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Chapter 289 Crane ornaments (subscription required)

The Taoist priest took advantage of his portrait and went out for a while. When he came back, he took a piece of Huanglongyu, which was also a slap in the face.

The jade is bright yellow, and there seems to be some gold filigree in it, which glitters under the light shining in the window.

I'm so excited about the good news that she wants it too!

He hurriedly asked Taoist Feng where the jade came from. Is there anything else? She also wants to buy it.

The Taoist priest was stunned and took another piece out of his arms, but this one was much smaller than that one, which was half a slap in the face.

Jiayin's eyes brightened. It was obviously the same material. 'Sell it to me. How much money?'

The man in the wind handed it to the good news and said, 'I am predestined to have some friends, so I will give you this jade.'

The good news hurriedly shook his head and said, 'No, no, I can't take your things for nothing. Besides, this jade is very valuable at a glance.'

Although she gave a piece of kung fu to the Taoist priest in vain, she also received a lot of merit and golden light.

Maybe the reason why Taoist Feng has profound merits and virtues is that there are thousands of merits and virtues that can be obtained by donating kung fu!

Of course, it's also possible that Taoist Feng will help more people after practicing that skill, even more than that. That's why the Tao of Heaven has given her so many merits.

According to the good news, this is even the reward of that kung fu. After all, it only took hundreds of merits to change this kung fu.

Jiayin searched in the broken boundary pearl space. Thinking that we should not let others suffer losses, we should exchange them with similar ones.

The Huanglong Jade of the Taoist priest is obviously much higher than the Huanglong Jade he got before.

After looking at the things in my space, I found that jade and jewelry are gold.

Give gold. It seems that the other side is not short of money, and jade is not as good as others.

Finally, I decided to give you a bottle of Holy Water! It is not the diluted spirit water that I freely gave to others, but the spirit water that I gave to a porcelain bottle for the longest time in the space.

Yes, it has been put for several years. She has found that the longer the water stays in the space, the stronger the aura and the better the effect.

The water in the stone pool in this space is often updated due to its large usage. Jiayin has simply customized some small porcelain bottles and large porcelain jars.

Use the jar to collect some water every ten days and put it on the shelf.

Anyway, there are enough storage bags to exchange. Most of the things in the space are put into the storage bags. There are many places.

I filled a small porcelain vase, which was the earliest. The good news handed it to the Taoist priest, and then pulled him to the corner.

Quietly said to him: 'This is the holy water given by the Lord Dragon God, which can cure and strengthen your health. If you have any disease or internal injury, you can recover as long as you drink a drop of it dissolved in water.

Don't drink directly or put too much, or your body won't bear it, and you may die. I'll exchange this for jade. '

The Taoist priest looked at the small porcelain vase with a small cloth bag with a drawstring on it. The rope on it could just be hung around his neck.

Thinking that it should have been worn by the little girl, I wanted to refuse.

After listening to the good news, he was really excited. This is something that can protect his life. No one can help wanting it.

But he is a man of principle. After thinking about it, he still refused: 'You should keep such a magical life saving thing for yourself, little girl...'

The good news shook her head and said, 'I will change with you. I also have it. It's just for the convenience of carrying, so I put it in this small porcelain bottle.

Besides, Lord Dragon likes me. If I get sick and hurt, Lord Dragon will give me again.

In addition, there is a holy well in the Dragon Temple, but it is not as effective as this one. It is concentrated holy water. Please keep it. '

When the Taoist priest saw her saying this, he had to thank her solemnly and put it on his neck.

He had a hunch that it might save his life in the future.

These small porcelain vases were customized before, and the small cloth bags were specially sewn by Jiayin for Xiaoling and Yingying. It can be hung around their necks for easy carrying.

Later, the storage bag was no longer needed. It was kept in the space all the time, but now it is no use.

The porcelain vase is not an ordinary small porcelain vase. Jiayin drew an array on it according to her own inheritance. That array can seal the aura in the Holy Water, so that the aura will not leak out. If it is discovered by the rules of heaven, it will certainly take away and nourish itself.

With the combination of this small porcelain vase and array, the rules of the Heavenly Way cannot be felt at all.

After exchanging with Taoist Feng, Jiayin ran to the sculptor with the half slapped golden yellow dragon jade and asked him to make a miniature body image for himself. Anyway, one is also a sculpture, and two are also sculptures. I believe that the sculptor should be faster if practice makes perfect.

The sculptor also thinks so. It's really faster to carve two pieces of a picture.

The white jade dragon in the space, Jiayin decided not to take it out.

Just now she thought about it. The jade dragon is too similar to the dragon figure used by the royal family. Taking it out may cause trouble.

Although it is said that we will change it into our own image, I don't think Shifu would dare to take it here for fear that others might see it and think that he would conspire.

Now think again, although the dragon statue is based on the snow dragon carving on the Snow Dragon Mountain, it may not have the meaning that the Dongshan King wants to rebel. After all, the dragon on the Snow Dragon Mountain. Just like the dragon on the royal flag.

In this way, in order not to cause trouble to the jade carving master, it is better not to show it easily.

And now this is more to her liking, so she has no interest in the white jade dragon.

At this moment, a man wearing indigo brocade robe came in, and the man looked like. In his thirties, he has no need of white face.

Few people do not grow beards at this age. After all, those who get married early can become grandfathers.

And this man does not have a beard, but he is not greasy. His facial features and facial lines are very strong, and he is relatively tall in Matsubara, although he is still half a head shorter than Fang Zhiqiang and others.

He also took two boys behind him. The boy had a brocade box in his hand. He thought he was going to put jade ornaments.

The man walked in and froze for a moment. I guess he didn't expect that there were so many people standing in the shop.

He nodded politely to them and walked to the jade carving master who was marking the yellow dragon jade.

'Master Huang,' he said quietly, 'I can carve the ornaments. May I take them today?'

Hearing this, Master Huang put down the tools in his hand, raised his head, and said with a smile, 'Ah, Mr. Chen is here. He has carved them, and they are on the shelf.'

The shelf was just blocked by Fang Zhiqiang and Fang Zhiwu, so Young Master Chen did not see the things on it.

At this time, after listening to Master Huang, Fang Zhiqiang and Fang Zhiwu raised their eyes to see what he thought and moved aside.

The clerk of the jade shop came forward, took down the crane ornaments carefully and put them on the counter.

'Look, Mr. Chen, this is the crane you ordered.'

Master Huang also said, 'Look carefully, Young Master Chen, and see if there is anything wrong. If there is nothing wrong, let Xiao Linzi wrap it for Young Master Chen and put it in the brocade box.'

Young Master Chen picked up the ornaments and looked around. He found that there were no flaws, and they were more beautiful and lifelike than he thought, just like a real crane flying.

Satisfied, he winked at the boy behind him and nodded to Master Huang with a smile: 'Yes, Master Huang is really skilled. The lifelike crane carving is completely beyond my expectation.'

Seeing that the waiter had presented the silver note, he said again: 'This is the salary agreed before, and the rest is Master Huang's hard work and my thanks.'

Master Huang looked at the amount on the silver note and knew that the other party was very satisfied. He smiled and said, 'Thank you very much, Mr. Chen.'

With that, he took down a brocade box from another shelf and opened it. He took out several small cotton pillows from the box. The waiter, Xiao Linzi, also came forward to help, put the cotton pillows into the sandalwood box in the boy's hand, picked up a piece of plain silk, wrapped the crane, and gently put it in.

The soft pillow made of cotton is stuffed around so that the jade ornaments will not be knocked into it.

After loading, the boy took out a piece of cotton cloth from his arms and wrapped the brocade box, knotted and tied a bundle, so that it would be better to hold it without slipping.

The boy carefully picked up the brocade box. Young Master Chen was about to leave.

Jiayin poked Fang Zhiyuan's arm with her finger. Of course, Fang Zhiyuan understood her meaning and hurried forward, saying, 'Young Master Chen, please stop.'

Hearing the sound, Mr. Chen stopped and looked at Fang Zhiyuan.

Seeing the handsome young man in front of me, he was a scholar with warm temperament. He said politely, 'What can I do for you to stop Chen?'

Fang Zhiyuan hurriedly clasped his fists and saluted: 'I'm Fang Zhiyuan. I'm so abrupt. I just want to ask you, do you have enough jade for carving crane ornaments?

My sister likes your crane ornaments very much. She heard from the waiter that you have prepared the jade for the ornaments. She wanted to ask if you have any other materials? I want to ask for a piece for my sister.

Of course, I don't want you for nothing. I can give you money or exchange other things with you. '

He also saw that Mr. Chen's manner of speaking was so generous that his family wanted to be rich or expensive. If they wanted to buy someone with money, they might not want to. They have some good things to exchange.

And even if they don't have what the other party wants, Jiayin must have it. But he knows that Jiayin likes to collect jewelry and jade most. He has designated them not to put them at home. The most likely thing is to put them in the storage bag of green bamboo.

After hearing this, Mr. Chen was stunned and thought for a moment: 'There are still jade materials, but this one is not suitable. I bought this material to make a birthday crane for my mother, so I chose one of the most suitable ones for Master Huang to carve. The rest of the materials are slightly flawed.'

The good news was somewhat disappointed.

At this time, Master Huang said, 'I'm not afraid of flaws. If Young Master Chen is willing to give up his love, I can carve the flaws into something suitable. Sometimes it's more flexible and vivid to carve out flaws.'

Hearing the good news, my eyes lit up again.

Look at Young Master Chen and say, 'Young Master Chen, please sell me the materials.'

At the sight of the little girl's big round eyes, Young Master Chen suddenly remembered his lovely niece. The eyes are also so watery, clean and transparent, especially Jiayin's face has a little baby fat, which looks childish at first.

'Don't buy it. I can't use the jade materials any more. I'll give it to you as a gift to make a good marriage.'

Fang Zhiyuan hurriedly shook his head and said, 'No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no

The good news thought for a moment, looked at the fortune of Young Master Chen, and found that the other party's children were dark in the palace. They should have no children.

The good news thought for a moment and took out a porcelain vase from her arms.

The Taoist priest looked around, and the corners of his mouth were twitching. He could not blame the little girl for saying that she had a lot, but she really did. How much did she take with her? Then he took out another bottle.

But he heard the good news and said: 'Young Master Chen, we come from Nanyue County. This is the holy water in the most effective Dragon Temple in Nanyue County. It can cure diseases and strengthen our health.

The old man drank to strengthen his health, and the woman drank to nourish yin and nourish her health. Anyway, it is good for your health. Shall I exchange this with you? '

It's hard to say that drinking this can increase a woman's chances of becoming pregnant. This is an experiment.

There are often women who go to the Dragon Temple to ask for children. Most of them are weak or Gong Han. Drink this miraculous water to strengthen your body. Of course, it can also dispel palace cold, nourish yin and nourish vitality, and you will be pregnant soon.

Of course, there is also the inborn infertility constitution, so there is no way. However, as long as it is useful in nine out of ten cases, the reputation of the Dragon Temple for delivering children effectively has also spread.

In any case, Lingshui can strengthen the body. If the foundation of the body is well laid, the disease will naturally disappear.

Although the young master Chen didn't believe that there was such holy water in the world, he looked at the other side seriously, and somehow believed the little girl's words. He didn't know what was going on, so he took it over and asked the boy to go back to the house to get the jade materials.

After receiving it, he still thought to himself, how could he believe the other party's words so much? Don't you usually have no sense of defending others? Aren't you afraid that the other side will give him poison?

However, it is totally unnecessary to think of the other party, and I have not offended anyone. Moreover, it is only right that no one knows his own affairs.

He got married very late because he was determined to get an official position. He just got married less than two years ago. Now he has no children. Although his family is a little anxious, he will not spread it to the outside world.

My wife was a little weak because she was cold a few days ago. After listening to the other side, she said that it could nourish yin and nourish vitality. She thought she could try it.

The Chen Mansion is not far away from the jade shop. In a quarter of an hour, the boy came back with a package. He came in and saluted Mr. Chen and opened the package on the paper.

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