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Chapter 259 Dragon God vs Dragon God (subscription required)

Fang Zhiyuan thought for a moment, He also said to Liu Dazhuang: 'to tell uncle Liu the truth, we are from Nanyue county. There is a dragon god in our county, and several dragon temples have been built in our county.

although I have never seen a real dragon god, I believe that the Dragon God will not do such things. How can you become a god if you do such evil things? It must be some evil spirits or things done by people in the name of the Dragon God.

The people over there all believe in the Dragon God very much. The reason why they believe in the Dragon God piously is not that there is no inexplicable oracle. It is because the Dragon God has saved many people. It is a real merit that can arouse the faith in the hearts of so many people.

there used to be frequent floods in our side. Since the dragon temple was built, the weather has been good in the past few years. If you have any ailments, go to the Dragon Temple to get holy water, which can be eliminated after drinking. Although it can't be said that all ailments will be eliminated, some minor ailments can be immediately effective.

also, the Dragon God never asked us to offer anything, and we built the temple spontaneously. '

Fang Zhiyuan didn't mean to say that the money was made by the Dragon God himself, and even the appearance of the gods was provided by him. It's a bit ridiculous.

Fang Zhigang on the side said:' Our Dragon God has envoys. There is a talking bird, which is invulnerable to weapons and even can break a stone with one claw. There are also two eagles that can travel thousands of miles back and forth in a few hours... '

Liu Dazhuang was stunned. If the two people said that the Dragon God over there didn't ask for anything, he thought they had come to preach to him.

but if there were such a dragon God, he would be willing to believe.

after all, the so-called Snow Dragon God over here was only said to have extinguished the mountain fire and saved the people, but I don't know whether these are true.

' Although the shape of the snow dragon mountain looks like a white dragon, if you look carefully after entering, you can also find that it may be snow.

after that, everyone also believed in it for a period of time. Before September 20, they would go to the altar to worship. But after many years of worship, they never showed their holiness, and there were absurd things like offering brides.

at the beginning, someone went there with a tribute to ask if the Dragon God was true or false. Of course, there was no response.

then we didn't follow the so-called Oracle, and there was no natural or man-made disaster, so we didn't take it seriously.

I can't feel what magic power the Dragon God has. I even don't know if there is a Dragon God.

as a result, a young woman disappeared. At that time, everyone was angry and suspicious. What is this? Is this what God can do? Shouldn't God's bride be a God? Why should we offer mortals?

if you want to give the Dragon God a servant, we all think it's reasonable. What's the situation of giving the bride?

therefore, since then, many people have never worshipped the so-called Snow Dragon God, and the altar at the foot of the mountain has never been repaired, which has become desolate. '

after hearing Liu Dazhuang's words, the good news changed her mind.

that is to say, the newly built altar is unknown to the villagers around. It is very likely that the people who built the new altar did the trick.

the so-called Dragon God wanted a bride more than ten years ago, and it is also very likely that those people did it. As for what exactly these young women do, she has not found the answer.

A wisp of her divine consciousness remained there all the time, but no one ever returned. Only the two deaf and dumb old women took care of the women's daily life.

and the two people who followed them stealthily are still squatting at the entrance of the village. Maybe it's because they haven't left the village and know that they are sleeping here. They should be waiting for an opportunity to catch themselves.

it seems that you have to find a way to pretend to be alone and create an opportunity for them.

of course, it doesn't mean that she wants to be captured and investigated internally. Wouldn't that worry Zhiyuan's brother and them.

this is just for brother Zhiyuan to show them. Let them catch the two people and interrogate them by themselves, so as to save themselves the trouble of trying to explain.

she can't run to the two people by herself and directly seize them and give them to brother Zhiyuan, saying that they are bad people, right?

catching thieves also means catching dirt. Only by letting them be caught when doing bad things can it be persuasive. She believes that brother Zhiyuan and they also have ways to get these two people to confess.

even if they can't, they still have their own! The same is true of direct divine control.

at the thought of this, Jiayin felt that she was too smart to think of such a careful plan.

couldn't help rubbing the fat ears beside him proudly.

Pangpang was kneaded comfortably, with her hairy brain bag on her shoulder and her ears shaking, as if inviting her to knead again.

as soon as the good news is heard, Liu Dazhuang's attention is also attracted.

looked at the chubby black-and-white bear and said to them: 'your bear is really docile, but its fur color is a little strange, which is different from the blind bear I have seen before.

we also have blind bears in the mountains. We have met them when we went up the mountains before, but we all walk around when we see them from a distance.

even if blind bears find them, they will not come after us and attack us, but they will show their teeth and demonstrate.'

Jia Yin said with a smile: 'uncle Liu, it's not a bear. It's a unique iron eating beast in Dongshan County. It looks like a bear but doesn't attack people. It's honest. Don't you think it's very cute? Its name is Pangpang. I named it because it's greedy. That's why it grows so fleshy.'

since Pangpang got the good news, he has gained two circles of weight, and his stomach is almost falling to the ground. Fortunately, he drinks Lingshui every day, and his body is very healthy and flexible.

Liu Dazhuang looks at Pangpang. He is really cute. He is sticky to a little girl, whining and humming for a moment. It seems that he is not aggressive at all.

but is this an iron eater? How could such a docile animal have such a domineering name?

however, he was not ignorant and asked if he ate iron?

after all, little girls used to say that he was greedy, so you can't go everywhere every day to find iron for him. It must be just a description.

although he is just a farmer who doesn't know a word, he still has the wisdom of life.

soon the food was ready, with a strong fragrance. The neighbors could not help coming out to see who was cooking the delicious food. The taste was too overbearing.

even on the right came the cries of children and the scolding of adults who taught children.

Liu Dazhuang swallowed his saliva. He didn't expect that these half grown boys were so good at cooking, which was several times more fragrant than the stewed meat he had smelled in the restaurants in the town!

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