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Chapter 281 Kidnapper (subscription required)

Fang Zhigang took a drink and fell down with a plop. Fang Zhiqiang and others were stunned. They didn't react at once. Unexpectedly, this guy would really drink

Although they felt that there must be something wrong with the water, they did not know what poison was in it, so they did not really drink it. They wanted to wait for the man to show his leg.

The result is good this time. Now they know what's left here. It's absolutely perspiration! Just look at the guy Fang Zhigang. Now he is snoring loudly.

Several people took their cue and fell to the ground, pretending to snore.

Liu Yu'er was a little flustered. What's the matter? She would have rushed out if she hadn't remembered the good news and been dragged by Pangpang!

Jiayin felt uneasy and used her divine sense to probe into the car. She just saw the expression and reaction on Liu Yu'er's face. She also learned from her. She looked at a loss and looked frightened.

'Brother Zhiyuan! Brother Zhiqiang! What's the matter?'

When the man saw that all the boys had fallen down, he immediately showed a ferocious and proud look.

He said to the good news unkindly: 'Little girl, don't shout anymore. They will not wake up until tomorrow morning after drinking my water!

Even a cow can put the perspiration medicine in the water! I didn't want to do it because you were so many. I didn't expect you to deliver it to me, so I can only blame you for your bad luck. '

As soon as he said this, he started to grab Jiayin from the donkey cart. Fang Zhiyuan was the nearest. Seeing his dirty hands, he would meet Jiayin's sister. Although he knew that Jiayin had great strength, he couldn't help but get up.

As soon as he made a move, he saw the man flying out sideways!

'Ah --' With a piercing scream, the man had already hit a tree trunk two feet away, and was bounced to the ground by the trunk. He was lying there and wailing. He just heard a faint click. He thought his rib was broken.

Zhiyuan looked up at Jiayin and thought it was her hand. Just wanted to ask if she was injured, he saw the donkey's door and quickly took back a big, thick, hairy bear's paw

At this time, Fang Zhiqiang and others also got up from the ground and patted the soil on their bodies. They rushed to the man, held him down directly, took out the hemp rope from the car and tied him up.

Fang Zhiyuan and Fang Zhiwen walked to the carriage. Directly lift the curtain of the carriage from the side.

The curtain of the car is very thick, and it is fastened on both sides with ropes.

They untied the rope, lifted it up and saw the scene inside. They took a breath. Unexpectedly, in addition to several children tied, there was also a fat woman!

It seems that the woman is lying there like a dead pig. Even if no one is awake, she looks like she is lying sideways. I think she should be with the man.

He dragged the woman out of the carriage and threw her to the man.

Only then did the man realize that his daughter-in-law had no idea!

He endured the sharp pain of the cone from his ribs, twisted aside and kicked with his only free calf.

The woman should have been dizzy for a long time, without any reaction.

At this time, Liu Yu'er also stepped down from the donkey cart. Before, Jiayin didn't let her speak out and asked her to stay in the cart.

Liu Yu'er knows that she has kung fu and does not have the strength of good news, so obedient people dare not come out to make trouble.

She has seen the kung fu of the Fang brothers and the strength of Jiayin several times along the way. Although she is worried, she believes they will not have an accident.

Especially when Fang Zhiwu opened the shell a few days ago, they had to use a knife to open it. Jiayin broke the shell with her hands, and the shell was separated. At the beginning, she even crushed the shell. I can imagine how powerful that was.

After the Fang brothers tied the man up, Liu Yu'er and Jiayin walked over to the fat woman and squatted down beside her, and felt her breath with their hands.

I found her breathing was stable, but I didn't know why she fainted.

Afraid that she would wake up soon, she was also tied up.

In fact, Jiayin can directly attack the man with divine sense at the beginning, or tell Fang Zhiqiang that they are abductors and directly save the children in this car.

But if that is the case, she has done everything herself, which is meaningless. Fang Zhiqiang and others may still be ignorant. What can we do without her?

It's better to be troublesome. It's a little roundabout, but it can also make them feel involved and know that some people are dangerous.

Of course, the man's performance is too obvious. Even if there is no good news to remind him, I believe they will not be fooled, except for Fang Zhigang.

Looking at Fang Zhigang lying on the ground, Jiayin winces at the corners of her mouth. Sometimes this guy is really unreliable.

Fang Zhiyuan and Fang Zhiwen untied the ropes on the children, took the rags from their mouths, and took them out of the carriage.

A total of five children, all boys, the older six or seven years old, the younger three or four years old.

Two people in their sixties and seventies were already sensible and saluted them as soon as they landed.

Fang Zhiqiang and Fang Zhiwu lifted Fang Zhigang, who was sleeping like a dead pig, and put him in the donkey cart.

After that, they began to discuss, 'What should we do? Although this is close to Tingsong County, it is not impossible for us to go back to that county. These two kidnappers can be handed over to the government, and these children are in some trouble.

Otherwise, we will save people to the end. We will take them directly to the county town. Anyway, they are in the same direction as us. We can also go to the county town first and then go to Qisong Ridge. 'Fang Zhiyuan said.

Fang Zhiwen nodded: 'Look at the direction they came from, they should have come from the county town. Since these children all turned out of the county town, let's just drive their carriage back.

When the time comes, I will give it to the Yamen of the county, including these children, and I believe there will also be Yamen people to help find their families. '

When the rescued child heard the words, two people in their sixties and seventies looked at each other. One of them walked forward politely and saluted them again.

He said quietly: 'Thank you for saving my life. We are all people from Songyuan County. If it is convenient for my brothers and sisters, can you send us back? The elders in my family will reward my brothers and sisters!'

When everyone heard that, I was afraid that these children were not ordinary people. It was obvious that the children had read books.

And although the clothes on these five people are dirty and damaged, they are not affordable for ordinary people to wear.

Several people looked at the man at the same time. I'm afraid they are not ordinary abductors. There is no one who abducts children from rich families.

The children of rich families will not go out easily. Even if they go out, they will take their followers with them, which is even worse.

But the top priority now is not to find out the truth, but it's getting late now. They should hurry up and start.

Otherwise, the city gate will be closed when it is dark. They can't wait at the gate for a night.

So he decided to go directly to the county town. The man listened to them and struggled more fiercely.

He doesn't try to wake up his daughter-in-law now. After all, she is also tied up and can't help when she wakes up. He wanted to break the rope and run away.

It's just that the hemp rope used to bind him is extremely strong. How can I earn more and more? The more I struggle, the tighter I get. I don't know what kind of binding technique it is.

If Fang Zhiqiang knew his question, they would be enthusiastic to help him answer it. This is the way Professor Youwei gave them to bind wild boars. As long as they bind them, even the most powerful wild boars can't run away!

Then the Fang brothers tied the two men firmly and threw them onto the carriage.

The five children will ride in a donkey cart with Jiayin and Liu Yu'er.

The two older ones saw that they were busy, and they also took the initiative to chat with them. The smaller ones cried when they just untied the rope. Now their emotions have stabilized, especially when they saw Pang Pang coming out of the car.

Suddenly, a hairy black and white bear appeared and forgot to cry.

Jiaying and Liu Yu'er asked if they knew where their home was? After talking about their position, they were indeed the three or four year old children in the county town. I don't know where my home is, but I also know it is in Quancheng. So they did. How many children? Got their own, on their own donkey cart. After all, let them sit with these two kidnappers, they may be afraid. Pangpang sat in the carriage and looked at the two kidnappers so that they wouldn't have to untie the rope and run away? And yes. carriage. They are also not all no longer good. Six people. There are three people. The carriage over there is ready to speed up and go to the whole city. The same goes for the tourist car. There are also three people, but if they just put Wang Zhigang in because he is still dizzy. In the car. It is still possible to sit down after squeezing, and then Fang Zhiyuan and Fang Zhixin sit on both sides of the two shafts of the car. There is no need to change the noise, but it will happen directly anyway. I follow in the front, and the carriage goes in the front. The carriage was just in time to catch up. What will Huang Zhiqiang do, car? Wang Zhiwen and Fang Zhiwu sat in the carriage alone. Place it. I sit in the carriage, and Fang Zhiwen sits in the other carriage. He Zhiqiang chats all the way. Help the first floor and learn to drive the carriage. That's it. Two cars headed for the whole city. Yunnan man began to shiver when he saw Pangpang get into the car. Although Pangpang looked at it. Not very fierce, but depending on his shape and appearance. How can you look like a blind bear, especially a big one. Brother, plus just now. Although he didn't see it clearly, he saw it after being asked. He didn't see clearly before kicking, but after being kicked out, he was. It's too late to take it back. Brother, it is he who takes himself. Kick out at once. Two, how far is it? As you can imagine, how fierce this black and white bear is. They purposely accelerated along the way, so. In less than an hour, they were within the city limits. When they entered the city, they wanted to. Check, and he asked them to help these two people. It must be decided. It's better to take the initiative. Wang Zhiwen and Fang Zhiqiang went directly to the guard and told him what they had encountered. Then they watched the two kidnappers in the carriage for two hours. Of course, we also saw Pang Pang Zhiwen and Huang Zhiqiang, but Pang Zhiwen and Huang Zhiqiang also showed that they raised this family. Being hard and thin won't hurt people. Pangpang also waved his paw to them obediently. That simple and honest appearance, looking at those two postures, almost went up to have a look. Then I saw from the. See the four children on the donkey cart. Tell them to wait, there is one of them. Run. Report on the wall. The one left will be a success for him. They are usually treated well. You've made great contributions. One of the five children. it's me. The nephew of Fujiang Family. Before that, other cities were also cities. It was said that the child of a famous family was lost. About 80% of the city. I've checked it all over. It's true that the city gate is closed day by day, but I haven't found out. It turns out that these two guys have already left the city. When I want to come. Hide outside the city and wait. The bed is missing. I just went somewhere else. The children have disappeared. Four or five days. Presumably, they also knew that someone would follow the official path, so they could not decide where to hide for several days. set out. So it blossomed. The search was not long. One came down from the frame. Not high, but the dignified man shouted directly. Baby, baby, are you here? waiter. I, I'm here. One rushed out of Li Chen immediately. Six or seven year old children stood on the locomotive and wanted to jump. The deputy policeman hurriedly went forward and hugged him and took him off the train. The boy always put his arm around his neck and began to cry. The children along the way were very good. What you ask and what you answer, it's all about. I just saw my relatives and released them at once. Cry at the same time. Wife, wife, children think they will never see you again, I. Those two bad guys? He beat me instead of giving us food. You see, he rolled up his sleeves and went straight. There are many white and tender arms. The trace of whipping is that of being beaten by the host. I don't want to hear the color. The darkness sank. Look at what has been thrown on the ground. The couple gnashed their teeth. Yes, what about the people behind? Then they two take them to Fu. Let Lord Lin have a good trial. Maybe he blames other children, or maybe he has some friends. Otherwise, it's the children of so many rich families. How can so many children get out of the city so smoothly? We should know that behind these children. It is impossible to go out by yourself, and most of them are accompanied by others. Although the couple transported these children out, they may not be the ones who arrested them. They may just be responsible for going out. It's just rhyme. Here. Yes. Jump or not? When Fu Qiang finished, he put his nephew down on the ground, gave them a deep bow, and said, thank you, little friends. Thank you, young heroes. Thank you, young heroes. Yes, but I stayed here. The only boy. But for you, our Chen family might have.

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