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Chapter 247 Come up with an idea (ask for a subscription)

If the former queen of xingmang state promised the third prince some favorable conditions for Dayan, it is very likely that the third prince will help.

after all, Dayan is a big country, and its words still carry weight. It doesn't even need to make a big fight. Sending a few people can help them regain the throne.

it's just that the prince xingmang is still too young and just three years old. I'm afraid he can't ascend the throne even if he takes back the throne now.

plus the ministers over there. The head of a county. It's much more reliable than a house that hasn't grown up yet.

however, if the state of Dayan intervened, it would be a different story. The guoguowei, which is located in the state of Dayan, had to recognize it with their noses.

after hearing the words of the Dragon God, the former queen of xingmang was very moved.

Dayan is now the third prince in power, and they have heard all the way that the third prince has not married Zhengfei.

if Yunjiang is married to the third prince, even if it is the side princess, the third prince will be crowned as a treasure in the future. Why is Yunjiang also a noble princess? Of course, it would be better if he was the main princess.

as Yunjiang's family, why should the third prince help?

although xingmang is not an affiliated country of Dayan, it is not much different. For example, her sister married to Dongshan Prince's Mansion because of the consideration of marriage at that time.

the difference between them and the dependent countries is that they do not have to pay tribute year by year.

as for the trade between the two countries, there has always been and never has been a break.

but now Yunsheng is in power, it will be difficult to say in the future. Yunsheng has some connections with the leaders of other small countries, especially the namuqi state and the Golden Lion state.

if he doesn't have any ideas, she doesn't believe it. Although the three countries are small countries, their combined strength can't be underestimated. It's still possible to make trouble for Dayan.

the queen thought for a moment and thought that they could seize this point and surrender to the third prince.

thinking about this, the queen quickly went down to the ground, kowtowed three times, and said softly: 'thank you Dragon God for your advice. I will leave Dongshan County tomorrow and go to the capital.'

although they have just arrived at the periphery of Dongshan County in the past two days, they also heard some rumors.

when I had dinner in the lobby before, I heard the talk at the next table. It was said that the king of Dongshan doted on a concubine and paid little attention to the princess. In the past two years, the princess hid in the backyard to eat and chant Buddhism. She basically didn't go out except for going out to socialize with some official wives.

at that time, hearing these rumors, the queen of xingmang was playing drums in her heart. It seemed that she might have come in vain.

if my sister and Dongshan Wang have deep feelings, even if they respect each other like guests, they can also gamble.

however, under the current situation, it is likely that the king of Dongshan is tired of his sister. It is just that because his sister is married in the xingmang country, it is not easy to abandon her directly, but she is also cold in the backyard.

otherwise, my sister can't eat fast and chant Buddha in the backyard all the year round.

although the king of Dongshan didn't leave his backyard to his concubine, he didn't give face to the main room. I think my sister has no right to speak in Dongshan palace.

it is estimated that the other party will not give her sister-in-law face, and if she goes there, she may be sold to Yunsheng, the current leader of the country. If that's the case, then they're like a sheep into a tiger's mouth, aren't they?

thinking like this, I thanked the Dragon God in my heart. The Dragon God really appeared in time.

this evening, except for the tavern owner who led people to clean up the livestock shed in the backyard all night, all the guests who lived in it had a safe sleep.

in the morning of the next day, the xingmang people left. Jiayin sent them on a journey with her divine consciousness. Seeing that they were out of Dongshan County without any harm, she paid no attention to them.

the road from Dongshan County to the capital is relatively safe. After all, they have just come from there and have a deep understanding.

except for the official family woman who was killed and dumped her body, she did not encounter any danger along the way.

Jia Yin also scanned it with divine consciousness, and found no mountain bandits, which means that at least there will be no such accidents along the way.

the people of xingmang country have left. Good news, they are not in a hurry to leave. They have finally arrived at Dongshan County town. They must have a trip.

they went downstairs to have breakfast, and then because of the collapse of the barn, the innkeeper comforted the guests with livestock in the barn in order to apologize.

although he didn't know how the barn was collapsed, after all, the guests' animals were frightened, so the meal money in the morning was waived.

the guests didn't say anything, checked that the animals were not injured, and looked that their emotions were still stable. In this way, a free breakfast can be regarded as a profit.

when Jiayin took Pangpang to the barn to pick up naonao, she fed some holy water to the horse bullied by naonao, which was an apology for her own naonao.

the horse took a sip and looked at her with expectant eyes, as if he wanted to go with them. However, due to the noisy and obscene power, he dared not go forward and had to watch them leave.

Pangpang stuck to Jiayin as he walked. He just smelled the delicious water. Jiayin gave it a drink when he was on the road.

unexpectedly, Jiayin fed a horse he met by chance. It was jealous! It takes a lot of water to coax ~

the brain bag rubs hard on Jiayin's shoulder, and Jiayin's head tilts to one side, making it difficult to walk.

at last, Jiayin had no choice but to take out a bamboo tube and hand it to Pangpang. Pangpang's two big fat paws flexibly took it, held it, and poured it into his mouth. He drank it all in one breath.

after drinking, he also exaggerated a water burp, slapped his big belly with his fat paw, and his eyes narrowed.

as a result, just after pacifying this, I stopped making noise.

the big donkey's head also stretched out. Jiayin did not wait for it to rub itself like a mock, but passed a bamboo tube to it and fed it directly.

there's no way. Noisy can't hold it with its paws. Its hooves can't do this.

Fang Zhiyuan and several others put their luggage on naonao's back, boasted that naonao was really good, and then prepared to go. Pangpang quit again.

it stretched out its claws to unload the luggage on the noisy body. Jiayin quickly stopped it and said to it, 'what are you doing? We're going to start. Don't make trouble.'

the fat paw pointed to the luggage and said to Jiayin in his mind: 'I can also carry luggage. I am stronger than it and carry more than it!'

Pangpang feels that he can also carry luggage and be praised by everyone. He is very capable.

of course, the good news will not agree. Sometimes it runs on four legs, sometimes it walks on two legs, and occasionally it rolls on the spot. Let it carry luggage, and don't break it!

however, Pangpang has been grinding there, and there is no way. Finally, Jiayin thought of a way to make a package for him, wrapped several clothes that he didn't wear, and tied them directly to his neck.

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