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Chapter 257 Stay at Liu's house (reward for 'little Robbie')

Fang Zhiqiang and several others came forward to thank the two brothers. They also saw that although the crazy old man was unkempt, his clothes were not very dirty.

there must be someone to take care of it. It's just that his face, as a brother-in-law, may not be easy to clean, so it looks very untidy. And his brother, a big man, must be careless.

so the party followed the two brothers and went to the village.

at this time, it is dusk, when everyone is cooking dinner, so there are not many people outside. They walked all the way to the old man's house without meeting anyone.

in addition, the old man's family lives not far from the village, which is only two or three apart.

on the way, they knew the name of the old man. His surname was Liu Dazhuang, and his younger brother was Liu Erzhuang.

their village is called Yuquan village, because there is a spring hole in the middle of the village. The spring water is clear and sweet. It flows out from a stone crack. The stone is shaped like a beautiful jade under the sunshine, so it is named Yuquan.

later, the village built around it was named Yuquan village.

the surnames in Yuquan village are quite miscellaneous, and they all migrated from various places. There is no big family in the whole village.

unlike other villages, many of them are one family or one village. The largest family in Yuquan village is the village head's family, accounting for one fifth of the village's population. It developed slowly later.

the village head's family name was Guan. The first generation had five sons. After that, there were more and more grandchildren, and the family flourished.

they are the only brothers in the Liu family.

the house of Liu Dazhuang's family is also of stone and wood structure. It is a small courtyard surrounded by a fence. The fence is old at first sight. It may be that it has not been repaired much in the past year. It was covered with weeds and vines and looked a little messy.

the yard is very clean. It can be seen that it is often cleaned.

there are four rooms, one main room and three bedrooms. There are beds and cabinets in each bedroom.

this is the ancestral house of the Liu family. At first, they lived together. Later, Liu Erzhuang married and Liu Dazhuang built another house for him. It is not far away. It is bigger than this. Because Liu Erzhuang's family has three sons, they can't live there at all when they are young, and they are almost adults now.

since the disappearance of his daughter and the death of his wife, Liu Dazhuang is the only one left here. There are just two vacant rooms, which are shared by Jiayin and them.

Jiayin and Pangpang live in one room. The two brothers squeeze together. Although the bed is certainly too crowded, they can cushion some hay, and sleeping on the ground is the same.

anyway, they often sleep in the wild these days, and they have been used to it. At least there is a room to shelter them from the wind and rain, which is more comfortable than in the wild.

when the donkey cart arrived in the yard, Jiayin called Pangpang down from the donkey cart.

the Liu brothers were shocked when they saw such a big beast.

they haven't seen this thing, but judging from its shape and appearance, it looks like a blind bear in the mountains, but its color is very different, and it looks more peaceful, not like a fierce attack on people.

and the good news was also afraid of frightening them. After Pangpang came down, she went forward and grabbed Pangpang's paw, so the Liu brothers soon calmed down.

you think this is the little girl's pet? It seems that this little girl has some abilities. She is still protected by such a beast. So she was safe in Yulong County for a few days.

they think so in their hearts. Of course, there may be a reason why such a group of brothers protect them.

but they look like half grown-ups, not like they can be protected.

after all, the woman who disappeared here before did not have many brothers in the family. The brothers took turns to guard but did not hold.

only those ordinary looking or ugly women in the village are safer now. Even a little beauty is in danger of disappearing.

the two sighed. The little girl is so delicate, but more dangerous.

at this time, a woman came over with a bamboo basket.

seeing so many people in the courtyard, he looked stunned and asked loudly: 'what's the matter with the head of the family?'

Liu Er Zhuang turned his head when he heard this and saw that it was his wife. He quickly replied: 'ah Hua, you've come to deliver food. These children are passing by our village and want to stay here for a night.

my elder brother has an empty house here, so I brought them to my brother.

Oh, yes, they are our nobles. My brother woke up when he saw them!'

the woman who was called ah Hua was obviously stunned and looked at the elder brother beside her husband.

Liu Dazhuang said to his brother-in-law with shame in his eyes, 'I've been working hard for my sister-in-law for a while. Let you take care of me on both sides. In the future, I'll cheer up and live a good life. I'll also find my jade. I'll find my jade back.

although I've been confused in the past year, I always have a feeling that my jade will come back safely.'

the woman looked at the elder brother with tears in her eyes and said: 'elder brother, don't do this. We are all a family. Nobody wants to encounter this kind of thing. Yu'er will come back safe and sound. Elder brother must take good care of himself in the future.'

there is only one girl named yu'er in their two families. Because her sister-in-law is in poor health, she gave birth to yu'er.

but they have three children, all sons. She also grew up watching yu'er. She likes her beautiful niece very much.

in addition, my three sons also love my tender sister very much. They also treat me as a daughter.

at that time, yu'er disappeared. Not to mention her sister-in-law, she couldn't stand it. She fainted several times. Later, her sister-in-law fell ill, and her brother-in-law became like this again. She had to rely on her to manage the family. Only then did she try to cheer herself up.

fortunately, all three sons in the family are old enough to talk about marriage. She still wants to wait for her daughter-in-law to come in, so that she can share some of the household chores with her daughter-in-law, and she can relax a little.

I didn't expect that my elder brother would recover and wake up. What a surprise!

looking at Jiayin, they were also startled by Pangpang. Like the Liu brothers, when they saw Jiayin holding a bear's paw and the bear leaning obediently beside her, they thought it might be the pet of the beautiful girl. Only with such a fierce pet, could they walk here safely.

suddenly thought of something, handed the basket to Liu Erzhuang, and said to the good news: 'I'm going to cook some food for you. I didn't know you were here before. I just made my uncle's. wait a moment, and I'll be ready soon. I hope you don't dislike it even if it's a simple meal.'

said that he was leaving, but was stopped by the good news. 'Don't bother my aunt. My brother and I cooked delicious food. We also brought food. We can make it ourselves.'

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