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The good news couldn't figure it out. She said to them, 'Why do you think these people haven't appeared for 15 years? Why do they appear now? What have they been doing for the past 15 years?'

The local chronicle goes far: 'It's hard to say or guess, but one thing is certain, it must be related to those women.

Only more than ten years ago, there were women missing. Later, no one disappeared. But a year ago, it started again. These three people must have come for these women. '

Fang Zhiqiang said, 'It seems that only by catching these people can we know what they are trying to do.'

Fang Zhigang also said: 'If you ask me, we can arrest that woman now. Anyway, she is alone. Even if she is arrested, we can't tell the other two.

At that time, we will try her carefully. If she doesn't recruit, we will ask the Dragon God for help. The Dragon God will let her tell the truth. '

Fang Zhiwen and others thought that this method was very feasible.

What if something happens when the three parties meet?

After all, there are only so many people on their side. The other two groups of people add up to 30 or 40 people. If they go to the altar, there are still many religious people there, and they will certainly deal with outsiders together.

In addition, a group of people, according to the description of the good news, are still quite sinister. I still have lives on my back! Adhere to the principle that a gentleman does not stand under a dangerous wall, and can simply solve the problem. It is better to simply solve the problem rather than make it too complicated.

In fact, Jiayin can also solve the problem more simply by directly catching them with divine sense and searching for memory.

Especially those who are carrying human lives can be directly thrown to the government after searching their memory, and then they can confess their guilt directly.

However, if the Dragon God helps them to finish everything, they will not be able to achieve their goal of traveling for study. They originally want to train their brothers' ability to conduct themselves.

They will all participate in the imperial examination in the future, and must not form the habit of relying on others in case of trouble.

Before coming out, Jiayin heard that Uncle Youwei and the patriarch grandpa said that they would let several brothers out to broaden their horizons and train their ability to handle affairs.

In the future, people who want to be officials cannot be without knowledge. Even if they fail to pass the imperial examination, they also need to establish their own families and businesses.

If others have done everything well, it will be meaningless for them to come out. It is also very possible that I would like to ask the Dragon God for help when I have something to do in the future, which is counterproductive.

Jiayin will leave sooner or later, and she doesn't think a day is long away. After all, she can't stay in this world until she gets old. If her appearance stays the same for decades, it will frighten many people.

In another world, women will get married when they are 15 or 16 years old. If they don't get married, some people will gossip.

I'm not afraid of good news. Gossip is nothing to her, but it would be bad if Youwei's family were told together. She doesn't want to drag them down.

Anyway, she has already accumulated enough merits and virtues. She can start the Broken World Pearl to leave this world and return to the divine world at any time.

In these limited years, good news can protect them. What if they leave? Even if Liuliu and Xiaoling are left behind, they are not like green bamboos. They can cultivate divine sense.

They are just forged by their own wisdom. Some of them are smart and have higher force value. Their life is limited. They will die sooner or later. Their descendants are ordinary wild animals without their own.

The main thing is that the elder brothers themselves are excellent.

So along the way, although Jiayin will help secretly, many things will be discussed and solved by them.

In addition to too many doubts about this matter, Jiayin couldn't understand it. They also wanted to help with this matter, so Jiayin discussed with them about the details found with divine sense.

Also, I was afraid that the missing women would encounter something unexpected, and I couldn't wait for them to crack the puzzle, so I saved them in advance.

Like what happened in Dongshan County before, Jiayin didn't let them know at all, because it was too dangerous to be involved in that kind of thing.

What's more, exercise is not everything. They can't control that kind of thing. It's the game of the superior, even involving several countries.

But this only involves a county, a very evil sect.

The other party is so immortal that it is under the banner of the Divine Dragon. How can the good news let others feel the dark for the Divine Dragon! They must not be allowed to discredit their divine dragon clan.

However, what Fang Zhigang said is quite reasonable.

That woman is just alone in the tunnel, and she is really better than the other two.

Catch her first and see if you can know something through her. If the woman is too stubborn to ask anything, the good news can also help.

If the Fang brothers can solve the problem by themselves, she will stand aside as long as everyone does not encounter danger.

Finally, several people discussed the specific action plan.

Since we know the woman's position in the tunnel in advance through the bamboo's divine sense, we are now very close to them.

They can completely ambush in the tunnel ahead of time, as long as the other party approaches, they can control her! There are so many of them who have their own skills. Even if the woman is more powerful than others, she is not their opponent.

Besides, there are still green bamboos.

Then, several people started to move.

He talked to the Liu family and left Naonao and Pangpang behind. The group pretended to go out for a walk before dinner.

It is already noon. Most villagers in the village eat at home or have lunch break. There are few people outside. They stroll to one of the tunnel entrances quietly.

There are two tunnel entrances in the village, one is at the village head's second uncle's house.

That is the central location of the village. They came here at the west end of the village. The backyard of a Wu family was the tunnel in the crack of the backyard wall that Jiayin had seen before.

The west side of the village is next to the fields in the village. At the beginning, the tunnel entrance was dug here, which may also be considered as more secret and convenient.

As for the village center, it may be convenient to do some things in the village.

If they want to enter the tunnel, it is obviously suitable. It is easy to meet people in the village center, except at night.

But in the evening, the woman might have gone to the altar.

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