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Chapter 29 Go out together

Mrs. Yang and Mrs. Li didn't think about the stone jar to Jiayin. After all, how could a four - or five-year-old child get this?

I just think this is a naturally formed hollow stone, just like those naturally formed caves.

Li smiled and said to his wife, 'Mom, this is really great. Now there is a ready-made large water tank. We don't have to use a wooden basin to draw water back and forth every time.'

although the stream is not far away, when cooking and boiling water, you still have to go to fetch the water back every time.

they didn't bring a bucket when they came out this time. Now they use the wooden basin they picked up on the road. It's still very troublesome to fetch water back and forth every time.

the water tank is different now. You can fill it up several times at a time. You don't have to run back and forth when cooking.

wash vegetables and prey by the stream far away, and then wash clothes by the stream.

you can wash dishes, vegetables and rice without running back and forth.

Jiayin was very happy when she saw that the things she had made were liked by both of them.

fangzhiyuan looked at the stone vat carefully and thought it was amazing that there was such a hollow stone like a water vat.

the outside is square, and the groove inside is flat, just like the one carved, but there is no trace of carving.

if Jiayin knew what he thought, he would say that although she has no magic power now, her hands are much more powerful than the carving knife!

the stone can be smoothed by wiping it. In her hand, the stone is no different from tofu. No, it should be said that it is no different from dough. You can squeeze it into any shape you want.

Jiayin saw that they were all looking at the stone vat. His eyes turned and he said, 'Auntie, uncle a said there was a pool on it. Why don't we go to that pool to see it? If there are fish, we can catch them back!'

as a little dragon cub, her favorite food in her diet is fish. Of course, it's best to eat fish in the sea. But now don't think about it. It's far from the sea.

Li Shi hesitated. She was afraid that she would be far away from the stone house. She was in danger and had no time to hide back.

the old lady has the same idea as Li. At least they feel a little safe in this hill. They don't know what to do when they go out.

the good news patted his small chest and said, 'Auntie ah Nai, don't worry. Liu said there are no wild animals around here, only rabbits and pheasants.'

Li Shi and Mrs. Yang looked at Jiayin, and Li Shi said uncertainly, 'six said?'

Jiayin nodded affirmatively, 'yes, Liu said there were no beasts here.'

Mrs. Yang has always thought that Jiayin should be unusual. For example, how many branches can pout at such a strong child?

I like to stay with Jiayin very much, but I don't think Jiayin is weird. After all, such a young child and people with great natural strength are not without.

there used to be a stone mill in their village that could lift threeorfour kilograms with bare hands. There was also the legendary great general of the western expedition, who was said to be able to lift a thousand kilograms with bare hands!

therefore, the people of Dayan Dynasty have no other ideas about Hercules. They only worship Hercules.

it is also said that children have clear eyes and clear minds. They can see things different from adults. It is also normal to communicate with animals. Haven't you seen fangzhiyuan and Liu also communicate well?

so they actually believe the good news in their hearts. Especially the six donkey, it is also very unusual.

if you don't talk about your human nature, you can bring them to this hill and help them find salt and stone. Is this what ordinary donkeys can do?

so they decided to follow the meaning of Jiayin and go to the pond.

the two adults collected the meat hanging outside into the stone house. Although there were no wild animals, it was just in case.

hang the meat in the house, close the door, and the four people leave the mountain pass through the only exit.

Warm prompt: This site's novels come from the Internet, You can search [Go through the ancient times to escape from famine, and take the time gate with you] online and go to the source website for reading.