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Chapter 272 Two people in white (subscription required)

The good news doesn't know whether these two people are related to the leader of the Flying Dragon Sect.

How could it be so coincidental? On this day, they all wore white clothes and appeared in Yulong County.

And the woman's height is also very suspicious.

After all, the leader of the Flying Dragon Sect has always been wearing a mask. No one is sure whether he is a man or a woman. Only ten years ago, when he said that he would choose a bride, did everyone know that he was a man.

Although the banner is the divine metaphor of the divine dragon, it is estimated that his followers also know that it must be selected for the religious leader. After all, he is not called the reincarnation of the divine dragon?

If it is really a woman, the motive is very suspicious.

Jiayin has more and more thoughts in her mind, and her mind can't figure out what to do.

If you can't do it yourself, just give it to a smart person.

Lift your head from your fat arm, sit up, climb out of bed, and go to Fang Zhiyuan's house.

Pangpang, who is sleeping, suddenly wakes up and looks at his empty arms...

Where is the good news?

I should have gone to the hut and will be back soon.

Gave a big yawn, rolled over and closed his eyes again.


As soon as the good news came in and saw them all resting in the room, he told them these things directly.

They knew that the divine sense of green bamboo could cover the whole county, so they thought that green bamboo had been monitoring the movement of Yulong County.

One of the two men is a man. And a group of twenty or thirty men.

Although no one can be sure that the leader of the Flying Dragon Sect is a man, the reason why they think so is that he (she) once asked the villagers to offer the bride, which must be a man.

They asked Liu Dazhuang about his brother more than ten years ago, but they were not very clear about it. Even the name of the Flying Dragon Sect

was heard from Liu Yuer. They have never heard of it before, which shows that the Flying Dragon Sect is still mysterious.

More than ten years ago, many people were still aware of the strange disease. After all, there was a lot of trouble at that time, and some people in their village got sick.

Later, I heard that there was a miracle doctor who took a group of followers to cure those people. They didn't think about other places, but they thought that it was the son of a rich family who came here to do good things.

As for who cured it, they always thought that the man had a brilliant doctor with him, at least more skillful than the doctors on their side. Doctors in remote counties like them were much more skillful, so they could get rid of the disease.

As for the following Flying Dragon Sect Leader who claimed that he was reincarnated as a divine dragon and then performed magic for everyone, those who have not suffered from strange diseases do not know.

It was only when the person who was cured by the other side thanked him that he could show his gratitude, so those people became his faithful believers.

Some returned to their villages to continue farming, while others settled directly around the altar.

People around here have long since stopped believing in the divine dragon. After the older generation goes, they will not go. It depends on the dilapidation of the altar, so we don't know that there is a new village.

The name is Feilong Villa, which is actually the stronghold of Feilong Cult, so Fang Zhiyuan and his followers decided to explore it by themselves.

They also learned a news from Liu Dazhu and his family, that is, those people at the entrance of the tunnel had all suffered from strange diseases and had been treated at that time.

However, these people did not tell their families about the Flying Dragon Sect. They just went back to the village to farm safely. Some of them even died. After all, they were more than ten years old, and many people were not young at that time.

Some of them are still alive, and there is nothing unusual about them. And this is about the family, that is, the village head.

It was the second uncle of the village head who got the strange disease at that time. Now he has died for two or three years.

Those tunnels just show that these people are all members of the Flying Dragon Sect, but they are not like those in the Flying Dragon Villa who directly move their families there.

As for why so many people moved there, there was no news of the Flying Dragon Sect.

First, they were originally from nearby villages, and their original villages were not far away from them. They were cured after suffering from a strange disease, so they were grateful.

Later, the religious leader bought the place directly from the county government. These people helped him work in the name of repaying kindness.

Just like the tenants of the landlord's family, people who do not know the truth will not guess elsewhere.

As for how the religious leader poisoned at that time, he did not poison a village at once, but poisoned some people selectively.

And they are all people from the village where the woman disappeared more than ten years later, which can't be analyzed. It feels like a big net has been cast since more than ten years ago.

More than ten years later, it should be the time to close the network.

Otherwise, it would not have erupted at once.

If there is no good news from them, it may not be exposed.

However, if so many people are missing at the same time, the government will certainly increase its efforts to find them. In case that a smart person can think of something or is found in the tunnel, they have no real magic power and can completely erase those traces.

So it is very likely that this is the time to close the network.

The two groups of people mentioned by Jiayin are suspicious.

The woman is more suspicious. One is tall like a man, and the other is age. If she is in her forties, she is already in her twenties more than ten years ago, so she can appear here.

At least, unlike the young man, he was in his teens at most ten years ago, and his height and physique were not up to standard.

Another reason why they suspect this woman is that the new altar with hands and feet that Jiayin said before is flying around with shelves.

If it's a man, it's hard for the next few people to do it together. If it's a woman, it's over. Only the height is higher, the weight must be much worse.

There is another doubt, that is, there is only one woman. Where did those hands go?

There should be more than ten or twenty subordinates. It is impossible to betray her or dismiss her.

What's more, why does a woman catch so many young women? Is it human trafficking? To make a profit? Those women are really good looking. They can certainly get a lot of money if sold.

It's just so much trouble. It's unnecessary. Even the niece and daughter of the county magistrate have been arrested. You know, the reward has been offered to the county magistrate's house for 100 liang, just to find the niece's clues.

No matter how expensive it is, it is impossible to sell 100 liang. They can find someone. Pretend to provide a clue, and then send it back for a hundred liang silver.

Jiayin listened to Fang Zhiyuan's discussion, and her divine sense did not relax. She was still enveloped in the whole Yulong County. Including the motorcade who has already stayed in the inn and the woman who continues to come here.

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