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Chapter 241 Iron Eater (subscription required)

That day, Jiayin and his party walked on the dangerous road to Dongshan County.

although the road was difficult and dangerous, they didn't feel much if they didn't catch the bus.

just walk on the side near the cliff.

on that day, they came to a slightly spacious place. It was already noon, and they decided to take a rest and have lunch there.

unload the luggage from naonao. Fang Zhiyuan and several others are ready to cook. Naonao also runs around in a relaxed manner.

may be happy to run, but noisy can't help crying 'ang ah - ang ah -' and an echo comes from the distance.

suddenly! A rock rolled down from the mountain and threw it straight at naonao! If it wasn't for the noisy body to jump aside flexibly and hide in the past, the stone would have hit it.

the stone is as big as a noisy head, and when it falls from a high place, it hits the road, making a dull sound, directly smashing a hole in the ground!

Jiayin quickly stood up and looked up from the mountain wall.

see if someone deliberately attacked them, or what.

Fang Zhiyuan and several others followed, but their eyesight was poor and they didn't have divine consciousness. They didn't see anything.

thought that it was possible that the stone was already loose and was shaken down by the noise.

Jiayin asked them to continue cooking, and she observed it again.

after several people went back to the mountain to continue cooking, Jiayin explored it with her divine sense and found that there was a strange looking bear on the top of the mountain!

Xiong, Jiayin still know each other, but all I have seen before are black or brown, and I have never seen such black and white.

looks naive, but what they do is very bad. They even hit them with stones!

Nao obviously felt it too. He shouted at the mountain and scolded the other party loudly.

seeing that naonao yelled at him, the bear picked up a stone and threw it at naonao. Jiayin wrapped the stone with divine consciousness and took it aside.

Nao saw the stone it threw down again. Although it disappeared halfway, he was still angry and wanted to go up and kick it with his hooves!

however, although it can climb walls and trees, there is nothing it can do about this steep cliff.

Jiayin frowns at the bear and just wants to teach it a lesson, her eyes suddenly brighten. She sees the bear puzzled looking for the stone that disappeared in the air. She sits there with her bottom, scratching her head and moving her hairy black ears.

this guy is round and cute.

he thought for a while, stood up without understanding, and wanted to throw a stone down.

Jia Yin said to it, 'stop! Why are you throwing stones at us? How did we get in your way?'

the other party's action stagnated. I didn't expect that a voice would appear in his brain, and he could understand it. I think it's incredible!

grabbing the edge of the stone cliff, he poked out a round brain bag and looked down to see who was talking to it.

in fact, they are quite far away. Even if you look down from above, you may not be able to see their appearance clearly.

Jiayin saw its action and said to it, 'why don't you talk? We are at the bottom of the mountain. Why did you throw stones at us just now?'

Yes, someone is talking to it.

he also tried to reply in his mind: 'I slept well. Who let you disturb my sleep? I finally found a good place to take a nap. That guy shouted loudly and loudly. He scared me!'

Quan Xiu has a black line on his forehead. Unexpectedly, because of this, the noise is really loud. You can't throw stones down. If you are an ordinary person, you will die!

however, it is estimated that if she said this to it, it would not feel that it had done something wrong. After all, it is only a bear.

thinking about the other's strange appearance, Jiayin can't help asking: 'how can you bear look so strange? It's black and white.'

the black and white bear said angrily: 'you are the bear! I am not a bear, I am an iron eater! My ancestors were Chiyou's mounts!'

Jia Yin frowned. 'Iron eater? Chiyou? I haven't heard of it. Do you eat iron?'

the iron eating beast angrily said: 'of course not! That's a kind of description, description! OK? It means that my teeth can bite anything! And you don't know Chi you, you are really ignorant!'

good news touched her nose. Well, she thought a lot. However, this guy is quite literate, can use idioms, and knows little about it.

and I can't blame her. She has never seen such an animal and has never heard of Chiyou.

besides the color, this guy is almost the same size as the blind bear I have seen before.

however, since the other party says that he is an iron eater, let him be an iron eater.

the good news suddenly stopped. It's over! She just patronized to stop it from throwing stones, forgetting that if she communicated with the other party, she would open the other party's wisdom and exercise!

especially now, her dragon breath is much stronger than that of her childhood. Isn't this iron eater going to dominate the world in the future!

no! You can't leave it here. You have to take it with you and watch it.

the good news said seductively: 'are you the only beast? Would you like to follow us? We are going to travel around for fun, and there are many delicious food here...'

this dangerous creature is better placed under your own eyes.

the iron eating beast scratched his head with his fat paw. 'Follow you? Only delicious food? Is there anything else? I'm not a random beast!'

the good news almost laughed with anger. This guy is quite nice. She is not a casual beast. Is she a casual dragon? She wouldn't have taken it if it hadn't been forged and a little cute by herself!

took a deep breath and continued to abduct. No, he said gently: 'I'm a Dragon God. If you follow me, you can have anything, and you can also get the world's top force.

don't you realize that you are much smarter now? That's because I have enlightened you. And I have given you divine power. You can try to tap the stone gently with your claws.'

after that, Jiayin looked at its reaction with her divine consciousness. Seeing that the other party obediently patted the stone that was just about to be thrown, she nodded with satisfaction.

that stone was smashed into pieces by it! The iron eating beast raised its claws in shock and looked around. It couldn't believe it was its own claw.

then he stretched out carefully and buttoned the broken stone with his fingernail. In an instant, the broken stone was smaller!

the iron eater barked excitedly twice.

the good news stunned me. How can it still bark? Then I heard it make a cooing sound and a sound.

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