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Chapter 249 Secret letter (subscription required)

Jiayin picked her eyebrows. The king of Dongshan was very careful. I don't know if it was this generation or previous generations of the king of Dongshan. It's hidden. Even if he came to steal his family openly, he wouldn't think of it. There is a secret passage here.

Yes, it is a secret passage.

Jiayin Shenzhi went in along the entrance, went underground, went through the secret passage, and came to the stable.

then I saw three big dark rooms under the stable, where many boxes were hidden.

Jia Yin looks at it with divine awareness. One room contains gold and silver, and the other two are weapons!

good news breathed a sigh. So many weapons can't be used by the guards of the royal residence. Sure enough, the king of Dongshan has a different opinion!

this is a concealed weapon, and it is even very likely that it is a privately made weapon. Anyway, it must not be put on the surface.

although Dongshan king is the prince and Dongshan Commandery is his fief, he does not have military power. He acts as a sheriff, and military power is in the hands of Dongshan commandant.

judging from his behavior, it is obvious that the sheriff and he are not of the same mind. Otherwise, wouldn't it be safer to put these weapons in the barracks? At least no one will doubt me.

the exit of this secret passage is in the stables. There are many horses in the stables, and a special horse farm is built in the back to run horses.

thinking of what they heard before, Dongshan king likes to collect BMWs very much, so there are many horses in the royal residence, which can be said in the past.

once something happens or his ambition is exposed, Dongshan king can run to the stable from the secret passage and ride away with some money and weapons.

there is a hidden back door behind the horse farm, which leads directly to the back hill. Obviously, it was planned in advance.

it can be seen that the king of Dongshan has been planning for a long time. He has thought about everything in the future, and he doesn't hold any good farts.

Jiayin thought, should I tell the third prince about this?

although the third prince in the name of the Dragon God should be paid attention to, in this case, it would be better to tell the queen of xingmang country about it so that she can surrender to the third prince.

and the reason why she knows this can be completely blamed on her sister's informer, who may even take her sister out and leave her life.

however, she still needs to observe for a few days. One is to see what the king of Dongshan has in mind.

if she really wants to plot to wage war with the current leader of the star country and several other small countries, she will definitely not allow it. She must uncover his conspiracy as soon as possible.

the second is to observe whether Princess Dongshan participated in it.

if the king of Dongshan wants to protect himself and doesn't act rashly, he can still keep his boss alive for several years.

however, soon, the good news was confirmed. She was naive enough to want to protect others, but she couldn't stand them and killed herself. She didn't go on the right path.

while they were wandering around Dongshan County, one night, Jiayin habitually shrouded Dongshan palace with divine consciousness and found that two people in black had entered Dongshan palace!

at first, Jiayin thought she was here to assassinate the king of Dongshan. She wanted to take away the gold, silver and jewelry so as to save money for others.

as a result, the two people who were familiar with the road came to the courtyard of Dongshan Wang's concubine. After lying outside and learning a few cat calls, Dongshan Wang dressed up and came out, and the concubine unexpectedly followed!

and the expression on the concubine's face, how can she still have that charming and penetrating feeling before? Now the small face with a big palm has a solemn face and a cold light in his eyes. At a glance, he knows that he should be a dark guard.

in particular, the pace of walking is very steady, which should be practiced for many years.

Jiayin thinks she may have guessed something. This concubine is favored, and her family goes up with chickens and dogs. These may be the arrangement of Dongshan king. He puts his own industry and official positions in Dongshan County under these names.

it's just in the name of my concubine's family. It's very likely that the identities of those people are not real at all. They are all his trained dark guards.

the king of Dongshan turned around and took them to the study not far away. The concubine went first to light the candle, and the three of them went in afterwards.

after the king of Dongshan sat down at the desk in the study, the two men in black didn't say much and directly handed over several letters respectfully. Then he stood respectfully aside.

king Dongshan picked up one of the letters and looked at it. My concubine brought a candle and put it on the table to make the light brighter.

Dongshan Wang opened the letter and read it carefully.

the good news also gathered the divine consciousness and watched it together.

this time, I have a feeling that the first letter is a letter from the current leader of the star country.

and the general content of the writing is that the chaotang is in his hands, but the former queen and the prince have run away, and the princess is also missing. In addition, the two deputy commanders of the forbidden guards may have gone to Dayan state.

the most likely reason for the former queen to escape is to go to her sister who married to Dayan country.

even if it can't help her regain power, at least the brother-in-law of Dongshan king can protect their mother and son.

after the king of Dongshan finished reading it, he sneered disdainfully, 'Yunsheng is really a waste. He can't even see a woman and a three-year-old child. What can he do?'

said that and threw the letter on the table. The concubine picked up the letter, lit it on the candle, threw it into the fire pot beside her, and burned it completely.

king Dongshan then picked up a second letter. This second letter was still from the xingmang country, but it was not from the Lord of the country, but from a prime minister of the xingmang country.

I didn't expect that the Prime Minister of the xingmang state also colluded with me, and it was obvious that he was not in the same company with the new leader, but in private.

Jiayin still read the letter with Dongshan king. The general content of the letter is also about the escape of the former queen and the princess prince.

another thing is that because the princess escaped and in case her marriage with the Lord of Muqi failed. Yunsheng is going to take the prime minister's daughter as an adopted daughter, make her a princess, and marry her to the state of Muqi.

the prime minister is definitely not happy. Not everyone cares about their children like Yunsheng.

for example, the prime minister is a father who loves his daughter very much. How can he agree that his beautiful daughter will marry an old man who is dying.

therefore, he directly said in his letter that Yunsheng's talent is limited. He only knows how to consolidate power through marriage, but does not know how to strengthen himself. Such a person who will depend on others is not suitable for being a leader of the country. If you cooperate with him, you may be betrayed at any time.

obviously, this is a way to sow dissension, but if someone is acting in an overt way, it clearly means that this person is not good. You can't say that someone is wrong if there are reasonable reasons.

and judging from this tone, it is estimated that there is a plan for the next step, which may not be successful in implementation.

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