty, the corpse is to be brought back to the Yang family for burial, which is called falling leaves returning to the roots.

in fact, the corpses in the coffin have long been replaced by the real bones of Yang Fusheng and his wife by good news.

as for Liu Jiangyuan's concubines, they all returned to their parents' homes with their private money.

it is estimated that he was also afraid of being exposed, or that he would not be able to run away at that time, so he didn't get a wife. Moreover, he wore Yang Fusheng's name, and getting a wife was also a continuation. After all, there was someone in the position of the main wife.

and those concubines were all calculated by him or sent by others, and none of them had children.

many of them were forced to be concubines, and most of them were the daughters of merchants.

Liu Jiangyuan wrote to the Yang family's parents to send them money. He always said that he was very good. He never mentioned Yang Fusheng's wife, Jiang Shi, so the Yang family did not know that Jiang Shi had been killed long ago.

when Shao Commandery sent someone to report the funeral to the Yang family, he directly said that Yang Fusheng's wife was too sad and went with him. This also happened to make the two couples live in the same bed and die in the same cave.

the Yang family was suddenly affected by this accident, and I didn't think about it so much. In addition, the county magistrate did die while patrolling the dam, and the sheriff Shao privately asked someone to compensate the injured merchants.

for those who were sent to the frontier by the fake county magistrate, Shaoyang learned the approximate list from Liu Jiangyuan. He also sent a letter to Qiyang County and asked his brother to check it. A few days later, Shaojing wrote back to him. Except for a few elderly people who died of illness on the way, the rest were still alive.

people still have the chance to make compensation when they are alive, so the people did not say something in front of the Yang family.

after May 7th, Yang Fusheng's younger brother and a pair of children went back to the city.

in this way, Mr. and Mrs. Yang Fusheng can be regarded as returning to their roots and settling down in their hometown.

Liu Jiangyuan's body was buried directly by Jiayin, where Yang Fusheng and his wife were buried. Anyway, it's quite close to his home. It's also a different kind of falling leaf.

so far, the matter of fake county magistrate has come to an end.

during this period, the Jin Ruihu in Xiangyun County has also made clear.

Jin Ruihu has indeed taken refuge in the son of the sheriff, and has also become a counselor of the son of the sheriff, giving many bad ideas and harming many people.

he was hurt by the good news before and turned into a fool. Finally, he died at the hands of the victims. It is also self inflicted.

Jun Shou Shao also mentioned this matter to the imperial court. As for whether Jin Ruihu's own family will be involved, it is not within the scope of Jun Shou Shao's consideration.

if Jin Ruihu cared about his family, he would not have done such a thing. If there was not a problem with the family's education, it was that this person was evil in nature.

Yes, most people are avaricious and afraid of death, but it is intolerable to help the tyrant. If his family is bad from the root and is implicated, it will be regarded as eliminating harm for the people.

... I'm the dividing line...

time flies by. In a twinkling of an eye, five years have passed.

Fangjia village is developing better and better. Several shops have been opened in the county seat, and now it has developed into a county town.

the restaurants here in the county are managed by people who are good at cooking with Xu Hong. Xu Hong and his wife went to the county and opened a bigger restaurant there.

Fang Youwei is becoming more and more adept at guarding Huayang county.

because of the Qingfengling bandit incident in those years, we could go up again if we had done something.

it was only at that time that he had just established himself in Huayang county. If he ventured to the Fucheng or county town and had to start from scratch, he could not take his brothers with him.

another family and Fangjia village. It's all in Huayang county. If Fang Youwei is too far away to take care of him, his mother will give him only one son. He will certainly do his filial duty in front of him.

if he went to work in the prefecture or the county, he would definitely work under someone else's hand. He discussed with several elders of the tribe and Fang Yunping, the second uncle, and finally decided to stay in Huayang county.

where is the merit? It's his. He can't run. He can use it in the future.

as the saying goes, it is better to be the head of a chicken than the tail of a Phoenix. It is better to be the number one here than to be a soldier under someone else's hand and act according to people's faces.

and he has been on guard for five years. It can be said that he has held the entire armed forces of Huayang County in his hands.

the original county magistrate of Huayang has returned to the capital, and the other party is a collateral branch of the big family in the capital.

even if there is no merit, as long as it is punctual, I will go back. What's more, now that you have made achievements, it's even more natural to go back.

the newly appointed people of Huayang county are also good. They are also from the capital.

the Fang family just thought, it seems that the geomantic omen of Huayang county is very good!

otherwise, it would not attract so many children of big families in the capital to come here for training.

for example, Nanping County and Huayang county are only separated by a river. Why don't the children of a big family have any experience in the past?

now the newly appointed magistrate of Nanping County is a poor boy from a small place.

one can be said to be a coincidence, and two must be for a reason.

what the Fang family didn't know was that the second son of a big family in the capital was not sent by the third prince to guard the Dragon Temple.

this person is the third prince's aunt and cousin. He can be regarded as the third prince's foreign family. He is on the same boat with the third prince. It can be said that everyone will be prosperous and everyone will lose.

so the third prince was very relieved and sent him here.

first, he received the favor of the Dragon God. After several years of hard training, his martial arts can be said to be one of the best in the world, which was tested after countless assassinations.

an assassin with excellent kung fu can't do ten moves under his command. What does that mean? It shows that this 'Vajra palm' is a top-level skill!

again, he lied to his father and hid the magic of the Dragon Temple.

if other people come, it is very likely that they will discover the magic of the dragon temple over time. At that time, he will be guilty of deceiving the king. Even if he is a father and son, this crime is big enough, so he has to be careful, careful and careful.

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