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Chapter 250 I almost wronged a good man (Please subscribe)

After reading the letter, Dongshan Wang also fell into thinking. He also felt that Yunsheng was a little eager for quick success and instant benefit. His vision was too low, and he couldn't be without talent and temperament.

be the leader of the star country. It's very likely to pull his leg.

however, if the newly appointed leader of the country is still in the upper position of the surname Yun, it is OK to say that once he changes his surname, it will certainly cause unrest.

at that time, I don't know how long it will take to calm down the chaos, which will be of no benefit to him. After that, I may not be able to help much.

handed the letter of the Prime Minister of the xingmang state to my concubine. After burning it to ashes, he continued to read the letter below.

the third letter is interesting.

seeing the above, Jiayin unconsciously sat up from the bed.

that letter came from Nanyue!

someone in Nanyue county has colluded with Dongshan king!

it is definitely impossible for the Shao family. Now the Shao family is in charge of Nanyue county and Qiyang County. In addition, there is no need to collude with Dongshan king because of Shaoyang's outsider Jiayun county.

in that case, the court could not allow the shaos to become big. It was because of their loyalty that they were given so many rights.

sure enough, Jiayin looked at the contents of the letter and said that it was all about the Shao family. How could the Shao family write to Dongshan Wang about their own family.

it seems that others are monitoring them and reporting their every move to this side.

who is it? Is it the lieutenant of Nanyue county? Or the master surnamed Lin? Or other officials in the county?

the good news always feels that it should have something to do with the sheriff and the Chief Secretary Lin. after all, neither of them is a good person, but they are not villains and villains. There are still some fortunes, and she is not easy to shoot.

just like the king of Dongshan, he has some national fortune. It is estimated that it is the shadow of his ancestors. If good news is given to him, it will damage his merit and morality, so he can only be given by others.

the letter even mentioned Fang's family, saying that Jun Shou Shao intended to promote Fang Youwei to serve in the county and city, and to train in the army. Fang refused blindly, and I don't know why.

originally, I thought it was the sheriff Shao who was going to put his own people in the army to seize military power. Unexpectedly, the other side refused, which made me a little confused.

seeing this good news, I thought, fortunately uncle Youwei refused to go at that time. It takes too much brain to go to places like this. If you don't say anything bad or dangerous, you will still have a bright future.

if you happen to fall under the hand of the sender and don't collude with him, you will certainly be made difficult. But if you collude with him, it will be a crime involving nine families once it happens.

the last letter came from Xiangyun County. It seems that the hand of the king of Dongshan is really long. He even wrote in Xiangyun County?

he didn't instigate the independence of the Yao people before, did he?

Yao people go out independently, so he can take advantage of the chaos in Dayan to fish in troubled waters.

the more I think about the good news, the more I think it is possible. Although the Yao people have been suppressed there, and the Sheriff has been replaced by people from the court, many officials below can't be replaced all at once, and many people are still in their posts.

the person who wrote this letter did not know what official position he held in Xiangyun County. I don't think it's too low. If it's too low, we can't know so many internal things.

it will not be too high. If it is too high, the people in the imperial court will certainly monitor it. It is impossible to contact the king of Dongshan so easily.

Jiayin remembers that name, which is called Xiang Jiucheng. This name is quite domineering. Does it mean that 90% of everything is guaranteed? In the future, she can pay attention to it or ask Shaoyang to check it.

after reading all the letters and burning them, my concubine polished the ink and handed the pen to Dongshan Wang, who took up the pen and wrote several replies.

when he was writing, he read the good news. Most of what he wrote were words like asking them to stand still and wait for instructions.

added one more sentence on Nanyue side, asking the other side to clean up some tails, so as not to arouse suspicion from others.

if it has been suspected, try not to let people find out that it has contact with him.

then the two men in black returned the letter, presumably to deliver it.

after thinking for a while, the good news directly told Xiao Ling, who was far away from Fangjia village, the contents of Nanyue's letter, and asked him to fly to the county town overnight to tell Shaoyang. As for what to do, it was up to them.

after all, if you want to find out the other party, you need to check carefully one by one. Even if you find it, you still need evidence to get rid of the other party.

as for how to collect evidence, it is not their business.

after another two days of observation, Jiayin found that she might have thought wrong at first.

she always thought that the princess Dongshan, the younger sister of the former queen of xingmang state, might know about Dongshan king, and then helped him to cover up, so she built a dark room in the Buddhist hall.

it is also possible that her mother's family in xingmang also colluded with the current state leader Yun Sheng, but abandoned the former queen and their three wives.

but now it seems that it should not be, because she found that the princess of Dongshan had never entered the Buddhist Hall these days, and the door of the Buddhist hall was always locked.

Jia Yin probed the princess's bedroom and body with her divine consciousness, but she couldn't find the key to the door lock of the Buddhist hall.

that is to say, although the Buddhist hall was built in the courtyard of the princess in the backyard. It was also built in the name of the princess worshipping Buddha, but the princess had no right to enter.

this is interesting. The Buddha Hall is probably built by Dongshan king himself. The key is in his hand, and only he knows the dark room.

the reason why the princess was not treated harshly should be that it is unnecessary. A woman does not have a deep hatred and is also her first wife. There is no need to treat her harshly. Just eat and drink well.

another thing is that Jiayin saw the horse that had been bullied before in the stable of Dongshan king.

other horses are locked together, but that horse is alone.

good news: listening to the chat between the young boys who serve horses, I know that the horses have just been presented to the king of Dongshan.

knowing that Dongshan king likes horses, many officials and businessmen at the bottom specially asked people to go outside the Great Wall to get back some good horses for Dongshan king.

the king of Dongshan often gives promotions or rewards when he is happy, and businessmen open the door to his business or shops.

because of these advantages, those people are encouraged to offer horses to Dongshan King more actively.

and this horse is still wilting, whether it is a new arrival or something.

the waiter was afraid that the horse would be blamed for any accident. He tried to feed it some good forage and took care of it alone, but the result was still no improvement.

Jiayin knows what's going on. First, she was bullied by the donkey who made a scene at home. She is a little suspicious of Ma Sheng. She hasn't recovered. After all, she can't beat a donkey. It's very annoying.

another thing is that after drinking the spirit water, drinking ordinary water and eating ordinary forage must be a little tasteless. I guess I still miss my spirit water...

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