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Chapter 271 Request subscription

It seems that this cave was probably dug more than ten years ago, which is the group led by the religious leader, because it doesn't look like many years ago.

In particular, the traces in the cave are not seriously weathered. Then ask the Snow Ape King if he knows that the cave near them has been cut.

The jade used by the jade dragon is quite good. The crystal clear white jade is not satisfied with the good news of the carver, but the good news of the jade is very popular, so it is directly put into the space.

I want to ask Brother Yang to help me with the processing.

It never occurred to me that carving wood and jade are two different things. I just thought that they are carving anyway, which should be similar.

Oh, I forgot to say that the entrance of the two small caves is blocked by stones, and there is no mechanism. The stones also need to be pushed away directly to reveal the back entrance, but it takes a lot of effort.

Jiayin Zai carefully searched the cave, inside and outside, up and down, to make sure there was no dark room, so she took back the divine sense.

I don't know what the significance of those people's building such a cave is? There are only thick fur animals like snow leopards and snow apes on the ice and snow ground. They are easy to live on. If people live in the cave for a few days, they may have to freeze into popsicles.

Is there any magic skill that makes people not afraid of cold? Or does that teacher mainly practice kung fu here?

But the religious leader is not here. I think that tomorrow is the right day, and the believers at the foot of the mountain have been preparing sacrifices these days. They are all three animals and five ceremonies, which is no different from ancestor worship.

But Jiayin has made those women's guards amnesia, and no one has thought of these women for so many days, including the two women.

Jiayin did not touch them. The two women seemed to have no memory of themselves. Jiayin saw that their luck was gloomy, which was lifeless. They should not live long.

Jiayin knows from the memory of the guards that the two women never appeared in front of the congregation outside.

They are responsible for the living of the darkroom and the guards. They are also responsible for watching the guards do the shopping. They are only responsible for cleaning, cooking and washing clothes.

Before those women were captured, they were also responsible for cleaning there, and repeated the same actions every day. After these women disappeared from the dark room, they were no different, just as they should have been. They continued to clean inside every day and returned to their previous life.

The good news sighed and did not search their memory, knowing that they did not know the true face of the religious leader.

This is a lifetime of preparation, without investigation or much thought. If not, it is estimated that two people will not live to the present.

You should have gone mad or died when you were caught and made deaf and dumb.

Since the evening, Jiayin has been watching, spreading the divine sense and covering the whole Yulong County.

Of course, she will not explore people's homes, but just cover the streets of the county and the mountains outside.

Check to see if anyone comes from home or outside and heads for the altar at the foot of Xuelong Mountain.

After looking all night, I didn't find anything. The next morning, the good news didn't relax at all. I kept watching, including breakfast.

Zhiyuan thought that the good news was because they were distracted today. After all, they decided to go to the altar later.

Seeing that she didn't delay breakfast, I don't care about her.

Liu Yu'er was afraid that she would eat into her nose when pouring, so she reminded her every now and then.

The good news responded.

At this moment, Jiayin suddenly paused and her eyes lit up.

She found a motorcade coming from the official road to Yulong County.

There are many people in this motorcade, including twenty or thirty people and several carriages.

A man in white is sitting in the best carriage!

Seeing the man's face clearly, the good news frowned. The man in white did not wear a mask, and he was just in his twenties.

This is not like a person who has been on crutches for more than ten years. He is white and tender, and looks like a rich young man.

The good news looked at his qi, and there was no black or bloody qi.

There are no attendants around him.

Yes, the twenty or thirty people who followed him were all dressed as attendants, and their breath was very normal. They were just ordinary attendants, and they didn't have much kung fu. They looked frivolous when they walked, but their bodies were a little taller than ordinary people, which was very frightening.

And their direction is not to the foot of the mountain, but to the county seat. Half an hour later, they live directly in the inn in the county seat.

Jiayin thought that it should be just a coincidence that these people were wearing white clothes.

In the burning dynasty, the color of clothes is very particular. White is filial piety. Except for the funeral at home, people usually don't wear pure white.

Even if you prefer light colors, at least there will be some embroidery in other colors.

The man is wearing pure white clothes. Unless he has filial piety in his family, the elderly in his family will not be happy to wear such clothes.

The good news saw that they stayed in the inn and covered the whole Yulong County with divine sense.

At this time, a carriage came from the other direction, namely the direction of Songyuan County.

Yes, it's just a carriage. The coachman seems to be in a special carriage rental shop, wearing a uniform dress, with a green bag on his shoulder and a hat to protect himself from the sun.

The sun is very bright today, and it is very sunny in the morning.

There is a middle-aged woman in the carriage. She looks like she is in her forties, and she is also wearing white clothes. The woman looks like she is sitting on the carriage with her legs curled up. She should not be short.

At least the women with big inflammation are all relatively short. I have never seen anyone sitting in a carriage with legs curled up hard, and they have caught up with a seven foot man.

Jiayin sits on the bench in the carriage, with her legs just poked. And her size is almost the same as that of an adult woman.

Jiayin frowned again. Why is she wearing white today? Could it be that someone in Yulong County is going to have a funeral? Are these two here for mourning?

But the good news enveloped the whole Yulong County, and no white lanterns and cloth were found hanging in front of the door.

Just then, Jiayin found that the middle-aged woman was not going to the county seat of Yulong County, but came here by way of the county seat.

What's going on here?

Jiayin took a special look at the nearby villages and towns, and did not find anyone's funeral?

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