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Chapter 287 Fengdao Man (subscription required)

As soon as they got up, they were stopped by a somewhat scruffy Taoist.

Not that the Taoist was dirty. He wore a dusty Taoist robe and was a little pale after washing. His hair was messy, as if he had no comb. He grabbed it and put it on his head and stuck it with a branch.

The Taoist stood in front of them, raised his hand and saluted: 'Please stop, can you listen to me?'

Several people stopped. Jiayin looked at the man and guessed in her heart that this should be the crazy Taoist I just heard of.

In the eyes of the good news, he was covered with a thin layer of golden light, which was all merit!

It seems that he really saved a lot of people and did a lot of good deeds. Otherwise, his merits and virtues could not be released. You can see the thin golden light without observing his qi with divine sense. It is conceivable how profound his merits and virtues are.

The good news looked a little greedy. She wondered if she would discuss with him and learn from him how to help others, so that she could get such rich merits and virtues?

The Taoist priest saw that they had stopped and looked at him without saying anything.

I had to open my mouth first and said, 'I am a man of practice on the cliff. I seek the wind. People here call me the Wind Taoist.'

The Fang brothers, Jiayin and Liu Yu'er suddenly saw that the Taoist priest was not crazy, but the wind with clear wind and bright moon!

This is really a misunderstanding. They thought the Taoist was crazy before. It turns out that there is a word 'wind' in the Taoist name.

But looking at his slovenly appearance, I think many people will secretly call him a mad Taoist.

Fang Zhiwen saluted and asked, 'Taoist Priest, why did you stop us?'

I don't want to give them a divination, do you?

The Taoist priest hurriedly replied to him, 'I divined a few days ago, and learned that a noble man of mine would pass by the Half Mountain City today.

But at that time, I was not sure, and the divination didn't say too clearly. But when I saw several people today, I was blessed to know that they were the noble people in my divination.

I don't know if you would like to talk to me. I'll invite you to have lunch. '

Several people looked at each other and saw that the other didn't look like they had money. Fang Zhiqiang just wanted to refuse. If he wanted to say something, it was the same to find a place where no one was talking. He didn't have to spend money to invite so many of them to dinner.

The Taoist priest may have seen their thoughts and hurriedly said: 'Don't look at my shabby clothes. I still have money. I often help people to relieve their misfortunes. No one comes here empty handed and will give some hard money.

The rich family will give more thank-you gifts, so I'm not embarrassed. I just don't want to change this robe. I'm used to wearing it. The new clothes are not as comfortable as the old ones. '

After listening to this, several people did not refuse, and drove along with the Fengdao people.

They secretly settled the account in advance, which is the same.

Who would have thought that Taoist Feng took them directly to the largest restaurant in Half Mountain City, and the waiter in that restaurant obviously knew Taoist Feng.

As soon as he saw him, he immediately welcomed him. 'You are coming, Chief of the Wind Tunnel. Do you want to eat in the lobby or upstairs?'

The man familiar with the wind said, 'Little monkey, find us an upstairs private room. We have many people.'

The little monkey's waiter shook the cloth towel on his shoulder, stretched out his hand sideways and made a gesture of 'please'. He said briskly, 'OK, please come in. The orchid hall upstairs is empty now. The table inside is bigger. The small one will take you there.'

After saying that, when they all entered the lobby, he ran to the front to lead the way.

The group followed him to the second floor, reached the middle of the second floor, and the waiter opened the door

The people followed the Taoist priest to enter.

This elegant room is not small. It is about three feet square. There is a large round table in the middle. There is a museum shelf beside the wall, on which are some stone and wood carving ornaments.

There are several orchid pictures on the wall. In the corner in front of the window, there is a carved flower stand on which a pot of orchids is placed. The flowers are just in bloom. The white flowers, yellow stamens and long green leaves look very fresh and elegant.

After helping several people to take their seats, the waiter withdrew, and soon brought up a porcelain pot and nine tea cups to add a cup of tea for each of them.

Their donkey carts and carriages are placed at the door, and a specially assigned person will arrive in the backyard and place them in the barn of the tavern. Generally, such taverns have special places for parking the animal carriages.

The good news didn't let Pangpang come out, which saved people's attention.

Pangpang obediently took a nap in the donkey cart. Anyway, there was food and drink in the cart. He was not afraid of being thirsty and hungry.

As for the inside of the car, except for some bedding, food and water, there is really nothing. I'm not afraid that others will steal it. Besides, there are some noisy people and Pangpang. Maybe someone can get it.

Their valuable things are in Jiayin. I told them that they were in the storage bag of green bamboo. In fact, they are in Jiayin, so I feel relieved.

The waiter skillfully reported the name of the dishes. They didn't know which was delicious when they first came here. The guests decided by the Taoist priest, and ordered a table of the specialty dishes of this restaurant, as well as the famous jadeite paste.

Before that, they had bought a lot in the street shop and stored them in storage bags.

However, compared with the jadeite cake in the tavern, it is obvious that those in the small stores are not good at it.

I saw a plate of green and crystal clear pastries, which were shaped into flowers by the chef's skillful hands. There were peonies, lotus flowers and orchids, which were beautiful and exquisite. Jiayin and Liu Yu'er could not bear to eat chopsticks.

It looks like the ornaments carved with jadeite, which really suits the name of the jadeite cake.

And the largest restaurant in the Half Mountain City has lived up to its reputation. The dishes are exquisite and delicious, just like what they ate in the county town restaurant last time.

It is indeed a famous tavern. The cook is very reliable. Some dishes are better than those in the county town tavern. It seems that these dishes should be the chef's specialty.

The people had a quiet meal for a while, and when they were almost full, the moral person said, 'To be honest, the reason why I started to gossip is because I met a bottleneck in my cultivation, and I can't make progress in these years.

There was another direction before. I usually felt heaven and earth in the mountains, and occasionally joined the world to help people eliminate disasters and accumulate some merit. But just three years ago, it suddenly seemed that I had no direction, and I didn't know which direction to go.

I had no choice but to make a divination for myself. The divination image only pointed out that it was related to Miss Jiang and the time when the noble people came to let me go down the mountain.

A few days ago, the Yuan family begged me to help Miss Jiang to cure a strange disease, which just fits my divination.

I divined for Miss Jiang and looked at her face. I found that Miss Jiang was not suffering from any strange disease, but was bumped into.

It is the legendary disenchantment disease. People with light eight characters or ordinary people will get this disenchantment disease when they are frightened.

I burned some soul calming charms for her and summoned her soul. Miss Jiang will feel better.

However, her figure of eight is relatively light. I'm afraid that this symptom will occur frequently and cannot be cured at all. Unless she is equipped with a figure of eight to help her press, it may be better.

The divination indicates that her marriage is coming. If the marriage is not well matched, it is likely that this symptom will often occur in the future, and she will often be out of her mind, or she will die soon.

However, if we find a good marriage and complement each other's words, the two boxes complement each other, we can change this fate.

My divination and Miss Jiang's divination are today. She wants to find a good marriage. I have an opportunity to make a breakthrough, which means that Miss Jiang's dignitary is probably the same as my dignitary!

So I suggest that the Yuan family throw an embroidery ball to invite relatives today. It's better to be more powerful, so as to attract distinguished people.

Sure enough, I just started to make another divination, and you have arrived.

When I got there, I saw several people. I couldn't tell why, but there was a kind of intuition. '

As a man of practice, he believes in life very much. Intuition, if there are some noble people of their own, then there must be no mistake.

The good news thought that the old Taoist divination was quite accurate. If it was not for the huge throwing of the ball to invite relatives, they would not be attracted.

If they don't come over, they won't help the Miss Jiang find a man with good looks and good luck. I am not a noble person of Miss Jiang's family!

I just don't know how I and the Taoist can help.

Then the Taoist priest said, 'I don't know which of you is a man of practice?'

The Fang brothers and Liu Yu'er shook their heads, saying they were not men of practice.

The Taoist priest did not shake his head when he saw the good news, but looked at her with wide eyes.

The good news also shook his head and said, 'I am not a man of practice, but we all have a deity to believe in. I wonder if this is the reason?'

The Taoist priest was disappointed at first, then became excited again

If so, will this be your turn?

The good news all nodded one after another, I don't know how it helped him.

The Taoist Feng then said: 'Although I am a Taoist, I have not been involved in any Taoist sect. I can figure out whether to divinate or to look at my face.

Since I was sensible, I have felt that I can communicate with heaven and earth. I can predict in advance when there is rain and wind. Therefore, I have always believed in following the law of nature, worshipping heaven and earth, and there is no inheritance.

Now I hear that all of you are people of faith. I wonder if you can tell me what is sacred. I am willing to worship them. '

He thinks he may have found a way to break through the bottleneck. They are their nobles. Since they have no cultivation, the gods they believe in must be their own opportunities.

I can worship under his door and invite the statue to worship in his cave, so I have a goal and belief.

Hearing this, the Fang brothers and Liu Yu'er had a bright eye. They had been wondering how they could help the Taoist priest.

Hearing the Taoist priest say this, I suddenly thought of the Lord Dragon God.

Although they are not men of practice, they have the protection of immortals! As long as the Wind Taoist believes in the Dragon God, the Lord Dragon God is a god. He can certainly help him, enlighten him, and make his cultivation go forward.

They didn't expect that Taoist Priest Feng had no gods to believe in. After all, there are statues of gods to believe in in ordinary Taoist temples or temples.

Now they can talk with Taoist Feng about their Lord Dragon. I believe that when he understands the great achievements of the Lord Dragon, he will be the first to worship under the statue of the Lord Dragon.

Thinking like this, Fang Zhigang said the same thing.

Liu Yu'er described the great achievements of the Lord of the Dragon God and his free help to the people. Liu Yu'er added that after all, she was saved by the Lord of the Dragon God. She has always been grateful, but I don't know how to repay her. Now I have the opportunity to praise her.

The good news was very happy in the audience. I was so omnipotent in their hearts. I will add some Holy Water to their bamboo tubes later! (?′?`?)*??*

The more the Taoist priest listened, the more excited he became. At last, his whole facial expression lit up, and his spirit was different, as if he was ten years younger!

When they finished, they asked excitedly: 'Can I see the dragon god statue of my little friend? I can carve one according to the statue and worship it in the cave sooner or later.'

Fang Zhigang reached into his arms and pulled out the mini dragon god!

How many brothers of the Fang family: ('▔? ▔) Khan?

This guy even took the statue of the Lord Dragon God with him. That's enough.

The good news is full of black lines-_- This guy even kept his own body idol in his arms...

She knows that this guy doesn't like to take a bath, and she doesn't know if she has smelled her idol...

Fang Zhigang saw that they all looked at themselves with strange eyes, scratched his head and explained: 'My school was lost in the baggage, my mother said, this is to let me take it to bless my safety on the road, but it can't be lost or damaged. If there is a little damage, it will make my skin tight...'

The Taoist priest stared at Fang Zhigang's palm sized statue and said softly, 'Can you lend me a look? I'm sure there won't be any damage!'

Fang Zhigang generously handed him the statue, which he wanted to show him.

As a result, the Taoist priest carefully saw the full picture of the immortals and felt that he was hit hard!

This is the appearance of Lord Dragon God! It's really remarkable! This small statue has a majestic momentum, as if there is a kind of pressure that can penetrate the body at any time, which makes people feel a sense of awe.

He felt that the person who carved the statue should not be an ordinary person. He could depict the dragon god in such detail as if he had seen it with his own eyes.

The Taoist priest doesn't know. This is because the Dragon God has provided a self portrait ().?)

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