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Chapter 232 Noisy and lost (subscription required)

Jiayin thought it would be troublesome to let Nao run back by herself and give her directions.

simply thought about it, and brought back the noise through the space of breaking the boundary bead, and put it not far from the tent.

fortunately, she was the first to wake up. If someone else wakes up first and goes out to see Nao Nao, she must look everywhere.

when she woke up, she subconsciously scanned the outside. Seeing that the noise was not there, she released her consciousness. Unexpectedly, she found it ten miles away.

naonao feels dizzy and dark in front of her. When the light comes on again, she has returned to the tent not far away.

looked up at the tent not far from him, and the extinguished fire pond. The one who scattered flowers ran over.

as soon as the donkey's head was thrown, the rabbit was thrown to the edge of the fire pond. Just as he wanted to say 'ang' excitedly, he was interrupted by the good news.

'shut up! Brother Zhiyuan and they are still sleeping. You can't shout!'

it's just in the afternoon. The sun hasn't come out yet. The sky has just turned white. He shouted so loudly that everyone had to be woken up.

the noisy and excited shouts were stuck in his throat, and Wei bowed his donkey's head wrongly.

stood up again for a moment and said to Jiayin: 'Jiayin, I've caught a rabbit for you! Am I more useful than green bamboo? I'm better than the eagle?'

Jia Yin looks at his expectant donkey face with divine consciousness. I don't know. I thought it was still a baby donkey.

it's true that you are so big and become a donkey, and still like to compete for favors and act like spoilers.

however, the good news still praised: 'it's really noisy. You can even catch rabbits. It's much more powerful than your father!'

your father can only kick the wolf's head.

however, when they get up and deal with the horrible rabbit, they don't think so.

only the outer skin of the rabbit is intact, and the whole rabbit is trampled flat by the noise.

Fang Zhiyuan peeled the rabbit with painstaking efforts, and the meat inside turned into meat puree. He couldn't start at all, and didn't know how to eat it.

looking at raucous, they looked forward to it. They didn't have the good intention of raucous either. They worked hard to clean up the bone dregs inside, mixed the rabbit meat paste with spices, and fried it into a rabbit meat cake.

don't say it. It tastes delicious. It's just that occasionally the bone residue has some teeth.

in the morning, because a rabbit was added, several people ate more than yesterday, so they did not go to the pond to catch fish.

however, they are also going on the road. Now there is no dry food, so they can't stay here for a long time. At least they must go to the next town before noon to buy some dry food, otherwise there will be no food at noon.

after finishing the meal, he cleaned up, took down the tent directly, and carried the things back to Nao.

the spirit of noisy is a little tired. Fang Zhiyuan and several others don't know why. They still think that he is tired from catching rabbits.

only Jiayin knows that this guy got lost outside and wandered all night.

from time to time, he would move his chin, twist it, or shake his mouth.

this is because the rabbit that has been holding it all night is still sour.

the good news was funny for a while, and finally I fed it some Lingshui, which is better.

they continued to walk southeast, and finally came to a town when it was getting dark.

at noon, they caught some pheasants on the way and baked them. Now they are hungry again. They found a restaurant and ordered some food.

to be honest, the restaurant outside is no better than aunt Xu Hong's, not much better than my mother's.

so they basically sell some dry food all the way, and the dishes are all made by themselves on the road outside.

they all learned some from Aunt Xu Hong. In addition, the condiments they now bring are all prepared for them by Aunt Xu Hong. They also write them down on paper. They can also buy their own concoctions on the road, so their cooking tastes very good.

after dinner, I began to find an inn to stay in. There were also many inns in this town. Maybe it was also because of the vacant land that everyone would rest here in advance, so there were more Inns for people to stay and rest.

good news they looked for two hotels before finding one with a vacant room. This shop is in the innermost part of the town, behind which is a large lotus pond. In summer, the scenery should be very beautiful.

this time, they can't sleep in the Datong shop. There are already people living in it. It's even more inconvenient for them to live again.

finally opened two rooms and put them noisily in the barn. Its luggage was unloaded and put aside.

anyway, they are pots and pans, bedding, tents and so on. No one should steal them. In addition, they don't worry if there are people watching.

Jiayin also specifically told noisy people not to bully other animals in the barn, and not to run around.

rowdy didn't have a rest last night. Today, I've been on the road for another day. I'm also a little tired. I obediently promised that I would never fool around.

just after the good news left, it went to sleep.

Jiayin, Fang Zhiyuan and Fang Zhiwei live in one room, while Fang Zhigang, Fang Zhiqiang, Fang Zhiwen and Fang Zhiwu live in one room.

the good news let Fang Zhiyuan and Fang Zhiwei sleep on the bed, and she slept on the soft couch beside her.

she is the smallest, and it's just right to sleep on a soft couch.

and she doesn't sleep at night, so she needs to practice in space.

in recent years, because of the Dragon Temple and the favorable weather in Dayan, she has received a lot of merit and virtue every year. There has never been a shortage of spiritual stones for cultivation, which is why she has grown so fast.

after two hours of cultivation, the spirit came out of the boundary breaking pearl space and returned to the body, and heard a faint noise outside.

if it wasn't for her good ear power, it would be very insincere, as if she was crying out for water.

Jia Yin used her divine sense to explore the past. The inn they stayed in was in the southeast of the town. She saw a burst of flames in the northwest of the town!

unexpectedly, it was on fire. She poked her divine consciousness to the other side and found that many people around were fighting the fire with buckets.

however, the fire is raging, and obviously it can not be extinguished with a few buckets of water. Jiayin quickly went into the fire to see if there was anyone in the fire.

then I found that there were corpses all over the place!

this, this is the scene of murder and arson!

obviously, the person who set the fire wanted to destroy some evidence.

the divine consciousness passes over the people on the ground and determines that they are all corpses. There is no possibility of survival.

explored the divine consciousness in the whole courtyard again. Behind the water tank in the kitchen, he found a small figure curling up there.

at this time, the firewood room outside the kitchen was surrounded by fire, because the dry firewood inside, coupled with the wooden structure of the house, soon burned.

the child curled up there was choked by smoke and coughed, and his whole little face was red with cough.

Jiayin directly received the boundary breaking pearl space. After he entered the space, he fell into a coma directly.

Jiayin waited for more and more people to put out the fire outside. When the fire was almost extinguished, Jiayin put the child back in the yard.

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