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Chapter 236 Star country II (subscription required)

After listening to this, the former queen was more secure in her heart. She could even send them to the place they wanted to go! That's great!

she was just thinking about how to leave the xingmang country after going out. As it is now, the xingmang country should have completely fallen into Yunsheng's hands. I'm afraid their wives will be captured once they go out.

the former queen thought of her daughter and hesitated: 'Lord dragon, can you send my daughter out with me?'

Jia Yin nods. Yes, she is still a good mother. At this time, she still thinks about her daughter.

directly said to her: 'your daughter is already on the way to Dongshan County, Dayan country, and she wants to join her aunt.'

the former queen clenched her teeth and said, 'Yunsheng, this villain! You lied to me!'

his daughter had escaped long ago, and he even threatened her with his daughter. It's really deceiving!

but my daughter is safe. She is more happy than falling into the hands of villains.

thinking of my daughter going to Dongshan County, I must want to ask my sister husband to help rescue their mother and son.

hurriedly said to the Dragon God: 'can you ask the Dragon God to send us to your daughter?'

Jia Yin directly replied: 'yes, your daughter is still on the way, but there are two people to protect her. I can send you there now.'

after thinking for a while, he said to her: 'you'd better pack up the things in this room and take them with you. Your daughter has nothing there.'

because Princess xingmang was chased and killed all the way, she has nothing in her hand now.

upon hearing this, the former queen quickly blackened up and prepared to pack up her things.

Jiayin saw her groping in the dark and threw her a night pearl to help them light up.

I got this from the secret room of mountain bandits in Qingfengling. It should be in the so-called emperor's birthday program.

all the other good news has been returned. Uncle Youwei asked them to hand it over to the court. She is the only one who can't bear to part with it. She likes this shiny thing too much.

now I can lend it to mother and son.

the night pearl appeared in the room out of thin air, and the whole dark room suddenly became bright.

the queen looked at it in surprise. Thinking of what the Dragon God said before, she quickly put the child on the bed and got up to pack up.

the child looked at the night bright pearl, and suddenly his eyes lit up, as if he had suddenly regained consciousness. He climbed down from the bed and walked towards the night bright pearl.

went to the table, reached out his hand and touched it gently, then turned back to his mother and said: 'mother, mother, look, bright!'

a good news will raise eyebrows, yo! This boy likes shiny things just like her.

however, she was reluctant to give him the night pearl. The good news was balabalabala in the space. Finally, she found a bright gold hollow-out fragrance ball and threw it directly to him.

the little prince's hand was heavy, and when he looked down, he saw that there was a golden ball on his small hand. The fragrance ball was carved with a double-layer hollow lotus flower. There was a big ball outside and a small ball inside. It was very delicate.

illuminated by the light of the night pearl, it emits golden light.

pinched with small hands, it's true!

raise your little hand and say to your mother: 'look, mother, this is my little ball!'

the queen was stunned by her son's voice just now. Now she sees her son making another noise. It's true! Son recovered!

hurriedly ran to his son, knelt on the ground and bowed in the direction of the night pearl, 'thank you Dragon God, thank you Dragon God!'

he hugged his son and cried and laughed. Then he hugged his son tightly and loosened his hand. Now is not the time to cry. We should hurry up to pack up.

touched his head, tore the curtain off the bed, spread it on the bed, and threw all the ornaments on the table and shelf into it.

are all gold and jade ornaments. They would not touch them in the middle of winter in black cloth before. Occasionally, when the man came in, they were not in the mood to look around. Unexpectedly, there were many things in it.

there are both practical and ornamental. I think I should be the last leader of the country.

because she knows her husband, she should not know that there is a dark room. She has a good relationship with her husband. If she knows that there is a dark room, she will tell her.

Moreover, there is no trace of her husband's stay here. On the contrary, these ornaments are very in line with the preferences of the last sovereign, that is, her father-in-law likes gold and jade ornaments very much.

especially those who like the shape of tigers. Look at the lifelike golden tigers and jade tigers in your hands, and you will know who they are.

pack these things, and then you can sell them for money. Then I looked at the soft and fluffy bedding on the bed.

the two of them slept in this bed for a while. Of course, they knew the comfort of the bedding, so they rolled it up and tied it together with another curtain.

such a roll of bedding and a bundle were packed, and then we went around again. We didn't find anything else to take away. At least these tables, chairs, benches and beds can't be taken away.

seeing that they have packed up, Jiayin directly transmits the two to her daughter through the space of breaking the boundary bead.

now it's bright outside. The two women haven't seen the sun for a month or two. Suddenly, they see the light and are stabbed for a long time.

and their appearance out of thin air startled the three people who had been resting in the tree and thought that there was another killer chasing them.

Yes, Princess xingmang and her three people are resting in the tree now. If they are under the tree, they will be able to see them at a glance because they are afraid of another pursuer.

the three look down and say, 'mother! Yunhao!'

'Queen! Little prince!'

'Queen! Little prince!'

three sounds sound simultaneously.

the former queen and the little prince Yun Haoshun look up.

is my daughter (sister)!

there are also two deputy commanders of the Imperial Guard, Guo An and Hua Jinxing.

these two are the Deputy commanders of the Imperial Army in their palace and the confidants of the former leader.

as for the commander of the Imperial Guard, of course, he was also killed by the current Lord and replaced by his own man.

the former queen was delighted to see her daughter. The Dragon God really sent her to her!

the queen held her daughter and cried, 'Yunjiang! My daughter - woo... The mother can see you...'

princess Yunjiang quickly climbed down from the tree without the help of the two deputy commanders.

when she went up, the deputy commander sent her up. Now she is so happy to see her mother that she just slipped down.

the former queen watched her daughter climb the tree skillfully. She was sad and pleased.

my daughter was a child of Jin Zunyu. Now she is forced to climb trees, but learning some skills can also ensure her own safety.

the other two also got down from the tree and knelt down to salute the queen and the little prince.

the queen quickly helped them up. 'Thank you two for dying to save my son. If it weren't for you, jiang'er...'

Guo An and Hua Jinxing hurriedly said: 'it's the blessing of ministers to serve the princess...

princess Yun Jiang looked at the luggage rolls beside them and wondered if they slept so dead? The mother and her brother came over with such a big bag of luggage, but they didn't find it.

if things were not put on the ground and made a thud, they might not be able to wake up.

the queen looked back and saw her daughter's doubts. She said to them, 'we were rescued by the Dragon God.'

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