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Chapter 26 Salt making

Six suddenly realized, 'Oh, you mean that kind of salty stone. There is one on the mountain on the other side of the cliff. We would go there every once in a while to lick the stone, otherwise we would have no strength.'

Jiayin doesn't know where the salt is extracted, but according to Liu, it should be about the same?

he walked over to Youwei and said, 'uncle, where did you get the salt? Can you only buy it in town?'

Fang Youwei said, 'no, if we can find the salt stone, we can boil the salt ourselves. We boiled the salt ourselves before.'

Jiayin looked happy after listening to the news. The salt stone mentioned in the first six months is very good!

he hurriedly said: 'is there salt stone in the mountain?'

Fang Youwei said uncertainly, 'there should be salt rocks where there are goats and wild donkeys. Otherwise, they would not survive here and they would not live without salt.'

Jiayin takes advantage of Youwei and says, 'uncle, why don't you take Liu? He must know where there is salt.'

Fang Youwei thinks it's reasonable. He doesn't stop. He directly pulls Liu to find Yanshi.

liuzao received the good news order. Without his saying, he took Fang Youwei directly to the direction of salt and stone.

they went out from the mountain depression, went around to the back of the mountain depression, and went all the way up. There was a large pool of water. There were no trees around, but stones. It was like a large stone pot full of water.

Fang Youwei looked at the orientation of the pool, which should be the source of the stream in the mountain depression.

Liu walked along the mountain wall next to the pool and stopped in front of a large gap in the middle of the rock wall.

the gap is sixorseven feet wide. Seeing that Fang Youwei followed, Liu went straight in.

Fang Youwei followed him and walked for half a mile. The front suddenly widened and they came to the other side of the rock wall.

their sight suddenly turned to looking down. They even stood on the cliff!

there are lush trees below. The surrounding mountains are clearly visible, and even the city wall surrounding the town can be seen further away...

Fang Youwei felt so small for a moment.

before he finished feeling, Liu arched him with his head.

Fang Youwei regained his consciousness and looked at Liu. Liu nodded on the ground beside him with his head.

Fang Youwei saw that there were many white crystalline rocks on the ground.

he was so happy that he didn't expect to find it so soon. He took out a machete from the basket, squatted down and picked up a place with thick crystals, and put it into a cloth bag prepared in advance.

the salt can only be used after boiling it back.

after prying for a long time, I filled the small cloth bag. It looked like ten kilograms. It would be good if I could boil half of it back.

he decided to go back and boil them first. After all, the pork can't wait too long. If it isn't salted, it will be bad. He can come back tomorrow.

when they returned with a cloth bag of salt, Li was quite surprised. He didn't expect to come back so soon. Then he saw the coarse particles in the bag and knew that it should have just been knocked down from the salt stone.

Li hurried into the house to take out the iron pot and put it on the fire pond. First, he smashed the salt in a wooden basin, poured water and dissolved it, and then put it into the pot for boiling.

while cooking, he said: 'now we can't make soybean milk. We can only mix it first. The salt will taste a little bitter. Anyway, we are pickled pork. The taste should not be too obvious when eating. When cooking, we should still use our previous salt.'

after boiling, filter it with cotton cloth, filter out the impurities, and dry it again. Li thought it was almost the same. At least it looked no different from ordinary salt.

it took two days. Fortunately, the sun is quite bright these days. I can dry what I want at noon.

for fear of spoilage, the first batch of boiled salt was salted first, and then the second batch of boiled salt was smeared on the pork, so that it could be stored for a longer time.

hang the cured meat under the eaves to dry.

when the stone house was built, not only two small windows were left to keep ventilation, but also a roof eave was built, which is to use several sticks to weave twigs and thatch, so that the rain will not float into the house.

the house is just in the sun, so you can dry the meat after hanging there for a few days.

after that, Fang Youwei went to get some salt. They boiled a lot of salt for bacon.

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