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Chapter 242 Iron eater II (subscription required)

The good news was deceived by it. How can this guy shout so much? Is it because he has a talent for language like Xiaoling?

before I could understand it, I heard its voice immediately after the good news, 'it's true, it's true! I've become infinitely powerful! It's amazing that I can smash a stone with one touch!'

at the same time, it also believes in the saying that good news is the Dragon God. His small black eyes wandered stealthily, thinking that he was bored in the mountains. It's better to follow them for a walk. Wherever he goes, anyway, he has unlimited power and is not afraid of anything.

after making a decision, he said to Jiayin: 'I can go with you, but you can't beat me or scold me. Besides, I like to eat delicious food. You must give it to me.'

once you hear the good news, it's not easy to say. There's no problem at all.

said to it: 'these are all right. Then come down. My brother is making delicious food. You can eat it soon.'

the iron eating beast scratched his big head again. 'How do I get down? There is no way here. It will take me a long time to go around. It's the fastest way to jump down, but will I fall to death if I jump so high?'

although I have infinite strength now, I didn't say that I'm not afraid of falling. What if I jump and fall to death?

'I'll get you down, and then you can come to us by yourself.' Jiayin said.

of course, you can't change it directly to your own group of people, otherwise you can't scare your friends.

they didn't know that it was the iron eater who threw stones from the top of the mountain just now, so they thought it was this guy who took the initiative to run.

anyway, I haven't seen it twice.

so Jiayin changed it to the lower official road through the space of breaking the boundary bead, only ten feet away from them, and commanded it to go in their direction.

the iron eater only feels that it is dark in front of him. When he opens his eyes, he is at the foot of the mountain! Now I am more convinced of Jiayin, and the obedient ones follow Jiayin's command.

because his body is chubby and round, he walks on two legs for a while, then lies down and climbs on four legs for a while, and occasionally he can't help rolling.

it feels like a ball rolling forward, and the good news is funny.

because it's only about ten feet away, and we'll be there soon.

when he saw them, he growled at them.

Fang Zhiyuan and several others looked over in surprise. They were surprised to see this big guy! He stood up at once, and his subordinates consciously touched his waist to the weapon.

although this bear looks strange in color, it is obviously a blind bear according to its appearance and size!

seeing that they were so nervous, Jiayin hurriedly said: 'it's all right, it's all right. I don't think it meant to attack us. It should be attracted by the smell we made.'

during the time when the good news and Shitie * * flowed, Fang Zhiyuan and his family had already cooked some simple food. Here are official channels for people to come and go. It's not appropriate to stay long. They can make some good food when they camp in the evening.

we heated the dry food and roasted a few rabbits, but the smell of the barbecue was really attractive.

when the iron eating beast walked not far away, it was indeed attracted by the fragrance. It smelled better than the bamboo it ate. After smelling it, it could not help but secrete some liquid from its mouth, which was about to drip out. Suck it quickly.

Fang Zhiyuan and several others immediately agreed with the good news when they saw it like this.

knew that it was really attracted by the smell of food, and the bear really didn't mean to attack them.

good news beckoned to the iron eater: 'come here, let's eat together.'

the iron eating beast ran over happily. Fang Zhiyuan and they were nervous again. However, it was a surprise to see that the other party just ran to them and sat down beside Jiayin.

seeing the noise, he planed the ground angrily with his hoof and raised his voice toward it. 'You guy, stay away from the good news! What are you doing so close to me? It's shameless!'

obviously, now the iron eating beast can understand the words of naonao. He grinned provocatively at naonao and said: 'I'll be next to you. I'll be next to you. What can you do? Who makes you look less attractive than me!'

he also leaned his big head on Jiayin's shoulder, and looked at naonao provocatively, rubbing against it.

Jiayin's neck scratched by him itched. He reached out and pushed his big head. As a result, he just touched his ears and found that it was soft and easy to touch! I can't help pinching its ears.

the iron eater was very happy to be touched and cooed twice more.

Jiayin can't help but reach out and touch the hair on his body. The hair on his body is a bit hard, not as soft as the hair on his head and ears.

then he put his hand back on his head, rubbed his two black ears with the palm of his hand, and then touched his big head.

Fang Zhiyuan hands a roasted rabbit to Jiayin, who takes it, tears off one leg, blows it, and hands it to the iron eater.

the iron eating beast also blew on the rabbit's leg like Jiayin, and then looked at Jiayin.

the good news was so cute that he handed the rabbit leg to his mouth. 'This one is edible. It's cooked and very fragrant.'

the iron eater opened his mouth and took a bite. He chewed, mmm! It's really delicious!

then he took it with his two claws, ate it with his own legs, and chewed the bones.

the good news stunned me, thinking that I really deserved to be an iron eater, and I didn't spit out bones when I ate meat!

then she gave it all the rabbits directly.

when Fang Zhiyuan saw the situation, he automatically roasted another one.

they hunted a lot of rabbits before and prepared to eat them today, so that's enough.

Fang Zhiyuan handed his own one to Jiayin first, and then baked it himself. It's OK to eat it later.

because of the interaction between the iron eating beast and Jiayin, several people look at it more pleasing to their eyes. In addition, there are two big black circles under their eyes, which make it look naive and not so fierce.

Fang Zhiqiang said: 'how does this bear look so strange? It's black and white.'

without waiting for the iron eater's angry rebuttal, Jiayin preempted them by saying: 'this is not a bear, this is an iron eater.'

everyone was surprised again. 'Iron eater!'

Fang Zhiwen said: 'no wonder it doesn't even spit out bones when it eats rabbits. It can even eat iron!'

he felt the knife at his waist and wondered whether to hide it tightly so that it would not be eaten by the other side?

Jiayin explained again: 'it doesn't really eat iron. It's because its teeth are so powerful that it can bite even things as hard as iron.'

the crowd nodded, 'Oh, so it is.'

of course, Jiayin doesn't know if it's like this. Anyway, she said it when she introduced it, so it should be OK for her to help introduce it like this.

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