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Chapter 262 Feilongjiao (subscription required)

Liu Dazhuang is still nagging about his daughter's voice, the clothes she wore when she disappeared, and so on. In fact, these are useless. She has been missing for so long. She can't always wear one dress.

before he finished describing it, he just felt that there was a flower in front of him, and there was a woman in front of the case.

Liu Dazhuang closed his eyes vigorously, opened them again, rubbed them with his hands, and pinched his face. It's not blindness! I'm not dreaming!

as soon as I described my daughter's appearance, the person was right in front of me. Was it an illusion cast by the Dragon God? Let him confirm it?

the three brothers of the Liu family directly shouted: 'yu'er! It's yu'er coming back! The Dragon God is so effective! Thank you, Dragon God! Thank you, Dragon God!'

he kowtowed several heads and hurriedly stood up and rushed to his cousin.

Liu Erzhuang and his wife also helped each other up and walked toward yu'er.

Liu Dazhuang then realized that it was really his daughter. It was really his daughter who came back!

Liu yu'er was confused at first. She had just finished her dinner and was chatting with someone when she suddenly felt confused. Then she opened her eyes and went home!

I thought I was dreaming just now. It was not until three cousins surrounded her and grabbed her arm. The real touch from the clothes made her feel real and know that she had really come back!

goodbye, my father. He looked at himself stupidly, and his tears flowed down.

Liu Dazhuang stands up tremblingly, staggers to his daughter, hugs her and howls loudly!

Mr. and Mrs. Liu Erzhuang and the three brothers of the Liu family also cried together. Over the past year, they have also tried their best to find their niece (sister).

remembering that my uncle (elder brother) had become silly and confused before, I felt even worse.

unexpectedly, today's double happiness came. My uncle (brother) recovered his senses and my sister (niece) also returned. This should be the blessing of the Dragon God.

after several people calmed down, Liu Erzhuang's family knelt down and kowtowed several times to the statue. Liu Dazhu also pulled his daughter down and kowtowed three times to the statue of Dragon God.

good news looks at the added twelve meritorious deeds and golden lights, and nods with satisfaction. Yes, it's good to know that it's all your own.

as for Fang Zhiyuan, it can be said that they have seen nothing strange. Although they have not seen such exciting things as the great change of living people before, are there still few things that the Dragon God has changed?

think about the boxes of gold and silver, the bamboo tubes of holy water that appear from time to time, and the storage bags that Xiaoling and the elder eagle and the second brother Eagle take out from time to time...

the Dragon God is a God. They don't feel strange when they do anything.

the Liu family has told their hearts, worshipped the Dragon God, and introduced the good news and others for their daughter.

seeing Liu yu'er's calm expression, the good news asked curiously: 'sister yu'er, can I ask who took you? Where did you catch you? Are there many people there? I heard that many people have disappeared around here.'

she is really curious. Liu Yuer has been there for a year, and she may know something.

Liu yu'er was shocked when she heard this question. Everyone looked at her. Waiting for her answer, she also remembered those little sisters who were still locked there.

stood up at once and said to them: 'let's hurry to report to the official, otherwise it will be too late!'

Aunt Liu grabbed her, patted her hand, and comforted her: 'don't worry about it. I don't know if it's dangerous to go out now. The government doesn't know if it can help. We have reported it to the government before. It's useless at all.'

Liu Dazhuang and Liu Erzhuang nodded in agreement, as did the three brothers of the Liu family.

Liu Yuer hesitated and said: 'but... When I come out, those people may find that it will be too late after a long time...'

seeing Liu Yuer hesitated, Fang Zhigang couldn't help but say: 'you forgot how you came out? It won't be too late. Moreover, even if you report to the official, you should tell the other party where you were locked up before. You can't let the government investigate everywhere. Isn't it a surprise?

if the government can find it before, it will find it before. Why wait until now?'

Liu yu'er has calmed down now. Yu Guang's eyes brightened when he scanned the Dragon God image on the desk. Since the Dragon God can save himself, he can certainly save those people, right?

this Dragon God is the real dragon god!

Liu yu'er worshipped the Dragon God piously, Then he said to them: 'I was captured by a disciple of Feilong sect. I overheard this in the carriage after I was captured.

they might think I was still sleeping at that time, but I had already woken up.

when I went home after buying embroidery thread, I walked to a place about a mile outside the town, where there were woods on both sides, and suddenly two people came out.

Before I could react, I was covered with a handkerchief, and then I fainted.

it should be that there was some anti perspiration drug on the handkerchief. Maybe I didn't inhale much, so I woke up soon.

when I woke up, I was in a cattle cart. There was a voice nearby. I didn't dare to open my eyes. I listened to the first two people in the cart.

one of them said that the leader was going to leave the pass soon, and he should prepare more women for the leader to offer. I think the leader should be very satisfied and give him the medicine of immortality.

when the leader of the sect leaves the pass, he will be successful in his magic skills. He will take them to kill the four sides, and he will no longer be trapped in this small Yulong County.

at that time, there will be a large number of followers. The followers of the flying dragon sect are all over the world, and they will follow the rising water...

later, the ox cart stopped, and they didn't say anything more. I felt that I had a cloth bag on my head, was carried off the ox cart, and was locked in a room without a window.

there are also many women like me, the largest is no more than 18 years old, and the youngest is just 12 or 13 years old.

we also discussed it later. Some of them also heard a sentence and a half, and some of them just went into a coma all the way. They were already in the room as soon as they woke up.

when I went, some people had lived there for several months. There are beds, clothes and toilets inside. Eating, drinking and laxating can be solved there.

every day, two women come to deliver food and clean. The two women are deaf and dumb. Every time they come, they put down their things and silently clean up and leave.

someone tried to run away with the two women, but they came back when they ran outside because someone was guarding them.

I have never been beaten or hungry, but we are not allowed to go out. Fortunately, there are many people in the prison, and the sisters can chat with each other. It's some comfort. If a person is locked in the prison, it's estimated that he will go crazy in a short time.

it's just that such a long time has passed. We count the number of times that the woman comes in to clean up every day. The longest time has been more than 600 days, and we haven't seen the so-called leader yet.

we have some bad intuition these days, I think the so-called teachers may have left the customs... '

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