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Chapter 261 Save lives (subscription required)

When they looked at the good news in front of them, they couldn't help thinking of their cousin yu'er.

it's just that uncle just woke up. They didn't dare to mention yu'er's sister at all. They were afraid that they would irritate uncle and turn him into a fool.

however, they dared not mention it, but Liu Dazhuang did.

'yu'er has been missing for a year, and there has been no clue before. Zhiyuan said that all they heard along the way was the rumor that the Dragon God chose a bride.

I don't believe it anyway. I still think that yu'er and the missing girls were taken away.

but now I really don't have a clue, but just now Zhiyuan told me that they also have a dragon god in Nanyue County, and it is very effective.

They also agree with me that since the Dragon God is a God, he should not do such evil things.

I just wanted to worship the Dragon God over there and ask the Dragon God to help me find my jade. '

Mr. and Mrs. Liu Erzhuang and the three brothers of the Liu family all don't know what to say.

refuse, and fear that the elder brother (uncle) will lose hope. Agree, and fear that the elder brother (uncle) will be even more desperate.

for a moment, they are in a dilemma.

and at this time, the eyes of the good news are bright.

Yes! If they ask for themselves, they can directly get people out by using the method of Dragon Spirit manifestation.

Why do you have to make your own bait to attract those two people who don't necessarily know the inside story?

Yes, if they don't know much about it, isn't she busy for nothing and still waiting?

she can completely get those young women out at one time. As for whether there is Liu yu'er in it, she can't guarantee it.

as for the behind the scenes, she can also search the souls of the two people directly. If she doesn't know much, she will continue to stay near the altar with her divine consciousness, and the people behind the scenes will always come back.

at this time, without waiting for good news to speak, Fang Zhigang said: 'wait a minute. I'll take the statue of the Dragon God with me. It should be more effective if you worship the Dragon God directly.'

said that, he ran to the donkey cart that had been unloaded outside, found out his small package with personal clothes, and took out a palm sized Wooden Carved Dragon God from inside.

this was carved by Yang Chengsi, who was invited by his mother to help him when Yang Chengsi was a guest. It was placed at home for worship.

later, he wanted to go on a study tour. His mother was not at ease, so she asked him to wear a dragon god on his body and worship before going to bed every day, so that the Dragon God would protect him in peace.

it happened that the Dragon God was not big, so he carried it on his back all the time. Later, he bought a donkey cart and put it on the donkey cart with his clothes and luggage.

although the wooden carving is only about the size of a palm, the details of the Dragon God's appearance are lifelike. Looking at this statue, I feel shocked and subconsciously want to worship.

Fang Zhigang put the dragon god statue on the side table and asked them to go there to worship.

Aunt ah Hua suddenly thought of something and ran out.

Fang Zhigang does not know why, He introduced to them: 'this dragon statue is carved on the drawing given by the Dragon God himself, including the giant statue in our dragon temple. It is the same as this.

This is what my mother asked me to bring home. This time I went on a study tour. I don't know how long it would take and how far it would take. So my mother didn't feel at ease, so she asked me to take the statue of Lord Dragon God with me and worship it every night, so that Lord Dragon God could protect me safe and sound. '

the good news was silent for a while. Unexpectedly, brother Zhigang carried her real image on his back all the time, and she never found it.

Fang Zhiqiang and others suddenly realized:' I can't blame you for kowtowing three times to the table every night before you go to bed. We are still thinking what you are doing. You are worshipping the Dragon God!

but why didn't I see you invite the statue of Dragon God out to worship? '

Fang Zhigang scratched his head with embarrassment and said:' I'm not afraid that you will laugh at my cowardice? You have to take the statue of Dragon God when you go out. Every time I put my baggage on the table and put the Dragon God in order, but I didn't bring it outside. '

several people looked at him with laughter. Fang Zhigang, a boy, was desperate for face.

at this time, aunt ah Hua came back with a candle and a censer.

it was dark now, so she lit the candle with a fire lotus and lit the oil lamp in the room.

the oil lamp had been useless for a long time. When it was first lit, the black smoke was billowing and the smoke was very big.

They haven't lit the oil lamp for my uncle before. I'm afraid he accidentally overturns the oil lamp at night. What should I do if it catches fire? So I put the lamp away.

fortunately, when it comes to night, uncle goes to bed. He runs outside during the day, squats at the village entrance, and sleeps at home at night.

these candles are used to light incense on New Year's festivals and ancestor worship. After the incense is burned, the candle can be put away.

set up the incense burner. Liu Dazhu and Liu Erzhu took three incense sticks and lit them on candles. They bowed three times in front of the gods. The incense sticks into the incense burner, and then they knelt down. The three brothers of the Liu family knelt behind them, chanting their prayers in their hearts,

at this time, Fang Zhigang reminded: 'don't say it in your heart. You should read it out with your mouth. There is a saying on our side about worshipping the Dragon God in the Dragon God Temple. Only when you say what you ask, the Dragon God will hear it and things will come true.

if you meditate in your heart, the Dragon God may not be able to hear it. After all, the Dragon God is busy and can't listen to everyone's heart.'

several people were stunned. Liu Dazhu didn't even want to put his hands together and said to the God: 'please help me find my daughter Liu Yuer, who is 15 years old, with apricot eyes, Qiong nose, cherry mouth, and a red mole under her left ear. Her body is almost the same as her second aunt...'

Liu Dazhuang said everything and told her daughter's appearance and characteristics.

although the Dragon God is a God, he is also afraid that the Dragon God does not know what his daughter looks like and has no way to find it.

his description made Jiayin's eyes brighter.

that's all right. She was still thinking about how to find his daughter. So many young women can't all bring them to the Liu's house. Which one can she find for herself?

with such a description, she had a goal. Her divine consciousness went directly to the dark room of the women in the prison and looked for it with the weak light inside.

looking at the good news one by one, we can see that there are several women who meet the appearance described by Liu Dazhuang. In fact, the appearance of beautiful women is somewhat similar, such as apricot eyes, Qiong nose and cherry lips. Many beautiful women have this appearance.

there is only a slight difference in face shape. These women have oval faces, melon seed faces, round faces and long faces.

after locking these women down, we began to explore whether there were red moles behind their ears. Physical features like this are the key.

several people scanned it and found a small bright red mole under the right ear of a round faced girl.

it also looks like she is 14 or 15 years old. That's her!

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