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Chapter 263 Flying dragon teaching II (subscription required)

After listening to Liu yu'er's words, the Liu family all heaved a sigh of relief. I've been missing for so long, but I'm just locked up. I wish I didn't get hurt. I'm back safely.

Jiayin and others are puzzled. Who is it? They have arrested a group of young women for more than a year, but they have done nothing? What exactly does that mean?

what is sacred about the so-called flying dragon sect and the leader who did not appear?

Fang Zhiyuan may not know, but Jiayin has guessed that the two people who followed him might be one of the followers who arrested him.

the territory of the flying dragon sect may be the village near the altar, and the people in it may be the so-called followers of the flying dragon sect.

it's just that before the good news, their breath is still calm and clean, and there are no villains with human lives on their hands, so they think they are ordinary villagers.

but if you are just a member of the Feilong sect, you only have faith and have not done anything bad, this is also past.

as for the so-called leader, I feel that he should not be there. There is also the so-called great achievement of divine skill. Jiayin has some doubts.

there is no spirit in this world, and it is impossible to cultivate immortality. There is only one possibility, that is, to practice some martial arts.

although there is no overwhelming magic skill in this world, there are still some people who fly on eaves and walls. Maybe there are some evil skills.

like the Vajra palm, Liuhe spear and Kaishan Sabre that she took out before, she can practice her internal power.

since these skills can practice internal power, maybe there are other skills in this world.

however, this closure has been closed for more than ten years, which is also very powerful. The life span of ordinary people is only a few decades, and the time of more than ten years is already very long.

there are also so-called elixirs in the population. Can't the leader of the flying dragon cult be a Taoist?

they had heard that some Taoist temples would sell pills.

speaking of Taoists, Jiayin suddenly remembered the group of Taoists who came when the dragon temple was just built a few years ago.

those people don't look like good people. Do they have anything to do with this?

Jiayin explored the neighborhood with her divine consciousness to see if there were places like Taoist temples, or if there were people wearing the same clothes as those Taoist priests.

I have seen the whole boundary of Yulong County, and I have not seen any buildings like Taoist temple.

I let out some of my divine consciousness, but I still didn't. I saw a Buddhist temple built on a cliff, which looked magnificent.

inside are some bald monks who are still reciting scriptures and doing evening classes in a hall at this time.

maybe she thinks too much. The flying dragon sect has nothing to do with Taoist priests.

is it a hidden organization that has not appeared on the surface?

it's also wrong. Since there is such a sect, no one can know it. Otherwise, how can he develop his followers?

he once again explored the divine consciousness to the village where the young woman was imprisoned. The village still looked peaceful. Everyone did what they should do.

however, after reading it carefully again, Jiayin found the problem.

there seems to be no young women in that village! Young women over the age of 10 and under the age of 30 can hardly see it.

I didn't even find those houses, which means that there are no young women hiding at home, just like here.

this is strange. People in their thirties and thirties should also be young. Where have those young women gone?

although there are many people in the dark room, it is almost the same as the number of people missing outside.

and there are beautiful people inside. There are always ugly people in a village, right? Jiayin thought of it in doubt.

Fang Zhiyuan and his wife Liu Dazhuang and Liu Erzhuang were also discussing, and the three brothers of the Liu family also put forward some opinions from time to time.

the party discussed for a long time, but did not come to any useful conclusions. Finally, they decided to ask the Dragon God to help them...

with the consent of the Dragon God, Liu yu'er also relieved. It was already the time of the Hai, and they were ready to arrange good news for their rest. Before eating, Liu Dazhuang had found out the wood and four bench, and put them directly on the frame to widen the bed.

just in time, Liu yu'er can live in the same room with Jiayin when she comes back, which saves her the fear of living alone.

has just been rescued, and he must still be a little insecure.

at this time, the dragon god statue has been taken away by Fang Zhigang. He must protect it well, or he will be hammered to death by his mother when he returns.

Liu Dazhuang asked them to stay here for two more days. He wanted the carpenters in the village to carve a statue of the Dragon God and offer it to him.

before Fang Zhigang could speak out, a dragon god wood statue that was slightly larger than Fang Zhigang's dragon god statue and about half a foot high appeared on the Liu family's desk.

the Liu family were stunned, but Fang Zhigang said: 'come on, uncle Liu, you don't need to bother. The Dragon God will give you a statue directly. You can worship every morning.'

the Liu family are very excited. The statue that appeared out of thin air and the rescue of yu'er are the real gods!

put the statue in the center, the censer is in front of the statue, and the candles and incense are on the side of the desk.

every day, Liu Erzhuang's family can come here to worship. Every day, they can burn incense to the Dragon God and pray for peace for their family.

in the allocated room, the Liu brothers helped to put up those boards and widened the bed a lot, accounting for more than half of the room.

although six and a half boys are a little crowded when they sleep, they can still hold.

the weather here is neither hot nor cold, and it's nothing to squeeze.

Jiayin and yu'er are much more comfortable in another room. The bed itself is wide enough. Originally, Jiayin and Pangpang had no problem sleeping, but now Liu yu'er is not very crowded.

there is no soft couch in this room. Pangpang must sleep in bed.

Pangpang consciously climbs to the position against the wall and lies on his back. Jiayin also goes to bed and lies on Pangpang.

Liu yu'er looked at it for a moment and said hesitantly: 'sister Jiayin, is it OK for you to sleep on it like this? Will it not leave you behind?'

Jiayin bounced on Pangpang's body. Pang was afraid that she would roll down, and he still supported her with his claws.

Jia Yin said with a smile: 'this is Pangpang. We two often stay like this on the donkey cart. Pangpang's body is soft and all flesh.'

Liu Yuer looked at the pleasant news and Pangpang's protective posture. She was envious.

it's nice to have such a big and cute hairy person around.

she tentatively reached out and touched Pangpang's fur claws.

Pangpang doesn't resist. Pangpang also likes this round and beautiful little sister.

when she was touched, she shook her claws and stretched forward, indicating that she could touch them at will.

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