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Chapter 264 Complicated and confusing (subscription required)

Liu yu'er was immediately amused, and she pinched it gently, feeling the hairy and soft touch.

Jiayin looks at the bear face that Pangpang enjoys. If she didn't know it was the head mother, she would think it was a color critic.

because she slept with Liu Yuer, Jiayin didn't release the green bamboo. After all, most young girls are afraid of snakes. It's not good if they scare each other.

she has a wisp of divine consciousness in the two sneaky people at the entrance of the village, and she is not afraid of any unexpected situation.

the other party has not taken any action, and the good news is unknown. When will they come in, or who are they waiting for? They are ready to wait and see.

I can't say well, but I can still catch the big fish behind.

... I'm the dividing line...

in the dark room.

the person who was just talking together suddenly disappeared, and the two women screamed in an instant!

within a moment, more than 20 young women inside started to stir up and discuss one after another. After all, a big living person disappeared suddenly when he was around. It was too scary.

thinking about their own experiences before, I can't help thinking, is this really the Dragon God choosing a bride? Was Liu yu'er elected?

what will they do? Can we let them go home?

'what should I do now?' A woman with a melon seed face said.

'shall we go out and try? Maybe there is no guard outside.' The other way.

'yes, yes, maybe it's the Snow Dragon God who has chosen the bride.' I have the same idea as her.

'it's better not to act rashly. If not, will we irritate them?' This is more prudent.

'you don't really think that this is the Dragon God choosing a bride? Which fairy wants a mortal to be his wife? Besides, we are obviously captured. If the Dragon God casts a spell like this, we will disappear. Then we still need to do this?' This is clear headed.

'you said the same, but what's wrong with yu'er? She just disappeared. It looks like an immortal means anyway!'

'yes, yes!'

'Woo - I'm so scared! When can we go home?'



when Jiayin talked with her divine consciousness, she just heard these conversations. At that time, the Liu family were crying together. Jiayin directly condensed a thick voice with her divine consciousness and spread it throughout the dark room.

'I'm the real dragon god. I've heard that there are evil sects and evil ways doing things in my name. I'm here to punish you severely. If you write your name on the paper, I'll send you back...'

a stack of Xuan paper and ink appeared in the dark room.

the people looked at the sudden appearance of things and recovered. Those who could read directly came forward and wrote. Those who could not read asked someone to help them write.

if the other party is the real dragon god and wants to send them home, there is no doubt.

such miraculous things have happened, which are obviously the means of immortals, and it is better to have hope than not to have hope. How bad can it be?

when they finished writing, the pen, ink, paper and inkstone disappeared in an instant, and then there were fewer people visible to the naked eye, one by one disappearing from the dark room...

when the dark room became empty, the good news sealed the dark room directly with divine consciousness, so that people could not enter from the outside.

then he used his divine consciousness to search the sea of knowledge for several men who lived in the dark room and had mixed breath. When he found something intermittent, he took his divine consciousness back.

this method can't be used easily. If it's not good, it will easily turn people into fools. She was afraid that those women would be caught if they were put back. She wanted to use it quickly.

I just didn't expect that there were clues, but not many useful ones.

good news from their memory of knowing the sea, I know that the people living nearby are all the followers of the so-called flying dragon sect.

the reason why there are no young women is that the girls here are sent to a place called Lingyu pavilion to learn some skills when they are 12 years old.

as for where the Lingyu Pavilion is and what skills they learn, they don't know. They just send home letters and money regularly every month.

these captured women were prepared for the leader of the flying dragon sect, but they were not brides. They were used to practice magical skills. The reason why they all had beautiful faces was just a cover. In fact, it was mainly their birthdays.

as for how to practice Kung Fu, it's beyond their knowledge.

Jiayin feels as if she knows, or doesn't know anything, and feels that the mystery is deeper...

when she goes back to her room to sleep, she has finished all these.

when she slept in the middle of the night, Jiayin suddenly opened her eyes.

the two people outside the village moved. They did not enter the village and went northwest.

before the good news, I was still thinking that what they were looking for was a young woman whose birthday echoed the eight characters. What would they do with their own people? No one in this world knows his birth date.

later, she thought that these two people appeared only after they had waited for someone to arrive at the village. If they had followed before, she could not have known.

therefore, it is possible that the other party did not come for himself at all, but monitored the village.


is there anything special about this village, or is it necessary to guard against outsiders so as not to be discovered?

the good news thought of this and patted his forehead. He never thought of it before. It was really dark under the light.

all she knew was to stare at the people near the altar. She never thought how they knew the birth date of these women?

it must have been revealed by the people around these women, but it can't be their parents and relatives, so only the people in the same village.

the good news covered the whole village with divine consciousness, and a tunnel was found in several families!

and her divine consciousness went along the way, and unexpectedly came to the shabby old altar!

the tunnel is very hidden. She didn't find it before.

however, she paid attention to the new altar before, but neglected the old one.

there are several lines leading to other directions under the altar. Jiayin goes straight along it, leading to other towns and mountains outside the county.

it seems that those people in the past used these tunnels to get people out. It's hard to find them.

but why didn't Liu yu'er get across from the village, instead, she went out of the town to seek a distant future?

still used the ox cart, and let her hear those conversations, how strange she thought.

but the Liu family, including Liu yu'er, have all explored their breath and luck. They are all clean.

is that the other side's problem?

Jia Yin takes a deep breath. She really hates this kind of brain thing. It seems that she will tell brother Zhiyuan tomorrow. He is so smart that he should know...

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