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Chapter 277 Cut the Gordian knot quickly (subscription required)

When the news of the good news was over, Fang Zhiyuan asked the question in his heart, 'If so, what are they going to do so hard? Just smuggle those women away secretly. Why do they return in three separate ways?'

Others nodded in succession to agree with Fang Zhiyuan's words.

The good news said again: 'The king of Dongshan gave them an order to continue to absorb more followers in the name of the Flying Dragon Sect.

This time he even sent them a counselor, the young man in white, who is a powerful hand of the king of Dongshan.

As for why they split into three groups, as you guessed before, the three of them are somewhat similar in shape. This woman will not easily appear in front of people because her legs and feet are inconvenient, but she can be tied to the shelf and do some actions to confuse the congregation. Anyway, she can't see clearly from a distance.

The other two can use the tunnel to do other things.

They mainly want to continue to complete the deployment more than ten years ago. '

' Have all the women in the congregation's houses been sent to the brothel? Then it's not those women who bring their monthly gold and silver, is it?

No, those people in Dongshan County will be so kind to arrange people to run back and forth on the road for a month once they come back? 'Fang Zhixin said doubtfully.

The good news said:' Of course not. They arranged people to give some money and letters to the believers every month to appease them. They were afraid that they might become suspicious and leave collectively.

The letter is also written by someone, just to stabilize them.

Fang Zhigang clenched his fist on the palm of the other hand and said fiercely, 'These people are really inhuman! They can cheat others' trust and become their followers. They can also send their daughters to the brothel!'

Say that and stare at the woman lying on the bed with dull eyes.

'Don't you know the pain of being abducted and sold? Do you want to harm others? It really deserved to be abducted! Such people should not come back alive!'

The woman's eyes were still dull, as if she had not heard him.

The main reason is that she has too many memories. After being searched by the good news, there is not much left for her. After all, the memories of so many years suddenly disappear, which will not be relieved for a while.

This woman may have been poor before. After all, she was abducted and trafficked, but she did not suffer as much.

She was sold to a rich family as a concubine at the beginning, and that family was not bad to her. It may be because of her own nature, but it was not honest.

Once pregnant, he would murder the heirs of the main house. But the main house had some means to protect the children, so when the leader died, he sold her to the brothel.

This is the cause she planted herself, and of course she will bear the consequences.

It doesn't mean that the main room itself is vicious. At least other concubines stayed in the mansion safely. Only Li Yufeng was sold to the brothel, which shows that she really offended people.

After entering the brothel, she is not a stable person, and she wants to hook up another one to redeem her.

Finally, I met Chen An. Neither of them was a good person, and they hit it off.

At that time, Chen An got a large reward for expelling ghosts from a rich family, so he bought the brothel and gave it to Li Yufeng.

It's OK to be comfortable in the business directly, even if it's not a serious business, it's safe.

These two people just turned their attention back to Li Yufeng's hometown.

At first, they just wanted to cheat money in the name of Snow Dragon God. Unexpectedly, after coming here, they found that these people did not worship Snow Dragon God a few years ago.

Yes, before Li Yufeng was abducted, his family members went to worship Snow Dragon God every year.

Unexpectedly, there will be less people to worship slowly. When they came, the altar had been deserted.

So they will rebuild the altar and carry out another plan. Next, they want to make some big moves here, collect some believers, and then radiate to the whole county or the whole burning country.

Want to start a sect by yourself! The reason why it is called Flying Dragon is that it is the symbol of the Son of Heaven. If it is done well, 1 may be able to keep pace with the imperial court.

Of course, Chen An has another idea, that is, if there are enough believers, they will have people in their hands, and they will have rights.

In addition, the dignitaries he usually engages know a lot about each other's privacy, so you can take good care of it, which may make him successful.

Of course, he didn't want to revolt and become the emperor, but he just wanted to help one.

As long as he has the big sect of the Flying Dragon Sect, the new emperor should also be afraid of him, and maybe he can be a national teacher.

I just didn't expect that after coming here, the beauty was wrong. At that time, because I had a crush on those beautiful women, I wanted to let the believers who had just been accepted offer them to be their own brides.

Unexpectedly, those people would not be moved. When he sent someone to catch them secretly, Li Yufeng started to be a demon again.

Jealousy made a scene with him, even kicked his lower body in tearing!

The injury was very serious at that time. I went to see many doctors and said that they would be useless in the future.

He was so angry that he wanted to strangle Li Yufeng. He just thought it would be too cheap for her to die. He wanted to make her live in pain, so he broke her leg and gave her medicine, which made her dumb and disfigured! Then let her be a cow and a horse for herself all her life.

Unexpectedly, Li Yufeng is a smart man. After a period of time with him, he learned to use poison. He not only found the antidote in his pharmacy, but also repaired his appearance.

Of course, because the poisoning time is a little long, there are still some sequelae, for example, the voice is particularly unpleasant, the skin on the face is stiff, and there is no expression at all.

Later, Li Yufeng controlled several of Chen An's confidants for his own use and fought against him in the challenge arena.

This woman is also cruel to others and herself. The two sides are equal in strength, and they didn't win or lose.

Later, he found a doctor who gave free medical treatment everywhere. Unexpectedly, he cured his mental retardation!

After the disease is cured, there will be no such deep hatred, and the two people will live in harmony for a while.

Then Chen An wanted to make a name for himself by praying for rain. He ran into Yue people and went to Xiangyun County to help the Yao people become independent, but he was defeated... Anyway, he was delayed for several years.

After returning to Dongshan County, Li Yufeng and his industrial Lingyu Pavilion have been owned by Dongshan King.

Yes, the brothel is called Lingyu Pavilion.

The homonym Ling Yu is taken, but I dare not be too blatant, and replaced it with Feather.

The above is the memory of Li Yufeng.

When talking to them, the good news passed over the part of the Dongshan King. Li Yufeng really knew little about the Dongshan King, but only knew that they were in the Dongshan King's territory. The brothel business was good. Chen An was taken into the possession of the Dongshan King when his whereabouts were unknown. He never thought of anything else.

For example, when Chen An came back and talked with the Dongshan King in secret, he was also under the command of the Dongshan King. Li Yufeng did not know what they talked about, so there is no need to talk about it in detail here, and then affect their judgment.

It's really predestined. From Qiyang County's begging for rain to Xiangyun County's rebellion to Dongshan King, good news has participated in it!

If other people, they may not know what the connection is. The good news can be regarded as following up all the way, and I think there must be some connection between them.

Even she thinks that it is very likely that Chen An has always been the king of Dongshan. Otherwise, why did he eat so much in Dongshan County? Li Yufeng just didn't know.

He thought that Chen An only joined the Dongshan King after he got back from outside. Chen An didn't tell her about many things and didn't trust her very much.

Thinking of this, Jiayin is too lazy to beat around the bush with them. Since she already knows their purpose, which is to restart the Flying Dragon Sect here and help the Dongshan King, there is no need to drag it on.

There are also those women who have been let go and given the chance to struggle again. Those women will be in dire straits once and for all.

Jiayin directly put divine knowledge into Chen An's sea of knowledge to search his memory, and the man who was called a counselor was not spared. Although he had no cause and effect on his hands, he could be a counselor of the Dongshan King, so was borrowing others' hands.

Some people look clean, and they may not have done anything bad.

It is more hateful to use others' hands to indirectly harm others.

Without everyone's knowledge, three leaders of Feilong Sect who appeared on the same day were brought to the table by the good news.

Those believers are still waiting for the appearance of the religious leader. Although the religious leader has not appeared for several years, it is said that it is closed.

No one knows about the missing woman except Dongshan County.

Everything I know has been remembered by Jiayin.

Looking at the memories of those two people in her head, she was unable to digest them for a while, so she should make a good stroke.

Turning to Zhiyuan, he said, 'Brother Zhiyuan, let's go back. This woman can be locked here. Let's get her out and throw her on the altar at night. Those believers are waiting for them.'

After all, we should not do this in broad daylight. If we directly send her to the altar with divine sense, we will be satisfied that the leader of the Flying Dragon Sect has magic skills? Let her appear on the altar at midnight when no one is around. Let others find her tomorrow.

Li Yufeng has no memory for more than ten years now. This mental state, together with the toxins deposited on her body over the years, will not last long.

One thing, Jiayin did not tell Fang Zhiyuan and others what she searched in her memory.

The so-called practice of magic skills is actually that this woman has found a prescription that can be used with the blood of a young woman. Long term use can save her stiff face and help her survive.

As for whether it is true, I can't see the good news. After all, she doesn't know how to cure.

However, no matter whether it is true or not, let this evil prescription disappear with the woman's memory.

After that, they tied the woman a little more tightly to make sure they couldn't untie it. Then they didn't even leave the oil lamp for her. They just put it out, lit the candle they had taken out before the good news, and returned to the ground.

It is mainly for fear that she will roll over the oil lamp and burn herself to death.

After returning to the ground, they returned to the Liu family.

Now everyone in the village has finished lunch and is taking a lunch break. They run out without even having lunch. It is estimated that the Liu family and their daughter will have to worry.

When I returned to the Liu family, I saw the Liu family father and daughter sitting in front of the table waiting for them, and there was no movement on the table.

The crowd was a little embarrassed. Fang Zhiqiang came forward and said, 'Uncle Liu, Miss Liu has kept you waiting for a long time. You should eat first, instead of waiting for us. We wandered far and forgot the time. I'm sorry.'

Liu Dazhuang and Liu Yu'er shook their heads, and Liu Dazhuang waved his hand and said, 'Don't do that. I've been working in the fields these days, and I'm not hungry every day at home. Besides, just the two of us have no taste for food. It's better to wait for you to come and eat together.'

Several people quickly washed their hands and sat on the table. At this time, Pangpang rushed out of the inner room. As soon as Jiayin saw it, he knew that he was full.

Sure enough, Liu Yuer said, 'I was hungry before I got fat. I had been rubbing my stomach all the time, so I gave it some food first.'

Liu Yu'er's cooking skill is very good, especially these days, she learned the essence of it from the Fang brothers, and the dishes she cooked are all delicious.

Jiayin turned her eyes and looked at Fang Zhiwu, who was peeking at Liu Yu'er from time to time, and she had an idea in her mind.

If Liu Yu'er stays in this Yuquan Village, he must not find a good wife. After all, he has been missing for a year, even if he has been locked up, but his reputation is not good.

If you marry locally, you will definitely mind if you are criticized for a long time.

Good news shows that Fang Zhiwu is interested in Liu Yu'er, and their Fangjia Village is a long way from here, so nothing can be passed on.

Liu Yu'er is also a smart girl. She is beautiful, and the recipe Zhiwu is worthy of it.

These days, the good news has been seen more than once with divine sense. Fang Zhiwu picked wild flowers and gave them to Liu Yuer.

Liu Yuer did not refuse, even accepted it shyly, which indicates that Fang Zhiwu is not a hot shaver. Maybe the two people will have a play.

After all, Fang Zhiwu is also very good. Strong and reliable. Better than those in this village, boys. There are many walls. The young men and their families in this village have also been swept by food and food gods. They are quite good, but they are not very tall. It may have something to do with the water and soil here. They are generally more than half a head shorter than their brothers. Some even have a short head. It's about the same height as Jiayin. I don't know, this is the man and. North. The difference between. The people who have wild geese crossing the north are generally tall, such as the Yue people and the Hu people. In the south, it is generally clear. He is not tall and looks rather delicate. There are as many as the white faced scholars, even those like Liu Dazhuang. He works in the field all year round. Deaf people. It's also black and thin. So, in Liu Yue'er's opinion. I feel that he is tall and powerful and has a sense of security, especially Jianguo. After the long manager. Liu Yue'er is very clever

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